PALOS PARK WEEKLY | April 9, 2021
The Branch Chipping Service through Public Works will begin on the east side of the Village on Monday, April 12, 2021. Please visit our website for a complete list of dates and chipping regulations.
Are your Culverts Clear?

With spring rains starting, it's important to make sure your ditch and driveway culverts are clear of leaves and debris. Remember, only rain down the ditch!

The storm water system is intended to remove rain and storm water off of streets, through the Village via creeks and streams, and into the channel. The storm water is untreated as it flows through the Village and therefore can carry pollutants into larger waterways.

Did you know it takes 20,000 ounces of water to dilute one ounce of biodegradable detergent to be safe for fish? So how can you help prevent storm water pollution?

  • Keep litter, pet wastes, leaves and debris out of ditches, street culverts, and storm drain. These outlets drain directly to lake, streams, rivers, and wetlands.
  • Apply lawn and garden chemicals sparingly and according to directions.
  • Dispose of used oil, antifreeze, paints, and other household chemicals properly - not in storm sewers or down drains. Check where you can recycle household hazardous items.
  • Clean up spilled brake fluid, oil, grease and antifreeze. Do not hose them into the street where they can eventually reach local streams and lakes.
  • Control soil erosion on your property by planting ground cover and stabilizing erosion-prone areas.

Read about action you can take to protect water at home and in your community. Visit the EPA website for healthy habits for clean water and tips for better vehicle and garage care, lawn and garden techniques, home improvement, pet care and more.
Kids Zone Summer Camp

The Recreation Department is excited to announce registration is now open for our Kids Zone Summer Camp.

At Kids Zone summer camp our experienced staff will create a safe, welcoming and fun environment for your children. The camp will consist of open playground time, art/science projects, reading activities, and outdoor time, and more. Please pack a nut free lunch, water and snack for your child daily.

Three or five day options are available. Click here for more information.
Sag Moraine Presents Benjamin Futa Of Botany LLC

Incorporating Native Plants in Urban and Suburban Landscapes
Free Webinar
April 21, 2021 7pm-8pm CDT

Click here for more details.
Let’s make April Anti-Litter Month in Palos Park by Adopting-a-Spot.

Palos Park encourages all to Adopt-a-Spot, like parks, landmarks, schools, vacant lots, walkways or trails, campuses, public grounds, or any sites prone to litter.The most visible littering is along our roadways. The main source of this littering is from vehicles and pedestrians. It not only detracts from the beauty of our town, but also has detrimental effects on our environment. We in Palos Park enjoy the use of our trails, paths, parks and recreation areas and litter negatively affects all of them.

Litter can be a result of deliberate actions, or can be accidental in nature – such as when materials become windblown from the back of a vehicle. Litter may seem like a relatively unimportant issue, but the truth is that litter has important implications for the environment and in communities. It can negatively impact the health and safety of humans and animals, as well as the economic health and overall quality of life. If left unaddressed, litter in areas can attract more littering behavior.

Palos Park takes pride in being a safe, clean and attractive village, where residents and businesses can thrive and visitors are impressed. In an effort to keep our city as clean as possible, we are releasing a campaign encouraging residents to “Keep it Beautiful, Palos Park!”

• Throw your trash away
• Pick up litter 
• Secure your load, whether in a vehicle or a on a bike, skateboard, etc.
• Clean up after your pets
• Volunteer for our community clean-up Days of Service
• Help spread the word by encouraging others to #KeepItBeautifulPalosPark
Vaccination appointments and sites continue to be added as vaccines become more available. Vaccinefinder.org is a website that is designed to help find available vaccination appointments within a chosen area.

Appointments for qualifying individuals can also be scheduled at vaccine.cookcountyil.gov. You can also sign up for an appointment by calling (833) 308-1988 Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. Appointments are still limited, however, signing up gives you access to updates and notifications when appointments are available. If you or anyone you know needs assistance signing up for Cook County's vaccination program, contact the Village Hall at (708) 671-3700.

For up-to-date information you can visit cookcountypublichealth.org.
Visit IDPH's website for vaccine information, including frequently asked questions. 

In addition residents who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine can sign up at vaccine.cookcountyil.gov to receive updates about phases and eligibility.
The Village of Palos Park provides the following options for residents and customers to contact us via email, or over the phone for most day-to-day services, inquiries, credit and debit payments. Payments may also be dropped at the drop boxes at the Kaptur Center and the Metra Station.

Contractor Registrations and building permit forms can be found on our website and can be emailed to permits@palospark.org.

Permits for our Public Works department can also be found online and emailed to publicworks@palospark.org.

Direct Debit forms are also available to have your utility bill directly debited from your bank account on the day your bill is due.

You can reach the Village Hall at (708) 671-3700. Please visit our website at www.palospark.org.
Shop & Dine in The Park

Palos Park has a variety of local restaurants and fast food establishments for your dining pleasure, whether you are in the mood for American, Chinese, Italian, Thai, or seafood. Many of the restaurants offer delivery and carry out services, as well as great casual dining.

For a full listing of all Palos Park Businesses, visit our website.