PALOS PARK WEEKLY | November 20, 2020
Garbage pickup will be impacted by Thanksgiving. Your garbage pickup will be one day later, Friday for normal Thursday service and Saturday for normal Friday service. *This is also the last yard waste pickup of the season.
Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations

With COVID-19 spread now exponential in every region of the state, all 11 regions in Illinois moved into Tier 3 effective Friday, November 20, 2020 at 12:01 am. Tier 3 builds on the Resurgence Mitigation Plan first released in July to suppress the spread of the virus and ensure our hospitals do not become overrun. This new tier aims to limit gatherings and encourages people to stay home to the greatest extent possible, while permitting some industries to remain open at significantly reduced capacities with proper safety measures in place. Click the graphic to the left for more details.
While Tier 3 Mitigations are in place, the Palos Park Village Hall will remain open, but we are encouraging residents and customers to contact the Village via email, or over the phone for most day-to-day services and inquiries. We encourage the use of credit and debit payments whenever possible. Payments may be dropped at the drop boxes at the Kaptur Center and the Metra Station. We will also have a drop off bin outside the doors that will be checked regularly.

Contractor Registrations and building permit forms can be found on our website and can be emailed to permits@palospark.org.

Permits for our Public Works department can also be found online and emailed to publicworks@palospark.org.

You can reach the Village Hall at (708) 671-3700. Please visit our website at www.palospark.org.
Beware of Scams this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, residents are reminded to be aware of imposters looking to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. The following are examples of some known scams:

ComEd has warned customers of energy-related scams that include someone posing as a ComEd employee attempting to gain entry to a home to steal belongings. Some scammers use technology to make it appear as if they are calling from a ComEd phone number and threaten to turn off service unless the homeowner makes an immediate payment. Scammers have also emailed businesses requesting a payment and directing them to a bogus payment site. Call ComEd immediately if you have questions or concerns, and remember that ComEd will never come to your home demanding payment and they will never call asking for personal information or a direct payment with a prepaid cash card.

Another new scam currently circulating involves contact by a "courier service" calling to schedule a delivery that requires a signature. In this specific scam the homeowner was delivered flowers and a bottle of wine. According to the "courier" a signature and $3.50 delivery/verification payment were required to confirm the recipient was of legal age due to the alcohol. A credit card payment was taken on a handheld credit card machine, granting the "courier" all the necessary information to create a dummy card that was used for over $4,000 in purchases.

These are just a few examples of how scammers attempt to steal money and valuables. Please be cautious and aware and follow your instincts if something seems suspicious.
ComEd Helping Hand Program

ComEd's new Helping Hand program provides expedited, one-time grants of up to $300 per residential customer to help with past-due balances. To provide aid to eligible customers most in need during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ComEd will provide this financial assistance program for a limited time to low income residential customers, and those who express financial hardship.

Assistance through the Helping Hand program will be administered directly through ComEd, which expedites the verification process so that customers can receive grants more quickly. Residential customers can apply for Helping Hand grants at ComEd.com/PaymentAssistance.
Yard Waste Pickup Ends November 28

Yard waste will be picked up along with your regular garbage until the week of Thanksgiving. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday garbage and yard waste pickup will be delayed by one day. Regular Thursday service will be picked up on Friday and regular Friday service will be picked up on Saturday.

Please place leaves in containers clearly marked as yard waste, or in yard waste paper bags and place out for pick up on your regular garbage day. Do not blow leaves into the street, the drainage ditch, or on neighboring properties. If you have a landscaper, please have them remove the leaves from your property as part of your landscape services. Yard Waste stickers for containers not clearly marked as yard waste are available at the Village Hall.

While Away in the Winter Protect Your Pipes and Water Meter from Freezing

A frozen pipe and/or meter will crack and become an open source of continuous water flow into your home. Home Owners are responsible for the cost of the thousands of gallons of water that will flow into your home plus the cost of the replacement meter. Sufficient heat is necessary to protect the water meter and water pipes. If you turn down your heat, check that the lower temperature allows for sufficient heat in the area where your water meter is located to protect it and pipes from freezing. You can also wrap the exposed pipes and water meter with insulation available at most hardware stores. Another way to protect your home is to locate the inside water shut off valve before the water meter and close it down and drain all the water from your pipes. The best protection if you are leaving your home for an extended period of time is to request Public Works shut off your water at the buffalo box. There is a fee of $100.00 for shutting off water at your buffalo box. This is a low cost compared to the cost of a broken pipe or water meter due to freezing temperatures. Call 708-671-3721 to arrange for water shut off at your home.
Public Works Coupon

Bring this coupon in to the Village Hall to waive the $100.00 shut off fee for turning off the water at the Buffalo Box while you are out of town.
***Coupon is only good until December 31, 2020. Coupon can be used for a shut off in January, as long as it is scheduled by December 31, 2020.
ComEd Tree Trimming

Trees and branches that interfere with power lines can create safety hazards and cause power outages. Preventative tree maintenance helps avoid power outages.

ComEd will be tree trimming around power lines on the following streets:

Wolf Road
Old Creek Road
Old Timber Lane
Partridge Lane
Ramsgate Drive
Romiga Lane
Wildwood Drive
131st Street

For more information visit ComEd.com/trees or call (800) Edison-1.
The FBI's National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

NIBRS is an incident-based reporting system in which agencies collect data on each single crime occurrence. The goals of NIBRS are to enhance the quantity, quality, and timeliness of crime data collected by law enforcement and to improve the methodology used for compiling, analyzing, auditing, and publishing the collected crime data. The NIBRS offers law enforcement more comprehensive data than ever before for planning, training, management, and operations. A major advantage of NIBRS, beyond the increased data collected, is the capability to break down and combine crime offense data into specific information.

NIBRS is required of all Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Federal agencies are on pace to be transitioned to NIBRS by January 1, 2021. The FBI is encouraging state and local agencies to adopt NIBRS compliant recording and reporting capabilities before the 2021 deadline.

For more information contact the Police Department at (708) 671-3770