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Along with our E-Patterns, now we are offering PRINTED PATTERNS!
Our I've Got The Blues quilt above is 102" square.  Perfect for a king size bed. The entire quilt is mainly strip pieced, and we give you pressing instructions so that your seams "nest"., making matching up easy.
For those who want it printed, click here:
For a smaller project we have created an 18" block and two colorways that include 42" square lap quilts or table centerpieces.  FREE TO MEMBERS under BLOCKS PLUS
and in our Store, a smaller version of
is a new creation by our own Susan Clark.  The perfect size for wall or door, she holds a star.
  We have had so many emails from those who were disappointed because they missed our "Rocky Mountain Dreamin'" promotion or"My Kind Of Town" promotion, so we are doing it again, but this time we are offering you a choice.  You may select either Block-Of-The-Month.  
members of Pam's Club.
You may choose "My Kind Of Town" pattern Collection and get it Free, or "Rocky Mountain Dreamin'" and get one Free, just by
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Offer ends at midnight, Mountain Time on October 30th, 2013.
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   3.  Type in NEW MEMBER and in the large           box, tell us you would like "My Kind Of    Town" or "Rocky Mountain Dreamin'" FREE.  We will email the E-Patterns to you within 48  hours.

As a Member of Pam's Club you automatically get THREE FREE Block-Of-The-Month Collections and we are three blocks into a NEW Mystery-Block-Of-The-Month for our Members. 

Out Of The Darkness/Into The Light

Evening Primrose
Here is our third block for our NEW Mystery Block-of-the-Month for our Members and it is going to be one gorgeous quilt!  Look for Block 4 in our next Newsletter or keep checking on Facebook.   


Big Thoughts From The Dude

 "I have been thinking about this, and I introduced you to my Bulldog mommy, but not my Bulldog daddy.  Lots of people think my name is The Duke, but my name is The DUDE and this is why":
This is my Bulldog daddy and his name is The Cowboy, so my forever mommy and daddy decided that I was his little "Dude" and that's what they call me.  Now my Bulldog daddy wears a Cowboy Star, so Aunt Molly decided that I should look western and she got me this special hat and I LOVE IT!  I even sleep with it (with one eye open, of course)."
 Love & Hugs to All of You!

    Pam, Robert, Susan, Molly, Judson and 

"The Dude".  

The Pam's Club Team 
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