Sheds of Hope News
August 31, 2019
Mission to North America
Disaster Response
Current Record-Holders: Pinewoods PCA
Valiant Volunteers, from Start to Finish
Prayers were answered as teams came into Panama City to help set-up the 22 sheds that remained, bringing the total to 60 sheds built and set up for families in Panama City. Bob Norman (far fight in picture above) brought in a team from Covenant PCA in Auburn. Bob's team was one of the early teams to help set up sheds in Panama City last year, and now they have helped wrap up the work there. We were dodging rain showers, getting soaked twice in the process, but finished in good spirits.

We cannot say enough to thank all the many volunteers that gave over 3,600 hours of time, and those who provided the funds to buy the materials for the Sheds of Hope. You worked tirelessly and showed the love of Christ to those in need. May God richly bless each and every one of you.
Bobcat Mini unloading a Shed of Hope. This new method is a great help.
Working on my "black belt" in Shingle Shark operation.
MNA Disaster Response Debrief Weekend
We gathered at the Rome Warehouse for a great time of reflecting on recent deployments and sharing ideas to aid in our future readiness. We were blessed by teaching from Dr. Jim Coffield and even enjoyed attending a baseball game and fireworks.
Praise and Prayer
• For traveling mercies as I returned home from Panama City and also traveled to and from Rome, Georgia bringing back a Bobcat Mini for our Dallas Depot.
• For the tremendous response from volunteers as we finished work in Panama City

• For Dorian to stay at sea and not impact the coastal states
• For churches and volunteers to be ready to respond, if needed
• Pray for the setting up of our newly enlarged Dallas Depot near Love Field
• Pray for volunteers and recipients who do not yet know Christ, that they will come to know our great Lord and Saviour