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Dear Families, 


Thank you to all the parents who helped us by answering our quick survey about PANDAS.  We are going to push for a larger survey conducted by doctors and researchers attending the Texas A&M Symposium.  See the article below for more information on the Symposium.
Please be sure to also check out the Parent Luncheon and Meeting sponsored by
Thanks again for all your support! 
 Survey of 100 PANDAS families sent out a survey to families known to have PANDAS in the last few years. The questioned asked was whether there was autoimmune illness and/or strep-related severe illness in either first or second generation medical history.


70% responded that BOTH autoimmune and/or severe strep-related illness was noted in family history.


It is not a scientifically valid survey but it is what many of us have suspected -- that pandas has a genetic component most likely.

Parent Lunchon and Full Day Meeting is excited to help fund the upcoming PANDAS Parents Meeting, sponsored in part by Organic 3, makers of GUTPro™ Custom Probiotics, on November 5, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN. This will be the first of its kind!
Numerous parents from a variety of states will be gathering, a complimentary lunch will be offered, and important topics will be discussed.
RSVP's for this FREE meeting will accepted until October 14, 2011.
For information on the meeting including how to RSVP, please visit
Texas A&M Symposium


This week is the Texas A&M Symposium.  This conference is sponsored generously by Dr. Karen Newell where she is Director of the Center of Cell Death and Differentiation.


The two Keynote Speakers are Dr. Ian Lipkin, Columbia University, a very esteemed researcher in the field of Immunology, and, Dr. Susan Swedo, Chief of Pediatric and Neuroscience Branch of the NIMH.


The PANDAS parents will be represented by Diana Pohlman.


To find out more information about the Symposium, please click on the following link. 

Best Wishes and thanks for your ongoing encouragement.

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