Vol. 139- 2021
December 17, 2021
Sept. 1st Storm And COVID-19
Biggest Challenges For County In 2021
The most significant challenge Hunterdon County faced in 2021, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic response, was when the remnants of Hurricane Ida turned deadly as it hit the area on September 1st, testing the county’s emergency response network, washing out numerous roads and bridges, and creating a massive cleanup effort in many communities.

A Deadly Storm Worse Than Sandy
Six individuals died as a result of the Hurricane Ida storm that not only brought flooding to river towns and other areas along various county waterways, but also brought an unprecedented water surge in areas that had never before seen flooding.
Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management Director Brayden Fahey called the storm, “Worse than what the county experienced from super storm Sandy in 2012. It was more deadly, caused more damage, and greatly challenged first responders because of its intensity.”

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New Voting Machines On The Way For 2022 Election In Hunterdon County
Hunterdon County voters will be using new Elections Systems and Software (ESS) ballot verification voting machines during the 2022 elections, following the County Board of Commissioners' approval of the purchase of 136 new machines at a cost of $1,303,900, at the December 7th Board meeting.
Board of Commissioners Deputy Director John E. Lanza, the Board’s liaison with the County Clerk’s Office and Board of Elections, stated, “After the funding was adopted at the last meeting, the county is now able to purchase a new fleet of ESS voting machines to replace the Dominion machines that are at the end of their useful life.
The timing now allows for the equipment to be ready, and the poll workers trained for the primary election next June.”

Hunterdon Sheriff Warns Residents Of New Utility Bill And
Home Title Scams
Hunterdon County Sheriff Fred W. Brown has warned residents that scammers are actively contacting residents with new scams regarding utility company bill collections and homeowner titles.
Sheriff Brown said, “All year long criminals find scams which target vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and victims of a disaster or they will use the holidays as a way to entice community members to part with their hard-earned dollars.”

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Bridge and Road Closures and Detours

Shows available in January for kids of all ages, families and sensory-friendly programs.

Planetarium is closed
December 24 - January 1

Cost: $10 for one show, $18 for two shows back to back, call 908-231-8805 for info
Pre-registration required--no walk-ins!

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