Volume II, No. 3 | April 5th 2020 (11 Nissan 5780)
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Pandemic Passover - Coping in a time of crisis

Like all of you reading my newsletter today, this has been a difficult month for everyone sheltering in place. Right before the COVID-19 virus lockdown was announced I broke my foot. So I am writing this from bed recovering in a cast.

I have been fortunate, as I have immediate family helping me out. Otherwise, I would have been in trouble, especially with the mandatory shut-downs of businesses and shortages of supplies.

My situation made me think about those who are elderly and infirm, have fallen ill with the coronavirus or are afflicted with other serious medical conditions. Not all of them have family or help. Many are alone, helpless and lonely. How are they managing? If they need help and care at home, where are they finding the help they need?

If you are in New York, organizations such as JASA (The Jewish Association for Services to the Aged) located here in Brooklyn and their website indicate they have volunteers and caregivers. The New York City Department for the Aging provides information about meal delivery services for those who are homebound and elderly.

For those needing emotional support, there is the New York State's COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline at 844-863-9314 to talk to specially trained volunteer professionals.

Call Aging Connect at 212-Aging-NYC (212-244-6469) or 311. 

Those in need of help outside of New York they should check in with their local social services departments and religious organizations.

For those celebrating Passover 5780 it will be a challenge. I think it is important to be especially attentive to the holiday this year, read the Passover Haggadah, and spend time in reflection, renewal and a commitment to help and serve others. By taking the opportunity to find your personal connection with G-d, social distancing will be easier. The message of Passover is freedom and redemption from slavery in Egypt, and that resonates today for all of us. Matzoh symbolizes affliction and freedom, faith and healing.

I have found hope, peace and inspiration from Rabbi Sacks video, which I’ve posted below, and Rabbi Chaim Richman's podcast with co-host Jim Long.

May G-d Hashem bless us all with good health, healing and a commitment to serving those less fortunate.

Happy Passover, and Happy Easter to our Christian friends and supporters.

Bonnie Chernin, JLL Founder
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Rabbi Sacks offers a meaningful message of hope and freedom during this difficult time.
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Pregnancy Resource Centers Remain Open

In the midst of the COVID-19 national crisis, there are pregnancy centers that remain open. If you are pregnant and need help or know someone who is considering abortion, there are life-affirming options available. Please visit the following organization links:

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