Divine Energy
July 2020

So much has shifted and continues to shift nearly daily in both our physical and energetic world. It can be hard to keep up and find balance, let alone adjust to the ever-evolving reality and move forward in confidence.

We have been prompted to offer a FREE webinar to address exactly these issues on Thursday, July 16 at 7 pm.

This is an opportunity for you to receive channeled information, a guided meditation for the ultimate reset, and practical action steps to move forward in confidence on your next steps of expansion! There are only a few tickets left, so don't miss your chance. Join us in a fun, supportive, and uplifting environment to push your boundaries and leap into the unknown. Reserve your spot here.

We will also be offering all participants a substantial discount for our upcoming 4 class series on Embracing Energetic Expansion: What's Next?
This series will take you on a deep dive to find clarity, inspiration and support for your energetic expansion.

Thank you for being here, for allowing us to be your guides on this journey, and for being in the flow of what is.

With Light and Love,

Amy and Kristi
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Free Gift
In case you missed it, here is a gift for you to show how happy we are to have you as part of our tribe!

Kristi created a Visual Meditation and we are offering it to all new subscribers to this newsletter, and we want you to have it too. Be sure to invite your friends to join our newsletter so they can get theirs as well.

The password is: Divinepeace (case sensitive)

This Visual Meditation is a video of watercolor paintings channeled by Kristi with soothing music for a reset to peace and clarity. There is a second, bonus one with a guided meditation by her as well.

If you like that, find guided meditations on each individual image here.
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Embracing energetic Expansion: What's Next?
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