Butte County 4-H
Cloverleaf Newsletter
Pandemic Update IV
Staff Note
Hello Butte County 4-H,

I want to begin by thanking all of our members, volunteers, parents, and families who have stuck it out during the pandemic, particularly those who have found a way to continue their 4-H clubs, and those who helped make the BidCal auction a success.

We are lucky in Butte County to have moved into Phase 2 of the State Government's reopening plan. I also want folks to be aware that in the past two weeks, Butte County has confirmed more cases than the prior three months (tap or click for more info). In speaking with Public Health, the cause of this phenomena is likely two-fold: there has of course been in an increase in testing, but they are closely monitoring the situation since this spike in cases has occurred after we began reopening.

I cannot offer expert advice, but want folks to be aware of these numbers, and remember the importance of continuing to practice social distancing, and mask wearing in public.

Just as a personal example, my health situation gives me some solace in knowing how low-risk I am, but I commonly come into contact with higher risk family members, and for them I try my best to abide by these recommendations. I encourage others to evaluate their own work and living situations when deciding how stringently they should follow guidelines given out by local, state, and federal public health agencies.

This issue of our "Pandemic" editions will resume showing some photos, but I want key information to remain in a bulleted format, so as not to overwhelm folks with information that is not necessarily relevant to them, and because many who are lucky enough to still be working are inundated with extra emails regarding COVID.

I again want to end by thanking all of our volunteers and parents/families who have adapted during the shelter in place to continue 4-H programming for our youth.

Stay well,

Ryan Cleland
Butte County 4-H
Program Representative
(530) 521-9306
County Ambassadors

We did not have any applicants after we first released the application, but I've had folks reach out saying they know youth who would like to apply. Applications are due on June 19th, and interviews will be conducted on June 30th. Interviews will likely take place virtually, but that is subject to change.
Constant Contact would only let us upload this as a PDF in the button above, but you can find a Microsoft Word version on the county website by clicking or tapping here . ENCOURAGE YOUR MEMBERS TO APPLY!
Quick *Important* Polls
The shortened version of our Cloverleaves during Pandemic have been easier for Barbara and I to create. I assume some folks may appreciate their brevity with links to "more info" instead of giving full details in the body that may not apply to everyone.
Has shortening the Cloverleaves been better for folks to get caught up with what's going on?
There're Pros and Cons to Both Formats
Would you like these shortened Cloverleaves continue when we resume normal operations?
Butte County Fair announced when they made the decision to cancel that they would create a way for market steer entries to sell since registration for that species had closed. Of course, other folks may have purchased other species. I want to gauge how many, so we may explore other options if there is a need. The below questions do not apply to market steer entries.
Had you already purchased livestock for Butte County Fair (besides market steers)?
If you answered yes, do you have a way to sell your Butte County Fair livestock?
New Updates
What Does Next Year Look Like?
This is a question that I, along with many of you, have asked. I have participated in many staff calls, and been provided A LOT, of documents about this.

I had hoped to have an easy to digest document available for people in this newsletter, but there has been too much information, especially recently. Tomorrow, I will have a comprehensive update available for everyone at the Council Meeting, and will send another Constant Contact message with more information.

I am hopeful that when most clubs are ready to pick back up in August/September that we will be able to resume activities as close to normal as possible, but this is of course dependent on state and local policies that we must follow.
New Updates
June 11 Council Meeting (Tomorrow)
Tomorrow's Virtual Council Meeting will take place at 7pm. I have already corresponded with CCL's, but we are asking each club to send at least one, or a representative as we will be discussing some important topics, and you will receive information about Year-End Forms. It is not restricted to only CCL's, the more the merrier!

Our Current Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary have agreed to stay on in those positions, but nominations are welcome for all positions, especially President!

You can access the Zoom login information, Agenda, and previous meeting minutes with the buttons below.
Virtual Butte County 4-H Camp*
Palermo Leader Tonya Hamblim is offering an incredible 10 week "Virtual Summer Camp". I'll let her explain in her own words below, but anyone interested in taking part is welcome, and can email Tonya at hamblintonya@gmail.com.

At this camp you will get credit for a project at the end of the year with the completion of a project report in your record book. I want to make this as flexible and fun as possible. We will be having 10 meetings and I will be posting 20+ different activities on Google Classroom (2 each week) and to receive end of the year credit you only have to complete 5 activities and attend 5 meetings minimum. Most of these activities have been taken off the National 4-H website. They can be done as a family or can be completed by the 4-Her alone.

*this project is not affiliated with our traditional 4-H Camp Program, but is an awesome way for families/members to have some fun this summer, get a project for their Record Books, and is really flexible!

State Leadership Conference is HAPPENING!! (Virtually)
  • We had previously told some folks that SLC was cancelled entirely, but the State Office has worked hard, and they are now able to offer a virtual option! Registration has not been made available yet, but you can find more information by clicking or tapping here.

CalFocus Unfortunately is Cancelled

Enrollment Clean-Up
  • Thank you to CCL's who reached out to their volunteers who still needed to tie up loose ends surrounding enrollment.
  • I have now followed up by sending letters to those volunteers who are still pending because I know your emails/messages can't always get attention like good old fashioned paper letters can.
  • If you're aware of returning volunteers who still need to finish their enrollment, please get after them because if they have a lapse in service, policy requires they start their enrollment process over which means watching the three hours of new volunteer videos, and many of us are aware that this is an arduous task.
  • Barbara will be sending CCL's the most recent list of youth who are still pending. Leaders should be able to answer if these members are or are not a part of their club. If you have any trouble, please call Barbara or I. She is the best place to start and can be reached at (530) 538-7201.
Message on Camp
Dear 4-H families and campers,

Your team of 2020 4-H Camp Counselors are extremely regretful that this year's Camp was canceled due to COVID-19. We will sincerely miss seeing all of you at Camp Rockin' U this summer. We had planned an amazing time, with activities such as Campfire skits, relay races, recreational sports, waterfront games, an assortment of crafts, and loads more performances by the counselors to ensure your entertainment! We can't say too much about our planning process, but we included a photo from this years Christmas meeting above, and as you can see we're working very hard to think up fun ideas! We hope to see you next year at Camp, and wish you a happy summer! 

-John Rollo & Dana Robinette, 2020 4-H Camp Teen Directors
Award Updates!
Taylor Ludwig, of Palermo 4-H, competed in the virtual State Field Day Photography Competition and won Best of Show among approximately 160 competitors with this stunning photo of welding in action!
Wash Your Hands!