Preparing for the new normal: remote learning
Jordan High School, just like many schools across the nation, must find new ways to educate students. The coronavirus pandemic has displaced school children from the classes they enjoy. Schools must now develop new methods of teaching and online classes are becoming commonplace.

One teacher is preparing for the "new normal" with his music class of 250 students, therefore, coordinating remote lessons has definitely proved to be a challenge. Since early March, Mr. McMullen and his students have had to make adjustments to the usual method of learning music.

"Originally the adaptation for music performance classes at Jordan High School swiftly changed from instrumental performance, piano, and choral to music appreciation," he says. "The major dominating disadvantage prior to and during the beginning of the COVID-19 was a shortage of instruments. Most of our instruments were shared period by period because we did not have enough to adequately accommodate our student population."
Jordan High School Principal Lucía Cerda and Assistant Principal Lonnie Shell met with Foundation Executive Director Lynn Robison recently to take on the task of distributing 25 keyboards and gig bags, 100 practice drum pads plus sticks, 100 Soprano recorders, and 100 beginning method books to all of the music students.

"We're happy to help Jordan High School students by providing additional instruments through our grant program," Lynn says.

Jordan High School staff has disinfected the auditorium to allow 250 kids to come in and pick up the instruments. This is just one step in the process of moving the music classes completely offsite so students may learn at home during their virtual Zoom lessons with Mr. McMullen.

The Foundation would like to thank Guitar Center for providing the following equipment: Musician's Gear 88-Keyboard Gig Bags; Williams Legato III Keyboard Intro Package; Sound Percussion Labs Practice Pad with Mount; Sound Percussion Labs Hickory Drum Sticks 4-Pack Funk Wood; Lyons Soprano Recorder Ivory; and Alfred Recorder Express Beginning Method Books.
Musical Mischief
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