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ALRP eNewsletter | June 2019

Happy Pride! At ALRP, we've been celebrating Pride Month the best way we know how: fiercely advocating for our LGBTQ clients. Thank you to our clients, donors, Panel attorneys, volunteers, and staff for proudly joining our ALRP family to support people with HIV/AIDS.

ALRP Housing Attorney Oliver Pfost worked quickly to keep a 73-year-old client housed in his San Francisco apartment of 40 years.
Seven Days to Save a Home
When a 73-year-old San Francisco resident reached out to ALRP for help, he was just seven days away from being permanently "locked out" of the apartment he had called home for 40 years. The race was on to save his housing. Read more...
Fly with the Legal Eagles at AIDS Walk
The ALRP Legal Eagles are back at it this summer, flocking together for AIDS Walk San Francisco on July 14. Join the ALRP team, plus more than 25,000 other walkers, to support ALRP and other agencies serving people living with HIV/AIDS. Register or donate today...
KonMari for ALRP at Community Thrift
If you've jumped in on the Marie Kondo tidying up trend and have clothing or home goods to spare, put your unwanted items to good use by donating them to Community Thrift Store (CTS). Be sure to designate your donation to ALRP. Spark joy now...
Attend an SSI/SSDI Workshop
Get your SSI/SSDI overpayment questions answered by ALRP Insurance Attorney Lynnette Baclig at a FREE workshop on August 2 hosted in partnership with PRC. You'll learn the ins and outs of waivers, appeals, and strategies to prevent overpayments. Contact Lynnette for more details!
Volunteer at Folsom Street Events
Save the date for Folsom Street Events! Up Your Alley is July 28, and the Folsom Street Fair is September 29. As a beneficiary of these events, ALRP needs your help to fill over 50 volunteer positions. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to join the festivities!
At ALRP, over 80% of every dollar raised directly supports client services; this increases to more than 92% with the donated legal services of Panel Attorneys taken into account. Our caseload has gone up by 66% in the last 15 years, and 82% of our clients are low-income. Give today to sustain our work serving the HIV community!

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