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13 September 2023

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2:00 - 6:00

Boys and Girls Club

6:00 Bible Study

7:30 Choir Rehearsal





2:00 - 6:00

Boys and Girls Club




2:00 - 6:00

Boys and Girls Club





10:00 am

Music Together




9:00 am

Young and the Restless Chapel

9:30 am

Choir Rehearsal

10:00 am

Holy Eucharist


4:00 pm

Celtic Evensong



2:00 - 6:00

Boys and Girls Club

5:15 pm

Vestry Meeting



2:00 - 6:00

Boys and Girls Club

7:00 - 8:30 pm

Knitting Group



10:00 - 12:00

Art Class

2:00 - 6:00

Boys and Girls Club 

6:00 pm

Bible Study

7:30 pm

Choir Reheaarsal




The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector

Assisting Clergy

The Reverend E. Clifford Cutler

The Reverend Manny Faria

The Reverend Ann Perrott



Ryan Patten,

Sr. Warden

Peggy Carter,

Jr. Warden

Barbara Layne, Clerk

Katie Scott, Treasurer

Joanne Moar,

Asst. Treasurer

Melissa Barnes

Andrew Bishop

Marianne Cannon

Lisa Duffy

Joanna Troy

Matt VanHamersveld


Mark N. Peterson, Music Director

Tom and Karen Tucker, Sextons


Cheryl Robinson, Bookkeeper


Anti-racism Team

Maureen Bingham

Marianne Cannon

Cliff Cutler

Ryan Patten

Jane Thompson

Angela Williams

Debbie Phillips

Ann Perrott


Hugh MacKay

Joanne Moar

Barbara Layne


Gavin Watson-Bertrand 

Sean Reynolds

Altar Guild

Laura Beasley-Topliffe,


Lisa Duffy

Caroline Ogah


Flower Committee

Deb Papps, Chair

Jane Thompson

Maureen Joyce


Celtic Meditations Team

Ryan Patten, musician

Kourtni Patten

Eric Wagner

Paul Massari

Christine Reichert

Kathleen Tone


Director of Church School

Melissa Barnes


Ministry Team

Tom Gaither

Debbie Papps

Ad Hoc Fundraising

Peggy Carter

Melissa Barnes

Joanne Moar


Eric Wagner

Ed Moll

Tom Tucker

Jason Barnes

Ryan Quinlivan

 Creation Care

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Tom Gaither

Jane Stewart

Garden of Life

Jason Stonehouse


Convention Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Eric Wagner, Alternate

Deanery Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Walter Weizenauer

Eric Wagner

Thought for the Week

Dear Friends,

As I sit in my office this morning with the window open, I have heard at least 4 groups of people speaking a variety of languages. How fortunate are we to live in a place with so many diverse cultures!

This reminded me of learning Bahasa Malaysia while living there. I learned so much about the people and environment of the country by studying the language. There were many different words for rain and a variety of nuanced terms for rice. There was no word for "alone." You can learn much from the language that we use.

So what can others learn about us in the language we use about things such as faith, inclusion, race, and God? How does singing a phrase impact its effect? When do we say, "Sing, my tongue?" When do we listen to the language of our hearts?

In the Way of Love,


This Sunday

This week, we are called to be bold and tenacious in acts of forgiveness.


Services are offered at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm and are also broadcast on Facebook Live. Leaflets may be found on our website.


At 10:00 am, Caroline Watson-Felt is our lector, Lisa Duffy is chalicer and Jason Barnes and Faith Aroko will be ushering. The Choir will sing the anthem, "Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake" by Richard Farrant (text from the Lidley's prayers). The Church School will meet at 10:00 am for a lesson and to work in the Abundant Life Garden before they join us at the Peace. Light refreshments will be available in the Lobby following the service.


At 4:00 pm, Celtic Evensong and Communion will hear a reflection from Katie Scott. Marianne Cannon will read the prayers and Kourtni Patten will usher and chalice. Those present may move about the space lighting candles, praying at the Lady Altar, and receiving the laying on of hands. The music and prayers mostly come from the Celtic tradition.

Please join us wherever you are 

in your search for meaning. 

Everyone is welcome at any and all services at

Grace Episcopal Church

Parish Prayer List

Please keep the following in your prayers:

For Arthur, Jane, Marty Siegel, Laszlo Katko, Eric Wagner, Deb Young, Cindy Rhodes, Ron, Linda Layne, Daniel Brundige, Gerald Tucker, Allison Mascolo, Melissa Glassman, Max Joyce, Inga, Henry, and Lucas, Mel, Melissa Glassman, Corey MacNeil, Helen Phillips, Dianne, Michael Towey, Jenny, Loretta and Kris, Deb Papps, Derek Fuller and Family, the people of Palestine,, especially in Jenin, and Ukraine; the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem, the Salem Public Schools and for an end to racism, war, anti-Semitism, gun violence and oppression. If you have prayer requests, please email by Tuesday at noon for publication in that week's e-news.


Stewardship Season: Rooted in Abundance


They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots by the stream. It shall not fear when heat comes, and its leaves shall stay green; in the year of drought it is not anxious, and it does not cease to bear fruit. - Jeremiah 17:8


This year’s theme considers the many ways we are rooted in God’s creation and how these roots are interdependent. A variety of plants, sharing their resources, is needed to sustain a vibrant and healthy ecosystem.


We will again hear from those of you who wish to share an “epistle” related to be rooted in abundance. These will be offered at both services from October 8th through November 12th. Please see Debbie if you’d like to offer a 2-4 minute reflection on a time of abundance.


This week's reflection from

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship

I am the daughter of the longtime stewardship chair of the church I grew up in. My home parish of St. James, Roanoke, is like a taproot for me. It’s where I went to Sunday school, youth group, and served as an acolyte. People invested in me and gave me leadership opportunities. As an Asian American queer from the south, I never thought of God as judging me. I have been watered by living waters of people who’ve nurtured me. I pledge every year to my church because I want to tend and water others.

The legacy of family roots me in abundance. I was raised on stories of woman in my (Japanese & Korean) family who were boundary crossers. My ancestors crossed oceans because they had to. My parents were married not long after the Loving v. The State of Virginia case, so that was a boundary crossing too. They taught me that love is more powerful than racism: they showed me that you do what you think is right even when it’s hard.

I’m so motivated by wanting to do right by my ancestors. Both my family, and also my chosen/ queer ancestors, some of whom died just so that I could live. Right now I work for Showing Up for Racial Justice to mobilize white communities for racial and economic justice. We don’t have to be divided by racism. Like tree roots, we can be a network of solidarity.

The prophet Jeremiah reminds me “blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots by the stream.” (Jeremiah 17:7). I am rooted in God, and in the belief in an abundant creator. I would stake my life on that.


Grace Aheron is the Communications Director, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), former ESC intern, and cradle



St. Francis Day

Pet Treat and Pumpkin Sale 2023


This year’s St. Francis Day Pet Treat and Pumpkin Sale is October 1, 2023 from 8:00 – 11:00 AM. We will continue to sell pet treats and pumpkins to folks as they leave the morning service, following the blessing of the animals.


We need folks to bake dog or cat treats, donate pumpkins, and/or help with set-up and break down. In addition, financial donations towards start up costs or to help support the event are always appreciated. If you can donate or help in some way, please email or speak with one of the following Fundraising Committee members: Peggy Carter, Melissa Barnes, or Joanne Moar. Senior Warden Ryan Patten is also a contact.


The pet treats and/or and pumpkins can be dropped off at the church in the cloister area anytime the week of September 24, but no later than Saturday, September 30 at noon. After noon on Saturday, September 30, the Fundraising Committee will be organizing the pet treats, so we need them by the noon deadline.  The Fundraising Committee will put out a green bin with a lid in the cloister area for the pet treats. The pumpkins can be left on the concrete floor in the cloister. A member of the Fundraising Committee will be stopping by each day during the week of September 24 to move the pumpkins inside.


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The Rector is available Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays for regular business.

Please continue to contact her for pastoral emergencies as they arise.

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