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Edna's Best !!
15% Off!!
Always the Best choice for your winter garden and all year long! Lots of organic matter that will help your new plants thrive!
Now Only $11.00!!
(Reg. $12.95)
2.5" Succulents!!
15% Off!!
Succulents make for the perfect gift or to add to nay arrangement. Plant them in full to part sun and bring them inside during winter months.
Now Only $2.39!!
6" Pothos!
15% Off!!!!
Plant in bright indirect light and allow to dry out in between watering. Easy to propagate also!
Now Only $13.60!
6" Fiddle Leaf Ficus!!
15% Off!!
Place in bright indirect light and allow to dry out in between watering.
Now Only $13.60!
1 Gallon Abutilon!!
20% Off!!
Also known as Chinese lantern. Plant in morning sun and afternoon shade. Water every other day.
Now Only $9.20!
4" Rabbit foot fern!
15% Off!!
This fern loves bright indirect light inside or morning sun and afternoon shade outside. Keep moist.
Now Only $4.21!
6" Creeping Charlie!!
15% Off!!
This easy keeper plant loves bright indirect light and to be watered about every three days.
Now Only $8.46!!!
Pansy, Snap dragons and Calendulas!!
Now in Stock!!!
Plant your fall garden now! Get some great color all through fall and winter!
6" Polka Dot Plant!!
20% Off!!!
Place in bright indirect light and keep soil moist. On the harder side to grow.
Now Only $7.96!
(Reg. $9.95)
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