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Issue: #1703 March 2017
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Hello fellow neighbors!   My name is Ed Mahoney and I am your Chairman for the community.  We've got some real important information this month.  So please take a moment to read this.    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email the board at:


Its time for our annual PCE Garage Sale 7am - 3pm Friday April 21 and Saturday April 22.

We will be putting together a map to post on CraigsList and for your use.   If you would like to participate please sign up HERE

Please note there is a deadline for submitting your info!  Please have your info sent to us no later than April 16.
First Annual Easter Egg Hunt! 
April 1st   Hummingbird Park   11:00-1:00

Bring your baskets and come join your PCE neighbors for a fun egg hunt! There will be two fields for different age groups and fun games and an Easter Bounce House! A great time to meet your neighbors!
April 1st @ Hummingbird Park 11:00-1:00

Exterior Landscape Committee
Our Exterior Landscape Committee has met and have begun the process to researching possible solutions to fixing the dilapidated state of our perimeter.  However, this group is small and could use a few more volunteers to help with the process and continue to bounce ideas around.   This is probably the most important short term committee created since the Pool Committee.  If approved, this project will most likely be a multi-phase project that will also most likely incur an assessment to the homeowners.   This committee's job is to find the most viable solution with the least impact on the homeowners.   Be part of the process and be "IN THE KNOW"   We really need your help!   Your commitment is one or two meetings a month (only about an hour or so) and helping with some leg work on research.    Our next meeting is this Saturday and we'll be meeting with our landscaper.  He will be outlining some of the challenges we are having on the perimeter and giving some guidance on some solutions to fix it.  If you would like to be part of this committee, please email and he will give details on the next meeting location and time.   Thanks again!
Recently, the HOA board has been getting emails on missing pets.   We understand how scary that is and reaching out to anyone is your first grasp at finding your loved one.   However, please note that the HOA board does not manage pets, or receive emails on found pets.   Your best solution to reach out to the community is through the PCE Facebook GROUP page that is run by the community.   This group is the best way to get the word out on your loved one.  You can find their page
What do you think?   Do you like this format?  Our goal is to keep putting new information that you can use!   We seriously think this is the best neighborhood in Frisco, and we want you to feel the same way.  Drop us a line and let us know!  Your feedback means a lot!  

Ed Mahoney