MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020
A Message from the Wesley Prep School Board
Dear Wesley Prep Families,

As we all get our summer plans kicked off and underway, we want you to know that the WP Board remains hard at work during these tumultuous and ever changing times.  The Board wants to assure our Parents that we are working closely with the Administration in their efforts to comply with anticipated official state and local mandates that affect opening Wesley Prep this Fall.

The form of School activities will almost certainly be impacted and will include increased personal hygiene and cleaning schedules. Most likely there will be increased social distancing and limited interactions with non-required instructors (for example: outsourced after-school programs). Additionally, the School may be required to limit access to non-students inside the campus facilities (as a potential example: Preschool drop-off may be near a designated entrance and may also include slightly staggered start times rather than having parents walk their child inside the campus). Finally, there are likely to be new protocols for sick students such as isolation requirements on campus and enhanced thresholds for returning to School.
Many of these procedures are in the planning stages as contingencies and are subject to change. Much of the decision-making depends on the mandates that simply won’t be finalized until just a few weeks prior to opening campus back in the Fall. You may see these regulations posted; please keep in mind there may be “recommendations” that are not “mandates."
The Board wants to assure the Parents that the Administration is working hard to incorporate best practices to ensure the safety for all while planning for the education of its students regardless of form.  
  • Our Executive Director speaks regularly with similarly situated private schools on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to share ideas and concerns. Linda is currently attending a 2-day seminar specifically on issues for re-opening MDO and Preschool.
  • Our Nurse Teri is part of a private school nurse group that meets regularly to discuss these and other issues which also meets regularly with our County Health Director. Recently the private school nurse group has joined with an international private school nurse group to share their experiences — many Asian and European countries have re-opened schools already. This obviously gives us important insight into re-opening our campus.
We invite you to watch this video from NEASC (international schools) which may foretell what many schools in the USA will look like this fall: 


Again, we don’t know exactly what will happen this Fall, but we will keep you informed as the decisions become less contingent and more concrete.
Until next time, please enjoy a safe and fun summer with your children.

Wesley Prep School Board
Happy Summer Panther Families!

You should have received an email and a packet in the mail regarding enrollment/re-enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year! Please take time now to complete this and contact your child's pediatrician ASAP regarding the required medical-related forms.

If you need any assistance, please contact the school office at
214-706-9568 or email us at
Good afternoon, Wesley Prep Families!

Please take time to listen to this awesome podcast featuring our Fourth Grade students and Mrs. Cousino talking about their most recent Common Ground project "Heart Words".

or type:

Click on the photo below to read a great article appearing in the People Newspapers. We are so proud of these WP students!
Common Ground Found in Learning ‘Heart Words’