Volume 117 - July 10, 2020
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Summer Office Hours:  7:30am to 3:30pm
From Mrs. Kunze
Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. There is still much uncertainty about school this August, but I wanted to try and answer some questions.

Below are descriptions of how the different options would look at Nease. We are busy making plans and contingency plans, but if we have missed anything don’t hesitate to email myself or any of the assistant principals.

General Changes for next year:
  • Students will have access to the campus at 8:45am, unless they are taking a zero period (some 11th & 12th grade IB students only) or are with a coach for a sports practice.
  • Dismissal is 3:50pm Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri and 2:50pm on Wednesdays.
  • Block Scheduling – Nease still plans to implement block scheduling and it will work well even with COVID changes. Students will attend 4 classes/day for 4 days a week and all 7 classes on Wednesdays, so they will see each teacher 3 times during the week. Our blocked days will reduce exposure to students in class and during passing time. The days of the week (green/gold) are designated to accommodate students who are taking dual enrollment courses on Tue/Thu or M/W/F at St Johns River. Please see the bell schedule below. 
  • Our crosswalk has been moved from the parent loop entrance to the entrance of the bus loop.
The FL Department of Education’s Emergency Order issued this past Monday requires schools to be open 5 days a week to students. The district can seek approval for an Innovative Learning plan, which is the District’s Option 2- Distance Learning. The Innovative Learning plan must mirror the brick and mortar instruction in pacing and rigor.

Our District Office will release a document of frequently asked questions next week along with PSAs on safety measures being taken for your child as their health and safety is a priority.

Option 1 – Brick and Mortar – Students will be on campus every day unless the health department closes a classroom, a school or the district and then those students affected would move to virtual learning until re-opening occurred.

  • All students must properly wear a mask upon arrival to school.
  • Students riding the bus will have their temperature checked before they enter either gate at the bus loop. Students with a fever will be escorted to the nurse’s office.
  • Students driving to school will enter campus through a single gate in front of C-pod. Students will have their temperature taken and those with a fever will report to the nurse’s office.
  • Students who are parent drop-off will enter through the gate by the main office. Students will have their temperature taken and those with a fever will report to the nurse’s office.
  • Students sent to the nurses’ office will sit for a few minutes and will have their temperature retaken by the nurse. If the temperature reading is within the normal range, the student will be allowed to attend class. If the temperature is still high, then a parent will be notified to pick-up the child. The Department of Health will provide guidance for return to school in collaboration with school nurses.
  • Students must wear a mask on campus unless they can socially distance the required 6 feet. 
  • The cafeteria and media center will both be open in the morning. Students in the cafeteria will have to sit one person per section of table.

Change of classes:
  • Students will have 6 minutes between classes. 
  • Students must properly wear a mask.

  • On blocked days (M,T,Th&F) we will have four lunches. Students will be allowed to eat in the cafeteria, O-pod courtyard, amphitheater, PAC courtyard, and with a pass in the media center or ROTC room to help with social distancing. Students would have to sit in these outdoor spaces and would not be allowed to roam.
  • On Wednesdays after we have sufficiently trained students the first month of school, we will have EXCEL time for 63mins in the middle of the day. EXCEL is a time to eat lunch, attend club meetings, seek extra help from teachers, complete make-up work with teachers, take make-up or retake summatives, get homework done, study with friends, do research in the media center, see a school counselor, etc. More information regarding EXCEL will be sent later.

  • Students must properly wear a mask.
  • Staggered dismissal
  • 3:47pm – Seniors released (SR privilege)
  • 3:50pm – Students walking, driving, parent pick-up or who ride the first round of buses will be released.
  • 3:55pm – Students who ride the 2nd round of buses will be released.
  • ·Our cross walk was relocated this summer, so all walkers must leave campus through the bus loop.

Option 2 – School-Based Distance Learning
  • Students will have to be approved for this option by school administration. A student’s attendance, grades, program of study, and work during virtual learning last spring will be taken into consideration.
  • This option is for the 1st 9 weeks grading period. Students can re-apply to stay an additional quarter. Students who are not successful 1st quarter would not be allowed to continue 2nd quarter.
  • According to the Emergency Order, distance learning attached to the school is only available for 1st semester and students must be provided the same pacing and rigorous instruction as the brick and mortar students.
  • Class attendance will be taken and grades will be calculated in the same manner as brick and mortar.
  • Not all courses lend themselves to distance learning through Nease due to hands-on activities/labs, cooperative learning projects, specialized computer software and equipment, and physical participation. When teachers provide the best instruction possible through distance learning, we still can’t guarantee that there would not be differences that could affect performance on an AP, IB, or certification exam. Therefore, many high-level courses including honors, Pre-IB, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses along with academy courses will not be available.  
  • Students can choose option 2 and attend Nease for courses not available through distance learning, if transportation is available. Students may not “hang out” at Nease waiting for a ride or the next class.
  • Students can still participate in sports and after school activities.

Option 3 – St Johns Virtual School
  • Students withdraw from Nease and are a full-time St Johns Virtual School student.
  • There is an application process. I would recommend checking their course catalog for course offerings.
  • This option is for a semester or an entire school year.
  • The teachers are NOT Nease teachers. 
  • SJVS teachers provide instruction aligned to State Standards and follow the district’s pacing guide.
  • Nease has always allowed full-time St Johns Virtual students to take elective courses on campus, IF there is room in the course.
  • Students can participate in sports at Nease.

Option 4 – Home School
  • Students withdraw from Nease and are registered with St Johns County School District as a home school student.
  • This option is for a semester or an entire school year.
  • Parent provides or finds curriculum for their child.
  • Nease has always allowed home schooled students to take elective courses on campus, IF there is room in the course.
  • Students can participate in sports and after school activities at Nease.

If you have selected an option on the survey and would now like to change your option, PLEASE email me your change at Lisa.Kunze@stjohns.k12.fl.us. The district is requesting that parents NOT resubmit through the survey link. Again, more information will be shared next week from the district, but feel free to email me if you have specific questions regarding Nease. Thank you!

2021 Seniors & Parents:
Please sign up for Remind messages.
Students: please text @9ffh99 to 81010
PARENTS...text @seniors21p to 81010

Parking Update :
The 2nd round of students receiving parking tags will be announced in the Panther Press next Friday, July 17th.

*********************OLD INFORMATION************************************************************************

JROTC Registration.  The deadline for registration for JROTC is July 15 . Packets for new and returning cadets are attached along with directions for filling out the forms. 

Attention all 2021 Seniors!
You need to have your senior portraits taken at Leonard's this summer! An email was sent to parents with a personalized access code and instructions on how to book. As soon as students have an access code, the online appointment book can be accessed at Leonards.com. Students can also contact the customer service department at 1 (888) 224-5045 or  customerservice@leonards.com  to get their access code. 

Summer Assignments
There are summer assignments posted for AP courses on the Nease website.
If you are an IB student, please look for summer assignments on the IB web page.
Athletic News
Panther Nation congratulates our girls tennis coach, Mike Kypriss, on his induction into the Florida Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame . The induction ceremony will be held in January 2021.
Coach Kypriss' accomplishments:
  • At Miami Killian - 7 state championships
  • At Dr. Krop - 9 championships
  • At Nease - district and regional championships in 2018
Thank you Coach Kypriss for all you do!

Visit www.neaseathletics.com to register for 2020-21 sports at Nease! Registration information can be found via the “Register” link at the top right-hand corner of the page. Please follow all instructions carefully to ensure a smooth clearance process.

Cross Country – If you are interested in participating in Cross Country at Nease for the 2020 season please contact Coach Curran at Curranfla@aol.com .   Conditioning has already begun however it is not too late to get registered and start training with the team. The first official scheduled day of practice is July 27th. Please contact the coach to begin the process.
Testing Information
Jacqui Ashcroft, Testing Coordinator

SAT going forward – due to the cancellations of exams due to COVID-19, providing it is safe from a public health standpoint, SAT will be held each month until the end of the year:
August 29, 2020
September 26 - new administration
October 3, 2020
November 7, 2020
December 5, 2020

Dates for the administration of ACT and SAT for the academic year 2020 – 2021 are all available on the testing website.
Guidance News
Here are the School Counselor caseloads and appointment links:

Km Hollis: Students with the last names A-Cl: https://calendly.com/kimhollis
Yasmin Cuevas: Students with the last names Co-Go: https://calendly.com/yasmincuevas
D’Erica Gibbs: Students with the last names Gr-Le: https://calendly.com/derica-gibbs-1
Athena Kifah: Students with the last names Li-O: https://calendly.com/athenakifah
Linda Smith: Students with the last names P-Si: https://calendly.com/lindamsmith
Daphne Harden: Students with the last names Sk-Z: https://calendly.com/daphneharden  
Missy Kennedy: ALL IB Students: https://calendly.com/neaseib
Summer Information
Please be mindful that School Counselors do not work during the summer. After Thursday May 28 th , the information below can be used to guide you until our return on Monday, August 3 rd .

  1. Review your student’s final report card in HAC. They will be available for viewing mid to late June. If your student received a grade of D or F and needs to retake a class over the summer, they can sign up for Virtual School at www.flvs.net. Approval for courses can be requested through Vanessa Power at Vanessa.Power@stjohns.k12.fl.us.

  1. If you are requesting a schedule change for a CORE course for the 20-21 school year, you will need to request the change through our schedule change link: https://tinyurl.com/NHSrequestchange2021. The deadline to request elective schedule changes was March 13, 2020. Academic course changes can be requested until July 12, 2020.

  1. Students new to Nease High School should complete the registration paperwork available here: https://www-nhs.stjohns.k12.fl.us/registration/. Once the paperwork is complete, they can request an appointment with a counselor by contacting Maria Perricone at Maria.Perricone@stjohns.k12.fl.us

  1. The Dual Enrollment schedule is expected to be released by SJR after June 1st. Updates will be sent through the NeaseDE@stjohns.k12.fl.us e-mail address. All questions should be submitted through the NeaseDE@stjohns.k12.fl.us e-mail address as well.

For any additional assistance needed, you can contact the School Counseling Office at (904) 547-8321 or reach out via e-mail with general questions to Daryl Cullipher here: Daryl.Cullipher@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Media Center News
Carolyn Milian – School Librarian Media Specialist
Lorna Patterson – Media Clerk
Now is a great time for students to read books of their choice and/or participate in literacy opportunities throughout the summer, earn some cool prizes, and avoid the “summer slide”. Statistics and extensive studies have been compiled over the years about the decline of learning gains due to summer break. Below are 2 graphics that show the best way to avoid the “Summer slide” and how reading just 20 minutes a day increases students scores on standardized tests! 

Visit the Media Center web page for details.