Volume 127 - September 18, 2020
10550 Ray Road, Ponte Vedra, FL 32082                           904-547-8300 - Main Office
Office Hours: 8:30am to 4:45pm
From Mrs. Kunze
Happy Friday!

My administrators and I would like to thank everyone who pulls all the way forward in the car loop, so we can get cars off of Ray Road. We try our best to keep the line moving and appreciate your support. At dismissal, we are asking that you please use your turn signal when you have your child and need to go around the waiting car in front of you. The loop gets very full at times and we don't want to have an accident.

Many teachers have administered summatives this week. PLEASE check your child's progress on HAC and encourage him/her to seek help if needed.

This Wednesday, September 23rd, we will have our first EXCEL Time. A HUGE THANK YOU to PTSO for securing volunteers and to the parents who volunteered. EXCEL Time is a great opportunity for our students, but we can't offer without volunteers.

EXCEL Expectations: Students will eat lunch, see a teacher for extra help or to make-up/retake a summative, attend a club meeting, or study with friends.
Locations students are allowed: cafeteria, O-pod courtyard, PAC courtyard, amphitheater, behind Panther Hall, and in classrooms.

Students may not leave during EXCEL Time unless they do not have classes periods 2, 4, 6 & 7.
Students who are roaming and/or misbehaving during EXCEL will be placed in EXCEL Time-out in the gym with Dean Bailin.

EXCEL is divided into 2 sessions : A flutter bell will ring at 11:43am.
  • EXCEL A (11:13am to 11:43am)
  • Teachers available during EXCEL A: Math, English, Academies, Computers, World Language
  • EXCEL B (11:43am to 12:16pm)
  • Teachers available during EXCEL B: Science, Social Studies, The Arts, ESE, & PE

Events planned for this Wednesday's EXCEL:
  • EXCEL A - NHS new candidates meeting in auditorium
  • EXCEL A & B - Club fair all around the PAC courtyard and behind Panther Hall
  • EXCEL A & B - Senior portraits on auditorium stage (For seniors who did not have their photo taken at Leonard's this summer, so they will be in the yearbook.)

FSA Testing
Juniors will take the 10th grade FSA ELA test that was not administered last May starting this week. Distance learners can come in to take the exam with their English class. If students drive themselves, we ask that they place a piece of paper in their windshield stating "taking FSA" and park in the visitor parking lot in front of Panther Hall.

Homecoming week is this week with our homecoming game on Friday, 9/25, against Yulee.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the daily dress-up days remembering that all outfits must be within the Nease dress code. (Days are listed below in Student Life section.)
  • Nominations for court were this week.
  • Morning pep rally next Friday at 8:50am where senior queen and king will be announced.
  • Traditional court recognition will occur during half-time Friday night.
  • Due to COVID restrictions there will not be a homecoming dance.
  • Seniors interested in attending Friday's game, please submit your name using the link below. Names will be drawn during 7th period on Thursday. Senior Football Ticket Request

SCHOOL PICTURE DAYS COMING SOON! Underclass school pictures will be taken Thursday and Friday, October 8-9 during English classes. Students will receive order forms, or you can order online at Leonards.com.

School Photos for distance learners
On campus school photos for distance learners will be offered on 11/06 from 11 -3pm. A Signup Genius will be posted once the date is closer. Additional photo opportunities at the school on retake day (11/20) and also through Leonard's will be announced. Keep posted for further updates.

UNUSUAL YEAR, EXCEPTIONAL YEARBOOK! Make sure you capture all of this year with a the purchase of a Nease 40th Anniversary Yearbook. This will be the book your students will want to show their kids and grandkids! Go to yearbookordercenter.com and enter code 15476 to purchase yours. Prices are at their lowest of the year!

  • Last chance for senior portraits is WEDNESDAY, SEPT 23 during EXCEL in the auditorium. Get a pass from Ms. Cowart in D003. Girls should wear a tank top or something you can pull off your shoulders. Boys should wear a t-shirt. Formal attire will be provided. Distance learners may come on campus during that time as well.
  • Studio times are available - they just need to schedule those through Leonard's.
  • St. Augustine has studio time available from 3 - 6pm Sept 14, 15, 16 and 17 and then 9am - 6pm on 19th and 26th.
  • Jacksonville has studio times available from 9- 6pm on Sept 19th and then 3-6pm on Sept 21- 24th. and 9-6pm again on 26th.
  • There are no walk ins due to COVID Guidelines. Go to Leonards.com and enter your senior code that you were mailed and emailed, or call or email customer service at 1-800-215-4852 or customerservice@leonards.com to schedule.

SENIOR PARENTS! The Class of 2021 will be an unforgettable one. Make sure you capture the year with a yearbook order and a senior ad! Go to yearbookordercenter.com and enter code 15476 to purchase and design your senior ad. Prices are at their lowest of the year!

Mu Alpha Theta applications are now open for the 2020-2021 school year. Students that have completed Algebra 2, have a 4.0 weighted GPA in math classes, and a 3.5 overall weighted GPA are eligible to join! Click the link below to access the application. The deadline to apply is September 25th!
Email Ms. Baran, nicole.baran@stjohns.k12.fl.us, or stop by P51 if you have any questions

Membership in the National Hispanic Honors Society is both an honor and a responsibility. You will be selected for membership on the basis that you have demonstrated the qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. As a member you are expected to continue demonstrating and strengthening these qualities through participation in service projects, activities, and your adherence to chapter regulations. In addition, members may only have one unexcused absence from a meeting to maintain membership in the club.
Student Responsibilities:
  1. To maintain an A or B average in Spanish for the past 2 years .
  2. To participate in NHHS school and service projects
  3. To have no more than ONE unexcused absence from a meeting. If you are dismissed from the society, you will not be re-inducted.
  4. To complete a minimum of 8 service hours (ALL in NHHS) for new members.
  5. To actively demonstrate leadership, service, and character.
  6. To pay annual dues: $15 for new inductees.
(Seniors--graduation cords are an additional charge of $10 seperate from member dues)

National Honor Society
Adviser: Carolyn Milian, School Librarian Media Specialist
All returning Senior members who are on campus, MUST attend the first meeting of the day based on their last name:
  • Monday, Sept. 21st @ 8:45 a.m. in the PAC for members last name A thru K 
  • Tuesday, Sept. 22nd @ 8:45 a.m. in the PAC for members last name L thru Z
  • Tuesday, Sept. 22nd @ 4 p.m. in the MC in room 146 for "0" hour members, Dual Enrollment students, Distance Learners (if they would like to come) , or other members who COULD NOT attend the meeting due to an EMERGENCY (sleeping in or forgetting is NOT an emergency). 
·        A Zoom conference will be scheduled later Tuesday afternoon for all DL students ONLY.

Invitations were sent out today to new junior and senior eligible candidates to attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd during Excel time. All eligible Distance Learners were sent a private message by me through Schoology. If a student who is on campus for school receives an invitation and does not attend the informational meeting, he/she will forfeit his opportunity to be invited into the club. Distance Learners will be invited to a Zoom conference with me later that day.
Eligibility for National Honor Society:
o  NHS is open only to Juniors and Seniors
o  3.80 SHARP WEIGHTED GPA (no rounding)
o  Juniors – minimum of 40 documented service hours documented by end of August of Junior year. Seniors – minimum of 50
o  Enrolled in at least 2 Honors, AP, or DE courses (or a combo of any of these)
o  Completion of “NHS Resume/Selection” form
Eligibility does not guarantee admission. Other factors that will determine candidacy are leadership, school involvement in clubs, events, and activities, outside leadership and club involvement (ie: Scouts, church, community groups, work, etc.). The Faculty Council (6 anonymous faculty members) review all the resumes and make the final decisions regarding invitation to become a member or does not meet needed requirements. Juniors that did not meet requirements have the opportunity to become eligible at the start of Senior year. All confirmed candidates will be inducted into the club in a “virtual” ceremony that will take place sometime in October. Confirmation letters will be sent out during the last week of September.
Parents can contact Mrs. Milian for further information or check club webpage

Student Health Screening Entry Form
  • Fever of 100.4 or higher
  • Uncontrolled cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste
  • Muscle aches
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Is your child currently awaiting COVID-19 test results? If yes, please keep your child home and notify the school nurse when test results received. Further instructions will be discussed at that time.
  • Does your child live in the same household with someone positive for COVID-19? If yes, your child must quarantine for 14 days from the last date of contact with the positive individual. A negative test result does not reduce the quarantine requirement for the full 14 day incubation period.
  • Has your child had close contact with someone who in the past 14 days who tested positive for COVID-19? If yes, your child must quarantine for 14 days from the last date of contact with the positive individual. A negative test result does not reduce the quarantine requirement for the full 14 day incubation period.

For the students who were awarded a parking tag through the most recent lottery (list below.), paid by Wednesday, September 16th and uploaded all the required documentation by Friday, September 18th at noon, will be able to pick up their parking tags beginning Monday, September 21st in Room C-121. The students are eligible to drive on campus the day AFTER their tag has been provided. If you upload your documentation this weekend, your student’s tag will be available for pick up beginning Tuesday, September 22nd in Room C-121

Parking Payment Link:
Parking Required Documentation Link:
Distance Learners
Students who are participating in the distrance learning option must...
  • Check Schoology updates for each course daily.
  • Participate in live conferences each period.
  • Have access to a computer with a working camera and microphone.
  • Have access to a printer.

Students: Download the weekly agenda, so if Schoology goes down you have the agenda for that period on your computer already.

Cameras need to be turned on when directed by the teacher to do so. Some students are logging in and since their camera is off are walking away from their computer. The teacher knows this when they ask the distance learner a question and there is no response. Students must participate in whatever is planned by the teacher that day. Teachers have been asked to email home for parent support and if the issue continues, the student will be referred to a dean.

If you or your student is having struggles with Schoology, please see below:
Schoology troubleshooting 101:
  • Students should use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to log in and login through our school website. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari have ALL had issues so they should NOT use these browsers. If they do not have Chrome or Firefox, they can do a Google search for it and download it to their device. (School laptops that were signed out already have it on there). (hint: for those less tech savvy 😊 – a browser is the software we all use to go on the internet and it’s free to download to any device. Google is not a browser – it’s a search engine just like Bing, Yahoo, etc.) 
  • Schoology works BEST on a laptop/computer. Smartphone access is somewhat limited, but can be used. 
  • Parent Access Codes – all the teachers have these codes. Ask them to share them with you.
  • Conferences – if your teacher sets up a conference using Microsoft Teams – your student MUST join the conference as a guest. HE/SHE SHOULD NOT LOGIN WITH THEIR USERNAME/PASSWORD. This will block them from being able to join the conference.
  • If all else fails, restart your computer. You’d be amazed how this helps!
  • If you have tried all these steps with your students and they are still having issues, have them email me directly at carolyn.milian@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Please be patient with us as the volume of emails and phone calls for Schoology and other technical issues have been unprecedented and we are trying to address them in as timely a manner as possible.

Students have access to many of our textbooks online. They MUST access them via this link or via our school website: https://www.stjohns.k12.fl.us/media/9-12-online-resources/

For the AP US History textbook, they MUST login through the “Clever” icon on our “Links for Students”. Once they are in Clever, they need to click on “Launch Pad”. Students MUST use Chrome or Firefox and will log in with their username and password. If they are having problems accessing the textbook, please reach out to me at carolyn.milian@stjohns.k12.fl.us

Expectations for Distance Learners are below. This page can be printed here
Nease Fundraisers!
Athletic News
Visit www.neaseathletics.com to register for 2020-21 sports at Nease! Registration information can be found via the “Athletic Clearance” link at the top right-hand corner of the page. Please follow all instructions carefully to ensure a smooth clearance process.

Girls Basketball – Any girls interested in conditioning and eventually trying out for the girls basketball team, grades 9-12, please contact Coach Bence at nicolebence30@gmail.com or Coach Anthony at Sherri.anthony@stjohns.k12.fl.us

Girls Lacrosse – Any girl interested in playing Girls Lacrosse, please reach out to Coach Amato. She can be reached at tara.amato@stjohns.k12.fl.us or stop by her classroom in Panther Hall 138.

Girls Soccer – Anyone interested in trying out for Nease Girls Soccer is welcome to participate in pre-season conditioning Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30-8:30 AM. Meet at the stadium. Athletic clearance must be current before participation.

Girls Weightlifting – Any girls interested in conditioning and eventually trying out for the Girls Weightlifting Team, please contact Coach Wilson at coach.adwilson@gmail.com
EXCEL Volunteers: PTSO is looking for 40+ parents to volunteer once every 2-8 weeks during EXCEL time (mid-day on Wednesday). Please think about how important EXCEL time is to your student (enables them to attend club meetings, get extra help from a teacher or make up a test)— and if you’d be willing to help out to ensure EXCEL time continues all year. Sign up genius now active. https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/30E0D45ABAE2FA46-excel.

PTSO Membership Drive 2020-2021:
Show your Nease Pride when you purchase a premium PTSO membership. Premium membership includes a car magnet and Panther Pride banner that hangs on the fence at the front of the school year-round. 
Senior Pride:
Support your Senior with a banner this year, when you purchase a premium PTSO membership.  
Teacher Appreciation:
PTSO is doing a monthly raffle to show our appreciation to our Teachers. This month’s winner was Mrs. Gebauer. She received a gift card to Medure restaurant, that was kindly donated by the Medure Family! 

Nease Gaiters for Sale:
Looking for that perfect face mask for your student this year? We have you covered with our Panther neck gaiters! while supplies last. Proceeds benefit PTSO. https://shop.crowleyprinting.com/Nease-High-School-Spiritwear_c93.htm

PTSO Board/Meetings: Looking for a way to make a difference at Nease? If you’d like to learn more about getting involved, please email us at ptso.board@gmail.com. Anyone is welcome to attend PTSO meetings, held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 a.m. in Panther Hall (except for the September meeting which will be held on Sept. 8 instead).

PTSO Social Media: Join the Nease PTSO Social Media sites to learn more about Nease-related events: Facebook: Nease High School PTSO  Instagram: @nease_ptso Twitter: @NeasePtso 

Message on the Marquee: Send a Birthday or Congratulations message to your student via the marquee in the front of school. Complete this form Announcement Form for Marquee and submit to main office for PTSO 1 week prior to the message appearing on the marquee. Cost is $25

SAT/ACT Mock Exams:
9/26- SAT practice exam at Nease at 9am. See the flyer below to register for this event by 9/21.
11/7- PTSO Fundraiser mock ACT exam on 11/7, testing will be provided by Revolution Prep and take place in the school cafeteria. More information to follow.
Academy News
Nease Academy News
For the latest Communications, Engineering and Hospitality Academy News, check out this month’s Newsletter: September Newsletter

If you have any Academy questions, feel free to email Mrs. Combs at Jaime.combs@stjohns.k12.fl.us or call her at 904-547-8306
IB News
Senior, Juniors and Sophomores have been visited through English class at this time. Please ask your students about the things we discussed, and the items provided. On Monday & Tuesday (9/21 & 9/22) she will be in Freshman English classrooms.

Lots of information is being posted on the Nease IB Schoology Page. The access code will be given to all students during the meeting mentioned above. Please ask your student what has been posted lately.

AP and IB Testing schedule for May 2020 is available on the IB website under testing calendar. 

The internal/external assessment calendar is posted on the IB website under Nease IB curriculum for all juniors and seniors. Students have been provided a copy to highlight and add to their own personal calendars.

For distance learners, AP and IB summative assessments will be held after school from 4:30-5:30. Assessments will be held on Thursday and Fridays in the PAC. Please make sure your student is on time and has a writing utensil.

Our second IB Booster meeting is scheduled for this week, Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Media Center Classroom. All visitors will be required to sign-in and wear a mask. Please make sure you are registered volunteer to attend.

Our first IB social will be held on Thursday, September 24th during all 4 lunches. Please contribute using the following sign-up genius: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084FAFAE23A5FF2-ibsocial

Thank you to all who have joined the IB Booster club! If you haven’t joined, there is still time. You can go to our website, www.neaseibboosters.org. For our senior families, your membership comes with a senior stole that your student will wear at graduation this May. 
College Visits!
Juniors and Seniors can register for college visits through Naviance. A list of all available visits is available in Naviance. Students are allowed 5 visits per year. All visits (virtual & face-to-face) will receive a pass in the first/second period. This pass should be shown to the teacher PRIOR to the visit. Students should not miss summative assessments to attend a college visit. Visits will take place in the media center room 146 (if F2F) or on the computers in the media center if virtual. The link to the virtual meeting will be provided at the time of the visit.

Monday, September 21st
11:00- University of Chicago
11:35- Dartmouth College
12:10- University of North Carolina Asheville
12:45- Savannah College of Art & Design

Tuesday, September 22nd
11:00- Davidson College
11:35- Mercer University
12:10- University of Florida
12:45- Providence College

Wednesday, September 23rd
11:15- New College of Florida
11:45- University of Central Florida

Thursday, September 24th
11:00- University of New Brunswick
11:35- Purdue University
12:10- Florida Atlantic University
12:45- Duke University

Friday, September 25th
11:00- Clarkson University
11:35- Flagler College
12:10- Hofstra University
12:45- Louisiana State University

In lieu of our Nease annual college fair, we have put together a “live” spreadsheet of colleges/universities informational sessions and virtual tours. Most schools require prior registrations to be able to attend sessions. This spreadsheet will be updated daily and located on the Nease website, here, under college-bound students. Check back often for new additions.  
Guidance News
The School Counseling Department is excited to welcome everyone back for the 2020-2021 school year. We have a lot of great things planned for the year that we hope will be very beneficial to all our students.
We are excited to announce that our caseloads have NOT changed for the 20-21 school year and that we get to continue working with our same 10th-12th grade students while getting to know our new 9th grade students.
Please see below to see our caseload distributions, emails, appointment links, and Schoology pages. We will be going over all these forms of communication in our classroom guidance lessons during the first few weeks of schools. 
Last Names A- Cl: Kim Hollis: Kim.Hollis@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/kimhollis, Schoology Access Code: BGH5-75RG-2764H
Last Names: Co-Go: Yasmin Cuevas: Yasmin.Cuevas@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/yasmincuevas Schoology Access Code: 2QFX-6TP9-KDM6F
Last Names Gr-Le: D’Erica Gibbs: Derica.Gibbs@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/derica-gibbs-1 Schoology Access Code: 62KW-KV3X-N89S2
Last Names Li-O: Athena Kifah: Athena.Kifah@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/athenakifah Schoology Access Code: 42PP-RSCS-SHT89
Last Names: P-Si: Linda Smith: Linda.M.Smith@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/lindamsmith Schoology Access Code: Z7CW-T7VT-83H5R
Last Names: Sk-Z: Daphne Harden: Daphne.Harden@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/daphneharden Schoology Access Code: TW7J-83S9-7JFVN
ALL IB Students: Missy Kennedy: Missy.Kennedy@stjohns.k12.fl.us
Appointments: https://calendly.com/neaseib Schoology Access Code: 2455G-HDSHG

Grade Level Updates:
It is time to start applying to college! The second week of school, school counselors came to your English classes to talk about the process for applying to college and requesting transcripts. We encourage you to start thinking about what your plans are so that we can discuss them with you when we meet with each senior individually in a few weeks. We know that many of you did not get an opportunity to take your SAT and ACT as you planned this past spring. While some schools are lifting the SAT/ACT requirements, many schools are still requiring them and you still need them for the Bright Futures scholarship, so we encourage you to test as soon as possible. You can register for the SAT at www.collegeboard.org and the ACT at www.actstudent.org.
We enjoyed meeting with all of you during this past week. We hope that we provided you with some valuable information. This will be the last full year that colleges see on your high school transcript prior to applying for college. It is important to make sure that you are doing your best. As we move throughout the school year, we will start encouraging you to take your SAT and ACT and going on college visits to schools that you may be interested in.
We enjoyed meeting with you this past week. We hope that you have shared the information that we provided with your families and that you have all the information that you need to kick off a great school year.
You are up next! We will be visiting all of your English classes on Monday and Tuesday of this week. 
If anyone missed our lessons, please join us in Counselor Corner during Excel on Wednesday so that we can make sure that you have all of the information. 

In the next few weeks, students who are new to Nease or who should have taken exams that are required for graduation last spring will have the opportunity to take those tests in the coming weeks. (See the Panther Press Testing Update for more information).
We want to share some test taking tips with you here:
  1. Get a good night’s rest. It is hard to focus on reading a computer screen when you are tired. Get to bed early so you can wake up refreshed.
  1. Eat a good breakfast. Do not let yourself be hungry during the exam. Give yourself some brain food so you are ready to use all your critical thinking skills and do your best.
  1. Arrive early so that you can find your testing room, get situated, and have a moment to breathe before the exam starts.
  1. Read the test directions and listen to instructions carefully so that you do not miss any valuable information.
  1. Plan how you will use the allotted time. Pace yourself so you can complete the test using all the time you need and still finishing with-in the time limits. Save time to re-read your responses and check your answers but stick with first impressions and only change answers if you KNOW that it is wrong. Double-check spelling and sentence structure in the writing portions.
  1. Answer all the questions. Even if you do not know the answer, there is no penalty for guessing, so be sure to at least try.
  1. Maintain a positive attitude. Do not lose confidence just because you encounter confusing or difficult questions. You have prepared for these exams and you are smarter than you give yourself credit for!
Testing Information
Jacqui Ashcroft, Testing Coordinator

It is time to register your 9th or 11th grader for the PSAT. The FL Department of Education pays for every 10th grader to take the exam, so there is no need to register them as a test will be ordered for every 10th grader. The PSAT is a practice SAT. The score report provides detailed information that can be used to prep for the SAT. We only recommend 9th graders enrolled in Geometry Honors or higher to take the exam in 9th grade. We encourage ALL 11th graders to take the exam, since scores are used for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT will be administered during the school day on Wednesday, October 14th and the cost is $21.

Media Center News
Carolyn Milian – School Librarian Media Specialist
Lorna Patterson – Media Clerk
Allie Haddix – Media Clerk

The media center IS NOW OPEN for student access. Students MUST wear a mask to be in the media center. This is to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff in the media center.

Any student not wearing a mask,or refusing to wear one will be asked to leave. Students are also able to come to the media center for their lunch session with the following restrictions:
  1. They MUST have a MC Lunch pass each day. We begin to hand them out at 8:45 a.m. and only allow 50 passes per lunch period each day until we run out. Once passes are all gone, no more students will be able to come to the Media center for lunch. Lunch passes are different colors every day and date stamped. 
  2. Students who have a MC Lunch pass, MUST go to the cafeteria FIRST to buy their lunch then come to the media center.
  3. Students can only eat on the tile floor in the café section. As soon as they are done eating, they are being asked to move onto the media center floor to allow other students who still need to eat.
And due to current environment and restrictions, we will be strictly monitoring the number of students gathering in media center before school, during lunch, and after school in an effort to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and group limitations. 

If I can offer my support and guidance in any way, shape, or form, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email, or directly at 547-8367. Please check out my media center web page for additional information and resources that will help your student with this school year and beyond.
Senior Information
ATTENTION SENIORS! The deadline to have your senior portraits in the yearbook is Sept. 21. You must contact leonards.com or call (904) 209-3300 to book your appointment.

SENIOR PARENTS! The Class of 2021 will be an unforgettable one. Make sure you capture the year with a yearbook order and a senior ad! Go to yearbookordercenter.com and enter code 15476 to purchase and design your senior ad. Prices are at their lowest of the year!

Seniors, join the Class of 2021 Schoology group for easy access to senior class information. The Schoology access code is: 7XDP-72VH-Q9CMH
Student Life
Week at a Glance
Monday, September 21st - Green Day - periods 1, 3, 5 & 7
  • 8:45am - National Honor Society Club Meeting in auditorium
  • AWAY: 4pm - Boys Golf vs Bartram Trail HS at PVIC Lagoon
  • AWAY: 6pm - Volleyball at St Augustine

Tuesday, September 22nd - Gold Day - periods 2, 4, 6 & 7
  • 8:45am - National Honor Society Meeting in auditorium
  • 10am - IB Booster Club meeting in MC146
  • 4pm - NHS Club Meeting in MC 146
  • HOME: 4pm - Boys Golf vs PVHS at Palencia
  • HOME: 6pm - Volleyball vs Yulee

Wednesday, September 23rd- ALL periods - 1, 3, 5, EXCEL Time, 2, 4, 6, 7
  • Boys Golf SJC Championship at Slammer & Squire
  • EXCEL Time - Club Expo
  • EXCEL A - National Honor Society Mtg - new candidates
  • AWAY: 4:30pm - Girls Golf vs Buchholz at Hail Plantation

Thursday, September 24th - Gold Day - periods 2, 4, 6 & 7
  • Boys Golf SJC Championship at Slammer & Squire
  • During lunches - IB Social behind Panther Hall
  • 4:30-5:30pm - AP/IB Testing for Distrance Learners in auditorium
  • AWAY: 5:30pm - Volleyball at Ponte Vedra HS
  • AWAY: 6pm - JV Football at Orange Park
  • HOME: 4:30pm - Girls Golf vs Bartram Trail at Palencia

Friday, September 25th - Green Day - periods 1, 3, 5 & 7
  • 4:30-5:30pm - AP/IB Testing for Distance Learners in auditorium
  • HOME: 7pm - V Footbal vs Yulee

Saturday, September 26th
  • 8:30am - 1:30pm - PTSO Mock ACT in auditorium
  • JROTC Triathlon in Cairo, GA
  • noon - Band competition at stadium
  • 5pm - Girls Cross Country - Katie Caples Invitational at Bishop Kenny