Wednesday, August 27, 2020
Message from Mrs. Kunze
Nease Families,
Tomorrow morning from 8am to 11:30am, during the District's Open House time, you may view a short presentation from each teacher introducing themselves and information about their course. The presentations can be found in Schoology in the General Information Folder for each class. All students should have access to their courses in Schoology tomorrow morning. Teachers will be available from 8am to 11:30am tomorrow to answer questions that you may have via email.

For more information regarding how to use Schoology, please visit the District website at

Students can access Schoology using the Links page on the Nease website.
Students log in with the same credentials as HAC.

Below is a guide for those who selected Distance Learning. You can also print this guide using link below.
I apologize for placing the old bell schedule without lunches in last week's Panther Press. Below is the schedule with lunches. You can also print the bell schedule using the link below.