Thursday, May 21, 2020
Senior Parade & Graduation
Only one day until graduation day! How exciting! We have just a few last minute reminders about the graduation ceremony and parade. Please encourage your child to participate in the fun! This day is to celebrate them and they will not want to miss out!

Virtual Graduation
Our graduation will be streamed at 7pm on Friday, May 22nd. The link to view is posted below, on the Nease homepage, and the District homepage. Helpful hint: You will want to log in at 7pm otherwise you will miss the beginning and you will have to wait until the ceremony ends to replay. The link will be active for an entire year, so if you or family can not view tomorrow at 7pm don't worry.

PLEASE continue to watch the ceremony after I present the Class of 2020 for a video created by
Mr. Cooler and a few senior WIRED students.

Also, please don't forget to mark your calendar for our Aloha Walk on Friday, June 26th. I will send more information later.

The Senior Parade is tomorrow starting at 4pm!
The faculty and staff want to see seniors to celebrate them and say good-bye! The teachers look forward to graduation, so they have a few minutes to give those final congratulations and words of wisdom. The teachers and staff are seeking some closure to this unique school year. They so miss their students and want to celebrate!

Just in case you don't read all the frequently asked questions below, there are a few items items that I must remind you about for this event.
  1. A parent or adult should drive. We want the seniors to be looking out the windows, have heads out of sunroofs, interacting with teachers and each other and this can not happen if they are driving. We want the seniors to have fun and be involved in the parade and worried about the car in front of them.
  2. For this event to be approved by the district, we had to state that there would not be any students/parents/adults other than school board employees exiting their vehicle on campus. PLEASE remain in your vehicle throughout the parade.
  3. To aid the flow of traffic, we are suggesting that you enter Ray Road from US1 instead of Old Dixie.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the moms who are organizing this fun celebration for our seniors - Tammy McClafferty, Kristy Siebert, Lisa Simon, Jill Thompson, and Kelly Yelvington! Also, special thanks to Nease teachers Amy Case & Justin Cooler.
If you have any questions about the parade, please email Jill Thompson at

1. Who is this for?
Seniors and their families. It would be great if a parent drives, so the senior can enjoy interacting (from the car) with the Nease staff as they drive the parade route.

2. What if we want to bring more family members than will fit in our vehicle?
Feel free to caravan with multiple cars and ride through the parade together.

3. What time should we arrive?
The parade will begin at 4pm. Please be patient and enjoy the time in line as an opportunity to look around at your classmates in the vehicles around you. Check out their decorations and plans for the future. Feel free to yell out the window and congratulate your friends and classmates.

4. How can we prepare?
Grads, please wear your caps and gowns! Please decorate your vehicles with car chalk, washable paint, streamers, balloons and car flags. Let this be your opportunity to show others what you will do after high school and your favorite memories from Nease.

5. Can we decorate once we arrive?
If you need to add some last minute items please take the opportunity to add those at a nearby parking lot or neighborhood, not at the high school. No one is allowed to exit their vehicle on campus.

6. Can friends and family line the route to watch the parade?
Students and/or family members may NOT be out of their vehicles on school property.

7. Who will be cheering us on if no one can get out of their vehicles?
Nease faculty and staff will be lining the parade route to cheer on and celebrate the graduates. Please also cheer on and celebrate each other from your vehicles as you ride through the parade route and see your fellow graduates.

8. I’m not really sure I want to participate in this event, why should I come?
I, personally, would love to congratulate each of you. I know there are many teachers and staff members that are looking forward to seeing you one last time. We also have some fun decorations planned to try and make this special for you and your families. If you can’t walk across a stage at least you can drive through your own special parade.

9.How should I enter campus to start the parade. The parade will enter through the student parking lot gate closest to the health clinic. We think i t will be easier for traffic to flow, if you entered Ray Road from US1 and not Old Dixie.

10.Will we receive a graduation program? Yes, at the end of the parade route, you will be given a program

CONGRATULATIONS Class of 2020!!! You have so much to be proud of!!! We celebrate you!