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This week Mr. Cooler asked me to post WIRED episodes on Schoology. I am sending this special edition of the Panther Press just in case your senior didn't see them. Mr. Cooler and his WIRED students have spent a lot of time preparing. Hope your senior enjoys! Mrs. Kunze
What is up Panthers!

We have a couple days of special Remote WIRED Shows planed for you this week to celebrate the seniors of Wired. If you are looking for something to do or watch, take a break from Netflix and check out our extra-long Wired senior shows. They  include senior reflections and never before seen projects. Hope you enjoy!
Up First is the Seniors of First Period:      https://vimeo.com/417769207/6835187dcb

Mr. Cooler

As promised here is another installment of Wired’s Senior Shows for your evening enjoyment. Here is 2nd (and a guest from 7 th )Period’s show! We are getting these episodes as long as Netflix shows!

 Mr. Cooler.

Cooler here again, we have two more senior shows coming at you and this evening’s offering is Period 3! This show also includes a capstone project at the end produced by the sophomores Hannah Olive, Danielle Lacey, and Kaitlyn Eskusche that has some wired and non-wired seniors reflecting on their time at Nease and as a high school student. It is worth a watch. That being said the show is a whopping 30 minutes. Hope you enjoy and look forward to our final show of the year tomorrow!

Hey Panthers!

Here is the last Wired show of the year! This is a combo 6 th  and 4 th  Period show. The show opens with a Wired Year recap from Abbey Bighouse; which is a great reminder that no matter how the year ended, we still had three amazing quarters of incredible Wired memories. We look forward to seeing you all next year microphones in hand and even if you aren’t in the Wired class you can still be a part of our show just come by the studio! From all of us at Wired we will miss you Seniors and we look forward to seeing all you underclassmen next year! Have a fantastic summer!

Mr. Cooler