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San Joaquin Memorial High School
As we approach the beginning of our new school year on August 5, we wish to update you on the path forward from COVID-19 for San Joaquin Memorial High School.

Head of School Mr. Michael C. Burke has written a white paper detailing safety
precautions that will be undertaken as well as new and innovative programs scheduled to launch this Fall.

The safety and educational advancement of our students is our priority now and always. We are dedicated to making this Fall a great experience.
The Path Forward from Covid-19

As we move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many things we need to consider for the future of San Joaquin Memorial High School. First let’s look at our position in the educational landscape of the Central Valley. San Joaquin Memorial has been educating students since 1945 and has been a vibrant player in the Central Valley community. Our school is owned and administered by the Diocese of Fresno; however the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of the Holy Cross have played instrumental roles throughout our history.

We are proud to recognize our role as the only Catholic high school serving the Fresno community. This is a responsibility in which we take great pride as an institution. It is our privilege and responsibility to educate all students in the valley who wish to receive a Catholic high school education. This commitment addresses the need to serve a diverse population in every way. It is in our diversity that we gain great strength, courage and the ability to persevere during these challenging times.

Throughout this crisis, which began for our school on Monday, March 16, we were able to pivot and quickly convert face-to-face classroom instruction to a virtual learning environment. The reviews from our school community have been excellent.

Even though we have been operating remotely, the amount of interest from families to enroll their students for the 2020/21 school year has remained constant. This is a testament to the interest that Central Valley families have in receiving a quality Catholic high school experience for their children. We continue to field calls and conduct online discussions with prospective families for the upcoming school year.

There are many questions yet to be answered about how schools will move forward from COVID-19. San Joaquin Memorial is embracing the vision of being the most innovative high school in the Central Valley; all of this set within a holistic experience. When we talk about innovation it is not limited just to technology; there are many more avenues through which to be innovative. Within the confines of this paper, I will lay out the ways in which Memorial exemplifies an innovative educational institution while providing a complete high school experience for our young people. ( click here to view more information )

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