It is with great pride and enthusiasm that the San Joaquin Memorial High School administration and faculty have named Joanie Hathaway as the Lasallian Educator of the Year for 2019-20, according to Michele Sani, Assistant Head of School for Academics.

“The Lasallian Educator of the Year Award recognizes members of San Joaquin Memorial who are devoted to the Lasallian educational mission,” said Mrs. Sani. “Ms. Hathaway has shown enthusiasm in academic development, delivery of various teaching methods and a zeal for teaching. Her devotion to each student’s pursuit of excellence and her contributions to the mission of SJM are evident. She has served and contributed to the core values of the Lasallian educational tradition and mission. On behalf of the administration and the entire faculty, we are proud to honor her with this award.”  

Fellow colleagues nominated Hathaway for this special honor, and the following are some of the comments they shared. “ Joanie is a wonderful teacher and is always looking for ways to get her students more involved with the school and with the arts. She is a very kind and prayerful person who tries to make the kids work to their potential. She is strict but kind, and rigorous but compassionate, to the needs of her students.”

Another teacher commented, “All the way for Hathaway.... Joanie is amazing! Since she came to Memorial she has been 'all in' for Memorial. She has worked tirelessly in the Art Dept. by getting students involved in the local Art Hop shows; she is diligent in upholding student accountability; she participates in staff socials and the types of festivities that promote community; she is a woman of faith who lives the mission SJM is founded on....Oh, and she has rocked the yearbook and brought a surge of new life and energy to it. Joanie rallies her students and you see them enthusiastically investing in their projects.”

“Joanie is a dynamic, creative, passionate teacher who adores her students,” shared another colleague. “She generously gives of her time, patience and innovation to support their success. She also makes time to be there for her peers - to listen, pray, or laugh with. Her faith and resilience are an inspiration to us all. She has been outstanding in her contributions to our school’s ambiance, such as with the rock wall and murals; and tirelessly, cleverly and enthusiastically promotes the Yearbook with memorable creativity. She is unafraid to speak out and ask questions, but always does so with diplomacy and compassion.”

Congratulations Ms. Hathaway on this tremendous honor!