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Welcome to the December Issue of Key Insights Newsletter. 

My father, Federico Padovan, moved our family (including grandparents) here in 1973. I was raised  on the Island, before briefly leaving to earn a BFA degree at NYU. But my heart never left Key Biscayne. So I returned to my Island Paradise home where I am raising 4th generation Key Biscayners with my husband Donnie Hall. 

As a life-long resident and Realtor on Key Biscayne, I love sharing upcoming events and Interesting activities offered around our community for the residents and frequent visitors of our Island  Paradise and beyond. 

This issue is chock-full of many great events happening in December, including a detailed guide to ART BASEL 2016 and a excellent list of where to celebrate New Year's Eve 2017!

We also have three very lovely contributors adding their Insights as well!
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Wishing you and yours very Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2017 celebration!!!

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Art Basel 2016 Guide!!! 

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Holiday Pampering at Ceci Spa!!!

Treat yourself to a relaxed deserve it! Our casual yet professional salon will make your Holiday stress fade away. And we offer Gift Certificates so that you can give the gift of bliss to anyone on your list!
235 Crandon Boulevard (Inside of Key Colony), Key Biscayne

Tis the season...
To put your home on the market!

That's right! With the coming of the holiday season to all, in South Florida so come potential buyers. While winter in most parts of the world means frigid cold nights, we in South Florida enjoy wonderful weather that allows us to play on the beaches by day and party through the nights with a plethora of entertainment options. 

"High Season" as it is often called, runs from January to April and it's when hotel rates climb and restaurants and beaches get crowded. Each year the season seems to get started earlier than the previous year and 2016-17 season is starting off on Dec.1st with Art Basel and here locally on Key Biscayne we kickoff the season with Winterfest Eve on Saturday, December 3rd. So get ready, because here come the snow birds, vacationers and travelers. They are coming in by the millions to South Florida!

With all these people in town it's a great time to showcase your home. Put it on the market and take advantage of all the potential buyers. Or rent it out short term to make top dollar rental income! And if you are considering buying, selling or renting, look no further than Padovan Realty. This family owned, full-service Residential Real Estate firm was established in 1991 making them the most experienced boutique Real Estate Firm on Key Biscayne. 

Contact Paola Padovan, e-PRO, CHLMS today to get your free Comparative Market Analysis and/or a list of what is available for rent or sale. Paola has been serving her community for over 25 years and she is ready to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Call Paola at 305 915-4044 or visit

Everyone is invited to the
Join members of the Coral Gables City Commission for the lighting of the Holiday Tree.
Friday, December 2, 2016, 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 
at City Hall - Merrick Park, 405 Biltmore Way 
Tree Lighting at 7 pm
Photos with Santa will begin soon after Santa's sensational arrival and the lighting of the holiday tree.
-Food, carnival rides and games
-Face painting
-Arts & crafts
-Bounce house
-Musical entertainment
Santa will keep coming back to Merrick Park for more photos on Thursdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Weekends from 12 Noon to 10 p.m. until December 23, 2016. The week of December 19 to 23 (that week only, Monday - Friday), Santa will be at the park from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Photos are $6 each, full color and framed in a postcard. 
Following the Tree Lighting Spectacular, the park will be open for general use Monday through Sunday from sunrise to 10:00 p.m. until December 23. 

Village Green  400 Crandon Blvd
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Saturday, December 3, 2016   6PM-10PM
Winterfest Eve  kicks off the festivities and sets the tone with music presentations featuring a jazz-oriented ensemble. An array of local choirs, bands and dance groups add to the entertainment throughout the festival, providing the perfect complement to the host of activities for kids and food concessions provided by local restaurants.

Sunday, December 4, 2016  4PM-7:30PM
Winterfest on Sunday is the grand finale setting the stage for the arrival of Santa at 4:30 PM and the climactic tree lighting at 6:15 PM.  An array of local choirs, bands and dance groups add to the entertainment throughout the festival, providing the perfect compliment to the host of activities for kids and food concessions by local restaurants.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016   7-9AM
The FAIRWAYS at Crandon Golf
6700 Crandon Boulevard 
Key Biscayne, FL
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305-915-4044 or  


Key Biscayne  "LIGHTS ON THE BAY"
DECEMBER 10, 2016
6pm - 8:30pm
"No Name Harbor" 
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park 
1200 Crandon Boulevard 
Key Biscayne, FL 33149 

Celebrate the holiday season by watching the parade of creatively lit boats.  Admission is free  & open to the Public

Flying High for Haiti Fundraiser!!!

Occurring every Second Saturday of every month between the hours of 6pm to 10pm and extending throughout the night, this monthly happening features openings at Art Galleries, Art Institutions, and Retail Businesses. Thousands of people crowd the streets to have a great night out and enjoy the Miami Art Scene. Join this festive and lively evening happening each month! 



Check out a great list of fabulous NYE 
events happening all over Miami!

'Tis the season for giving!
The Key Biscayne Yacht Cub is an official drop-off location for Toys For Tots.
Please drop off NEW unwrapped toys to 180 Harbor Drive
Tuesday - Saturday from 9am to 5pm
Please help make the Holidays happy for many less fortunate children!

Toys For Tots is a Top-Rated Charity 
Over 97% of your donations goes to our mission of providing toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children. 
Less than 3% is spent on fundraising and overhead.  
The U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is directed by the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, with the assistance of his staff, from the Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana.

By Paola Padovan, e-PRO, CLHMS
"...With Prince's death I thought of a SUPERSTAR that I DID indeed have to privilege to not only meet, but also sell her a beautiful condo in Aventura.
 The only problem is that, at the time, I did not know who she was..."
Every Parent Should Read This Book!
Most parents will do just about anything to secure happy lives and bright futures for their kids. Add in competition with other parents and near-constant pressure, their drive to give their kids the best of everything can backfire, setting back the child  and  the household finances. 

LAST 2016 DATE: December 30th
Domino Plaza, at SW 15th Ave & 8th St.
Join us in celebrating Viernes Cultural/Cultural Friday. Little Havana's popular art and culture festival is a great event for the whole family. Enjoy music and discover works by local artists and artisans in and around our iconic Domino Plaza on SW 8th Street and SW 15th Avenue, and behold contemporary and historic artworks at our many fine art galleries along Calle Ocho. Finish off your fabulous Friday night by savoring a delicious dinner at one of our various restaurants, boasting cuisine from all over the world. Come dance, eat, shop and enjoy a delightful evening in Little Havana!

The City of Miami takes you for free in the Miami Trolley leaving from Mary Brickell Village & the Brickell Metrorail/Metromover Station to the heart of the Viernes Culturales festival every 15 min., from 6:30pm on!


Divorce brings different feelings during the holiday season. While many people are celebrating with their families, others are mourning the "family that was." Children of divorce may also experience a great deal of stress at this time of year.  They no longer have the family traditions that they came to expect and enjoy. Parents be mindful of what your children are experiencing.  Here are a few ideas to help your children during the holidays:

1) Communicate with your spouse about holiday plans. If possible, be flexible. For example, if you have time sharing with your children the first week of winter break and the other parent has a vacation opportunity with extended family that week, are you able to switch weeks so your children can visit with their extended family? What is best for your children?

2) Establish new holiday traditions that your children will begin to associate with the "new normal."

3) Encourage your children to share their feelings about the holidays. If they are feeling sad or overwhelmed, have them speak to a therapist.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

By Dr. Ronda Fuchs
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Inner Universe
Raising the vibration of the planet 
One inspiration at a time

The Power of Intention Plus
The power of intention is no big secret. We've been taught that if we set our mind to something we are likely to attain what it is that we want. However, taking this a step further is more powerful than you think and can render results in a more expedient and effective way. Who's not up for that?

     In addition to intent, connection to the Divine or to something greater than ourselves generates feelings of faith which can be achieved through activities such as prayer and/or meditation. This connection makes us feel like the universe has our back and gives us a positive sense of security.

     Next is the step to take action. You can preach all day long about what you'd like to accomplish but if you don't take action in the direction of your goals then your intentions are nearly ideas you'll accomplish "some day." Think of taking action as the universe "meeting you halfway." Taking action tells your consciousness and the world that you're serious about what you'd like to achieve. Initially, the right action doesn't even matter. What matters is taking steps to show yourself and the world that you mean business beyond the dreamy jargon.

     Finally, alignment with your goal is imperative as it puts you in the same vibration as that of your final destination. Even if initially you have to pretend or "act as if," get into the feeling of your ultimate goal. For example, you cannot be complaining about how you never have any money if your dream is to be financially free or abundant. If your goal is to loose weight, then tell yourself how great it feels to maintain a healthy weight. In other words, the vibration must match in order to live and enjoy the results you desire so you don't send mixed signals that will reflect mixed results.

     With intention, connection, action and alignment (or ICAA) anything is possible and it all begins with you, which is more potent than any of the circumstances that surround you. May all your wishes come to fruition this holiday season and beyond.

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By Ana Tootle



Running for public office is a task and an endeavor that shifts the ground you stand on. It's a role that pushes you to your limit while casting a flashlight on your every move. I truly enjoyed the months of campaigning and getting to learn so much more about my community.
Those that step forward to serve in public office, generally do so to benefit their community. As someone that enjoys improving community and serving to impact in a large positive way, this seemed like the perfect experience to take on.

Honestly, I was scared with the idea of running for office. Though I had for years wanted to serve as a public servant, the overwhelming fear kept me away. That which scares us the most, may be the path we need to take.
Here is what I learned from being in "campaign" mode and how I can apply it to business and life.

1.  FEAR: There is a tremendous amount of fear when you step out of your comfort zone, walk into the unfamiliar and lose your footing over a new experience. Just like pitching a new client, or adding a new service to your business menu, there can be a great deal of scariness. When I teach or speak, I always mention "every time I have stepped into fear, the greatness within me has shined brighter".

BUSINESS LESSON: In life and in business it's necessary, for the growth of our soul, to do something that makes us uneasy. That "spot" is what reminds us of our unshakeable strength and persevering heart. Complacency may prevent us from connecting to our strength. Take a step in business that scares you. You'll push your business to the next level after consistent acts of fearless behavior. [Trust me].

2.   BE AUTHENTIC: Throughout the election, everyone had an opinion. It's similar to being pregnant and having maternal advice thrown at you by people never having carried a human. The best moments in the campaign were when I was my most authentic. Being myself, without any stringent filters, allowed me to connect with others in a stronger capacity and created concrete relationships.

BUSINESS LESSON: You'll get guidance, whether solicited or not, from everyone about your business. Listen and take notes as some points may be beneficial. However, stay connected to what makes you different, unique and to your true authenticity. We can edit components of who we are to serve our businesses better, but the beauty lies in maintaining a strong sense to our uniqueness. Just be your best you.

3. FANS, FOLLOWERS AND THE OTHERS: You meet people along the route of life and not everyone will like you. Once you comprehend this simple reality, you will be happier. As I was campaigning, one friend said "Violette, at the end of the day some people just won't like you...and there is nothing you can say or do to change it." Wise words which served as a grand reminder. As my kids say "haters gonna hate."

BUSINESS LESSON: His words offered me peace and calmness. In business you do your best, at the end of the day, some clients aren't going to be a good fit for you. If you feel you are doing your very best for a client, going above and beyond expectations, then perhaps it's just not a good fit. We don't need to fit perfectly with everyone. And that isok. There are enough perfect potential clients awaiting to find you.

4. THE NEGATIVE ONES: Throughout the campaign, a few people said some far out false tidbits about me. The rumors made their way around the community and back to me. At first it was comical until some started to believe the stories. My reputation is what apparently squashed the story from taking over. Albeit a bit too late perhaps, to win the election.

BUSINESS LESSON: Your reputation, your ethics and your integrity will outweigh the false stories some may share about your business. Keep your chin up, keep moving forward and do your best. Don't allow false stories to take you off your positive beat. This is where your brand and its power, live to share the reality of who you are.

5. EMBARRASSMENT SUBSIDES: When I lost the election, there was a deep sense of embarrassment and feeling of letting others down. The feelings are comparable to pitching a new client, falling flat on your face and then having to go back to your team to let them know you didn't land the new account. It's all very ego based in self-pity. [Yes, I went there...]

BUSINESS LESSON: After a big fall, life and business move on. When we have moments of failure or setbacks, everyone moves on to the next thing. We should too! The more we sit and lament and relive the "whys", the more we miss out on other opportunities waiting. We miss out on the joy of the present to serve as our next significant step.

The biggest lesson of all is to get back into the game of life and business. We take hits, we fall down and we embarrass ourselves. All of which helps us grow, develop and become stronger in our purpose and path. These are the stories that make us greater and help us live life in a more profound way. We need these moments to strengthen our footing and drive tomorrow's successes closer. Every set back involves great leaps forward. Great leaps forward come from practicing the smaller steps. There is greatness in a powerful stride. There is greatness in it all.

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By Violette de Ayala
Violette is a resident of Key Biscayne and the Founder of FemCity [a global online and local community for women entrepreneurs]. She is also a small business expert, writer and mother of three. A serial entrepreneur with 20-plus years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity. For more inspiration and business tips, visit and

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Big Thanks to
Ronda Fuchs
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Violette de Ayala
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I am very happy to announce that I have completed the requirements for the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation from the Institute for Home Luxury Marketing. Because I have documented performance in the top 10% of Residential Sales in my Market, I have further qualified for the Million Dollar Guild designation!


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DID YOU KNOW that the Village of Key Biscayne is a  certified acceptance facility for U.S. passport applications? 
 As a courtesy to our residents, this service is offered by the Parks and Recreation Department at the Community Center, located at 10 Village Green Way, second floor.
Rules, downloadable forms, fees, travel advisories and other information are available at the  U.S. State Department passport web page (CLICK HERE).  Please review this website to obtain all of the necessary information to complete your passport application.
For additional information or to make an appointment, call
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REALTORS® aren't just agents. They're professional members of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict code of ethics. This is the REALTOR® difference for home buyers!

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