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Bishop Selection
On Wednesday, November 4, at the University of St. Thomas, Archbishop Bernard Hebda completed the series of listening sessions he initiated in October. From our pov, the good news was that the Papal Nuncio's delegate from Washington DC, Monsignor Michael Morgan, was in attendance at the three listening sessions this past week.
Do you remember writing to the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², last year at this time about our need for good leadership? We like to think that our letters to him got his attention and he is following up. A google shows that Monsignor Morgan was appointed as the Papal Nuncio's secretary only recently.  The Catholic Spirit has more information on Monsignor Morgan's visit at
Archbishop Hebda began the session in the packed Woulfe auditorium at St. Thomas with a reminder that Canon Law gives lay people rights and responsibilities to speak up: Canon 212 gives us the right to bring our concerns to our bishops and also the responsibility to do so. He cited our faith and the unique experiences of lay people that make our input to the appointed leaders necessary for the mission of the Church. He ended the session by assuring us that our opinions will be taken seriously.  Be on the lookout for a summary of what the Archdiocesan leaders heard at the listening sessions in The Catholic Spirit,
We look upon the Archdiocesan response to the community in these listening sessions as a great step forward to having a Catholic community that is in communion, i.e., the members communicating with one another and with official leadership. Thanks to each of you who wrote for helping to make this happen.

If you were unable to attend a listening session, you may want to write to Archbishop Hebda with your views. You can address him:
Archbishop Bernard Hebda
226 Summit Avenue
St. Paul MN 55102
You could also email Fr. Charles Lachowitzer, Moderator of the Curia  at , or Tom Halden, Communications Director, at  They both assisted Archbishop Hebda at the listening sessions.
Renata's suggestion on the Bulletin Board below would be a good suggestion to pass on to the Archdiocesan leaders.
You are invited:
Council of the Baptized Forum, Tuesday, November 10, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 S. Snelling in St. Paul, 7-8 p.m. The topic this month is "Religious Liberty and the Right to Treat Somebody Badly" presented by Dan DeWan.  This is part of the continuing series exploring an ethics of citizenship for Catholics. Catholics who are U.S. citizens are asked to commit to two traditions, the Roman Catholic tradition and the Western democratic tradition. We are asking questions about the underlying values of these two traditions and whether they conflict. Do you feel a tension between your Catholicism and your citizenship? The U.S. Catholic bishops are currently concerned about religious liberty for Catholics. Dan will address this issue.
Bulletin Board
I attended the Pax Christi session and it was great.  Now if the input is just heeded! It would also be wonderful to have the new archbishop repeat the same schedule to discuss the hopes for the archdiocese.  THEN we would feel like church.
Renata Farrell
I am unable to attend the sessions listed---but have reflections I'd like to share.  If they are receiving written reflections---do you have the email and/or address where they can be sent? 
Thank you for assistance---and thank you for all you do Best,
Mickie Micklewright
(Thanks for the suggestions, Renata and Mickie. See above for the addresses.)
In Joyful Hope, the CCCR Board and Council of the Baptized