This short video, Papaw’s Workshop (below) by woodworker Richard McCormick’s daughter, photographer D’Ann Boal is exceptionally sweet. It embodies all we mean when we say, “Quality from Your Hand to Heirloom,” and more. A brief 1 minute and 23 seconds remind us to think about how we want to be remembered. Richard McCormick will be remembered by his children and their children for sharing his workshop and woodworking with his family and doing so in a way they cherish.

Once we knew of this video, we had to share it with you. Also, please look at the paring knife kit Tom Buhl recently built. He shares his paring knife project and is open about how some things just do not go as envisioned. What did James Krenov say, “’s how you recover from your mistakes”?

I am thankful, as well as educated by the photographs customers send of the tools and projects they create with Hock Tools. Randy Boden’s approach to his marking knife is different for me. As you probably know, I am much more a metal man than a woodworker. Randy’s marking knife hit that metal spot in me, as the handle he made is a magnet! As with Richard and Tom, Randy shares openly. Each of these woodworkers’ sharing is indeed a gift.

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.

Happy Holidays to you and to yours,