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Paper - Protein X-ray Crystallography and Drug Discovery - IUCr Request - Cryo-EM Lab Tool Kits - Events/Jobs/News
Paper - Protein X-ray Crystallography and Drug Discovery
Image Source: Maveyraud, et al. Protein X-ray Crystallography and Drug Discovery. Molecules 2020, 25, Issue 5 doi:10.3390/molecules25051030
This paper at Molecules by Laurent Maveyraud, et al., "reviews theoretical and practical aspects as well as the pros and cons of using X-ray crystallography in the drug discovery process."
There are many points covered including:

  • The workflow of a rational drug design project
  • How crystallographic fragment screening campaign process is "far more complicated because of the amount of data that is generated"
  • The importance of automation for both "crystal preparation and handling, and for computing tasks"
  • A brief discussion comparing other methods including serial Crystallography, cryo-EM, micro-ED, NMR, Neutron Crystallography
  • And more
Tools and Instruments For Your Research
No matter what your research method, we have the tools and instruments you need to conduct your work efficiently and successfully.
Request from IUCr - Modern Approaches and Tools for Teaching Crystallography
IUCr Acta Crystallographica Section E is soliciting manuscripts "that can be used as educational materials so that the younger generation may benefit from the knowledge and expertise of experienced crystallographers." They are particularly interested in "articles based on experiences of teaching crystallography online and of how best to use some of the facilities available to access diffraction equipment remotely."

Learn more about this opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with those just starting their journey in crystallography.
Popular Products - Cryo-EM Tool Kits
Are you thinking of using cryo-EM or are you already using it for your research? Have you looked at our cryo-EM tool kits?

We offer a range of cryo-EM tool kits including kits for those just starting out to those who are already using cryo-EM on a large scale. In addition, you can build your own cryo-EM tool kit.

These tool kits consist of the most commonly used tools and instruments for cryo-EM sample preparation and more.
Upcoming Events
At MiTeGen, we sponsor numerous events, conferences, workshops and symposiums throughout the year. These events include fields such as structural biology, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more. We believe in supporting researchers and our industry. Listed below are two upcoming events you might find interesting.
The ACA Annual Meeting will be held July 30th to August 5th. We are sponsoring this event. And join us August 4th at 3pm EST for our webinar on innovations in cryo-EM and crystallography.
Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) annual meeting is August 1st to the 5th. We will be exhibiting. Stop by our booth and learn about the latest innovations for microscopy.
Looking For More Events, Workshops and Conferences
If you are looking for more events visit our events page. It lists conferences, workshops, symposiums, user meetings and more.

Topics include structural biology, material science, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more.
Industry Resources and News
Here is a small selection of hand picked industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institutes Crystallization Center has been awarded a major grant by the NIH. A major goal of the five-year grant is to increase access to the state-of-the-art crystallization instrumentation and expertise to researchers from a wide array of laboratories in academic, non-profit, and government institutes, as well as industry users - Learn More
  • FragMAXapp - An advanced data analysis platform for the crystallographic fragment screening (CFS) method is available for users and other partners of MAX IV - Learn More
  • Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute Cryo-Electron Microscopy Center has expanded its services to further support industry, academic, government, and non-profit research institutes, by providing single-particle and microcrystal electron diffraction capabilities - Learn More
  • Human Technopole is offering up to 18 fully funded PhD fellowships to young scientists from the national and international community who wish to undertake a doctoral degree in Computational Biology, Genomics, Neurogenomics and Structural Biology - Learn More
  • Students, teachers, and other curious minds can step into a scientific imaging lab with a free online interactive developed by NIGMS and Scholastic - Learn More
  • Structures senior scientific editor, Mishtu Dey, is offering the opportunity to learn more about publishing in structure through a private meeting - Learn More
  • The ALS and the Users' Executive Committee would like to better understand the impact this past year’s restrictions had on its user community as well as seek suggestions on possible improvements that would facilitate future beamtime. Take their remote access survey - Learn More
  • Instruct-ERIC and iNEXT Discovery have announced the opening of a Joint Call for Access. This provides external researchers working on SARS-CoV-2 virus projects with greater access to samples, technology and equipment - Learn More
  • Oxford’s year of science dedicated to unmasking the virus behind COVID-19 and identifying possible treatments - Learn More
  • Advance Light Source has just released a poster explaining how their synchrotron light user facility works - Learn More
  • Do you take stunning microscopy images? Then enter ZEISS Microscopy 2021 image contest - Images can be taken with any ZEISS microscope (light, X-ray or electron microscope) - Learn More
  • New book release - Crystallography in material science by Susan Schorr and Claudia Weidenthaler. This work is a valuable resource on various techniques for crystal structure determinations in materials science - Learn More
  • Taiwan Light Source call for proposals. Deadline is August 15th - Learn More
  • Canadian Light Source call for proposals. Calls opens July 21st and have a call deadline of August 18th - Learn More
  • Advanced Light Source call for proposals. Deadline is September 1st - Learn More
Industry Jobs
Searching for a new job? Interested in knowing what positions labs and facilities are offering? Then visit our jobs board on which we list recent industry job offerings.

And remember, if you have an industry relevant job, we are happy to list it on our jobs board.
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