Paper Industry Commentary
February 2020
Coronavirus' Impact on China's Paper Industry Still Unknown

Any drop in Chinese paper production will result in a decrease in exports from countries that ship pulp or recovered papers to China, which relies heavily on raw material imports. In the interim, this could create opportunities for countries that sell finished paper products to China directly.
From Labor Strikes to Natural Disasters: How Disruptors Impact Pulp and Paper Supply Chains

Potential impacts of the recent Finnish paper workers' strike, at this point, are still speculative. However, we can use Fisher Solve Next data to analyze past disruptors and better understand how certain products and sectors of the industry manage everything from work stoppages to natural disasters to stifling government regulations.
S ustainability Trends: What's Driving the Anti-Plastics Movement

Plastics don’t biodegrade. They only break down, slowly, into smaller fragments called microplastics, which are making their way into our food chain and subsequently into our bodies. The health risks of microplastics are not fully understood, but anti-plastic sentiment is already pushing sustainability trends in packaging.
Wood Pulp is a Sustainable Cotton Replacement, but Is It Profitable?

The forest industry has a significant competitive advantage of being able to produce sustainable, stable quality raw material in bulk quantity year-round. This is something that could eventually pose a threat even to oil-based fibers and open an unprecedented profit opportunity for the industry. The drawback is that technology development is relatively slow.
F isher Solve Spotlight: Spain Facing Headwinds from Declining Population

Using Fisher Solve Next data analysis, we found Spain’s tissue business is in balance with its economy, but the country's recovery from the severe economic downturn has been slower than most of its peers in Europe. Tissue consumption has recovered, but the forecasted population decrease is troubling.  
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