Paper Industry Commentary
January 2020

The industry is complex and capital intense, with many factors impacting its various segments. As in other industries, PPI business leaders must rely on the ability to better understand and respond to the cyclical nature of the industry to make decisions that will lead to better profitability, shareholder value and longevity.

India is just the fifth-largest paper producing country in the world and accounts for only 4 percent of global paper production. Why?
Using  FisherSolve Next™  data and intelligence, we’ve pinpointed three factors to help explain why India hasn’t become a predominant power in the pulp and paper industry.

In North America, FBB production is nearly non-existent. Used in limited amounts, the North American FBB demand is fulfilled mostly by imports.
With the rest of the world showing a clear preference for FBB over SBS, why has North America not adopted it as the “go-to” for cartonboard? More importantly, will this change?

Indonesia’s paper industry has enjoyed rapid development over the past quarter-century. Using the  Fisher Solve  Next ™ digital platform, let’s take a deep dive into the current state of Indonesia’s pulp and paper sector.

Fisher International and Forest2Market CEO Pete Stewart forecasts the challenges and growth opportunities for the forest industries in the upcoming year, including the potential impact of the US-China trade deal on pulp prices around the globe.  
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