Paper Industry Commentary
October Newsletter

Tissue pulp prices reversed their climb at the end of 2018, and now the COVID-19 pandemic is reducing demand in grades other than tissue and packaging. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Turkish lira hit a record low versus the US dollar on August 6, 2020, as the virus crisis increased pressure on emerging market economies.

Renewed interest in fibers derived from natural cellulose (non-petrochemical) sources has seen demand for such fibers grow to 6 million tons per year currently, an approximate doubling of demand since 2000, according to Tecnon OrbiChem’s supply and demand data.

A global desire for advanced energy and consumer products derived from sustainable, renewable resources is driving new trends in the marketplace. Modern consumers are increasingly concerned about the implications of climate change and are demanding increased alignment between corporate, civic, and environmental goals that provide meaningful environmental outcomes.

Mirroring China’s larger economy, the country’s pulp and paper industry boomed from 2000 to 2018. While packaging production has remained stable over the last 18 months, total growth in the larger P&P segment has slowed since last year.

Understandably, global economic circumstances are at the forefront of daily business decisions right now—especially in the manufacturing sector, which oftentimes has a limited ability to quickly react to market signals.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government that aims to invest in nearly 70 countries and international organizations. The initiative is poised to boost international trade, and it has the potential to accelerate economic growth across Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Using a mix of trade data, automated vessel tracking, port ‘watching’ and ongoing field research, Wood Market Edge online allows subscribers to understand what is happening in the global trade today and to predict what will occur in coming months.

The push for a more sustainable planet continues to drive innovations in nearly every business sector across the globe, and the forest industry is helping to lead the way. We wanted to share a few of the most exciting developments in this monthly roundup of sustainability projects that are making headlines.
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