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July Newsletter

The push for a more sustainable planet continues to drive innovations in nearly every business sector across the globe, and the forest industry is helping to lead the way. We wanted to share a few of the most exciting developments in this monthly roundup of sustainability projects that are making headlines.

Pulp and paper professionals have been underserved by CRM (customer relationship management) suppliers. The loss in efficiency – to say nothing of the loss in sales and profitability – makes industrial CRMs a vitally important topic. New industrial systems, including Fisher Solve Next’s i CRM built specifically for the pulp and paper sector, are proving that high-quality marketplace data and tailored tools have dramatic effects on both efficiency and profitability.

The push for a more sustainable planet continued in June as both HP and Amazon announced major initiatives to cut down on the use of single-use plastics in their packaging efforts in favor of paper products. Amazon India announced  it had eliminated all single-use plastic in its packaging across fulfillment centers in the country, fulfilling a promises made in September 2019. Meanwhile,
said the company will eliminate 75% of single-use plastic packaging by 2025. 

The massive islands of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean have garnered extensive media attention over the past 18 months, heightening consumer awareness about the excessive plastic pollution both on land and sea. As governments respond by implementing bans on plastic, brand owners are substituting renewable materials for many types of plastic packaging.

The second and fifth largest global shipping conglomerates ( Mediterranean Shipping Company  [MSC] and  Hapag Lloyd ) announced separately that they will cease shipping recovered paper to China before the end of 2020. The move by the shipping lines is in response to Chinese laws introduced in late April that move China much closer to its stated aim of ending recovered paper imports entirely by the end of 2020.

Tissue has been an increasingly hot investment sector in China, driven by the rising wealth and changing consumer habits. Tissue is replacing cloth handkerchiefs and rags as China is gradually adopting Western living styles and increasing hygiene awareness.
This study shows how rapid the growth of tissue in China since 2010.

Three things power better decision making: data, analytics, and business skills. We suggest that attention to the process of data-driven decision making is one of the best investments a company can make. This article describes how data-driven decision making applies to suppliers to the pulp and paper industry.

There is growing sentiment that in order to combat climate change, we need more forest coverage to help absorb excess carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). The “default” position of many NGOs and much of the public is that, to accomplish this goal, we should just let trees grow in perpetuity, and we should never cut them. That’s  not a good idea  for a number of reasons but, more specifically related to climate change, it’s not the best way to maximize CO 2  sequestration.
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