Paper Industry Commentary
November Newsletter
Finnish Paper Mills Outperform Their EU Peers in Energy Efficiency

By: Pirita Huotari

The papermaking process and technology is uniform all over the world, so benchmarking against similar paper mills in other countries helps to identify areas of improvement and opportunity. Many paper mills have significant potential to improve their energy efficiency, and various small and large initiatives to reduce energy usage have been identified and implemented over the years by papermakers all over the world.
As Companies Abandon Work-From-Home Trend, Will Printing & Writing Bounce Back?

By: Joanna Wilhelm

The “work-from-home” trend that has spawned a ubiquitous acronym (WFH) and come to represent life in 2020 has been both a blessing and a curse. To be sure, the seamless technology that allowed many employees to work effectively in the safety of their own homes during the early stage “lockdown” of the COVID-19 pandemic was invaluable, as it helped to prevent the entire economy from grinding to a halt.
Post-COVID Changes in Caustic Soda Sector Impacting Trade Flows

By: Hira Saeed

Chlor-alkali is an industrial process widely used to produce chlorine, caustic soda, and other chlorine and sodium derived/based products. The pulp and paper industry, which accounts for 15% of the global caustic soda consumption, is the third-largest market for the chlor-alkali industry.
Does NY Plastic Bag Ban Open New Opportunities for Paper?

By: Savannah Franklin

In late October, New York reinstated a statewide plastic ban that prevents any business or reseller (specifically those required to collect sales tax) from distributing plastic carryout bags to customers unless the bags are exempt. Some exempt bags include produce bags, bags prepackaged for sale to a customer, and bags used solely to contain or wrap uncooked meat, fish, or poultry.
China Promotes Transition from Coal to Gas Power; How Will it Impact P&P?

By: Xia Min

Per recent information published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s (NCBI) National Library of Medicine, coal has been the essential fuel behind China's economic growth and the distribution of electricity access to its entire population.
Fisher's Matt Elhardt Featured in TAPPI's Inaugural Podcast

By: Fisher International

TAPPI’s Paper360Magazine announced in September the debut of a new monthly podcast series: Better Together: Conversations with Innovative Leaders. Hosted by Paper360o Editorial Director Jan Bottiglieri, Better Together offers engaging conversations with the most innovative leaders in the packaging, pulp, paper, tissue and converting industries through wide-ranging interviews on current topics relevant to listeners at every stage of their careers.
Bacardi, Delhaize & Domtar Introduce New Sustainable Packaging Efforts

By: Fisher International

In recent months, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for home deliveries has increased significantly. In order to continue to meet its ambitious sustainability targets, Delhaize worked in collaboration with DS Smith’s team of circular design experts to reimagine its e-commerce packaging and cut delivery volumes.
US Labor Market Flattening Amid Continued Uncertainty

By: Joe Clark

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) establishment survey showed non-farm employers added 661,000 jobs in September (well below the +894,000 expected). Also, July and August employment changes were revised up by a combined 145,000. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate (based upon the BLS’s household survey) receded (-0.5PP) to 7.9 percent under a combination of rising employment (+275,000) and shrinking labor force (-695,000); concurrently, the labor force participation rate retreated (-0.3PP) to 61.4 percent.
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