November 2021 | vol. iv, #11




In the midst of lockdowns, most retailers did away with printed flyers altogether, gradually reintroducing them as contact concerns lessened. But some retailers decided not to. Canac, a chain of 31 home improvement stores throughout Quebec, discontinued the paper permanently, relying instead on a website that makes it easy for customers to find and buy products online.

Pierre Laberge, president of Canac, confirms that this policy is not going to change. Canac’s switch is permanent.

Other dealers are coming to the same conclusion. Travis Nanninga, co-owner of Bulkley Valley Home Centre in Telkwa, B.C., pulled the print flyers early on in the pandemic. The company quickly moved to digital messaging for its flyers, hiring someone who could increase Bulkley Valley’s presence online.

The community appears to be getting the message. “It’s been going fairly well,” Nanninga admits. “Nobody’s asked us about whether we’re having a sale or not.” He also started hosting videos of the products and services available in the store personally. “We’ve actually had really good response. It’s the new way of doing things. People like to see people that they know in the ads.”

At Peavey Industries, based in Red Deer, its Peavey Mart stores will continue to issue paper flyers—but with some changes. Jest Sidloski, vice president of marketing, customer experience, and e-commerce, shared in a podcast from the Retail Council of Canada how his team has re-evaluated paper flyers.

Although Peavey discontinued print flyers during the worst of COVID, they’ve been brought back. “Over and over, the majority of Peavey Mart customers say they still prefer the paper flyers,” says Sidloski.

But they were reduced from 52 times a year to 36, and the page count was reduced as well. Digital flyers fill in for the other weeks. “We were able to take that paper flyer and add digital pages to it for online views.”




BMR Group has forged a sponsorship with the Ottawa Senators hockey team for the 2021-22 season. Now the green BMR logo appears right in the ice at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.

According to Julie Crevier, a spokesperson for BMR, the partnership with the Ottawa Senators is for the entire 2021-22 regular season, which runs to the end of April 2022. During that time, the BMR logo will remain on the ice at Canadian Tire Centre.

“When the Sens play locally, the logo will be seen on TV on all main sports channels broadcasting the matches,” Crevier said. “It is a great way for us to have our brand visible to Ontario communities.”

The promo is the latest move by BMR to build its presence outside its home province of Quebec. Back in July, Simon Gouin joined the group as senior director, business development, eastern Canada. He oversees the development of the dealer network in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes.




More than 500 participants from nearly 200 RONA affiliated stores are taking part in the second virtual RONA Buying Show organized by Lowe’s Canada. The event runs until Dec. 3.

During this time, dealers can discover new products and meet online experts. To give dealers more flexibility and a chance to make the most of the platform, and to allow them to focus on running their stores, the show has been divided into three events, each of them lasting either two or three weeks. Each event focuses on specific product categories: home décor, lumber and building materials, and seasonal and horticulture.

Participants have access to thematic conferences, presentations, and workshops. Exhibitors can use the show’s platform to upload pre-recorded videos and promotional materials to explain product features. The virtual show includes promotional offers and the option for dealers to plan virtual meetings with members of their dealer support team.



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