MAY, 2013
Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C  
Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C

April is here and this means that Spring is upon us! It is that time of year again to start doing some Spring Cleaning!


Take a look at our  A/C installation topic. Then give us a call or simply reply to our newsletter to schedule your cleaning,repairs or a/c install quote. Ask about our coupon for A/C whole house install this month.
Fun fact: 

The average human body releases enough heat in 30 min to boil a half- gallon of water.


We would like to start off this newsletter by sharing a wonderful thank you we received from Volunteers and Families in Transition VISTA Program that the BNI Wolf Pack participated in. We are extremely happy that we were able to be a part of this!
Featured In the Newsletter:

  Energy Star qualified central air conditioners provide a greater SEER rating

    which offers up to 15% more efficiency than other conventional models.



Central air conditioners come as a packaged unit or a split system unit. A packaged unit houses the evaporator coil, condenser and compressor in one container. You will see a package unit outside the structure on rooftops or concrete slabs. Air supply and return ducts come from indoors through an exterior wall or the roof connecting to the unit. This unit often is used in small commercial buildings and some homes. 


A split system unit teams up with a furnace adding one more component known as an air handler. The housing is constructed with the outside container holding the condenser and compressor, while one indoor container holds the evaporator coil. The air handler, in most cases is part of the furnace or heat pump, which transports the cool air through the duct system. 


Heating and cooling systems are balanced through the duct systems. Closing/covering vents disrupts the balance. This can build up pressure causing leakage thereby, reducing the amount of air circulating and could reduce the systems efficiency and comfort. 


Standard efficiency ratings allow you to compare the performance of different systems.  Furnaces use AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).  A central air conditioning systems efficiency measurement is referred to as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).  SEER considers the average energy used at various temperatures and humidity levels to determine a systems rating.  Heat pump units use SEER for cooling and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) for heating.


Paradigm's experience and licensed team can help you determined the unit that efficiently utilized your energy consumption. When retrofitting your home with air conditioning consider the air conditioner and furnace matched system, the heat pump and furnace matched system or the air conditioner and air handler matched system.   


ENERGY STAR is providing a program for mail-in rebates for the purchase and installation of high efficiency ENERGY STAR residential heating, cooling and water heating equipment when replacing existing equipment or for new construction.
To find out more about this rebate, click HERE!
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Home Cooling System Design Issues
Home Cooling System Design Issues
Check out a funny and entertaining video on how a heatng and cooling system design works.
CongratstowinnerCongrats To April's Winner!

A big congratulations to Shawn Goldthwaite for winning a gift certificate from our social media contest last month! Make sure to be social with us and be a part of our social media contests for a chance to win!

* Winners cannot be repeated within a one year period.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

MB Padfield is the runner up for Best Local Solo Performer! She will be performing at the Cinco de Mayo Celebration for Families In Transition.
When: May 2nd at 5:30 PM 
           Tickets call 641-9441 ext 242

onefundboston1One Fund Boston

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many victims of the horrific Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. We are grateful beyond words to all the first responders and law enforcement officials and agencies involved in the investigation.

If you would like to donate, please visit

2012 Business Leader of the Year Award

Steve Labbe presented Jack Solloway, founder/owner of Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services, his award for Business Leader winner for 2012! Congratulations Jack, Paradigm is extremely proud of you!

angieslistAngie's List Super Service Award!

Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C has been awarded the Super Service Award by Angie's List!

This exclusive recognition is given annually to approximately the top 5 percent of service companies who achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie's List through out the past year. 
We would like to thank everyone who reviewed our company allowing us the opportunity to receive this award!
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