BSB 173      J. Morris Hicks     (11-2-18)  
Paradise? It's by Invitation Only!

Last week's BSB focused on a "better" idea for the future of humanity - a "paradise" of sorts that will enable us to survive and thrive in a totally "green" habitat, one that will coexist in complete harmony with nature.

Notice all the farming plots and solar panels atop buildings in the rendering below.

That totally green habitat might look something like this.

Background. Six weeks ago, I posted the first BSB that focused on what I am calling a futuristic "green" region in the USA. I called that piece:

The "idea" came to me after concluding that it would be impossible for the world's almost 8 billion people, acting independently, to ever come remotely close to living in harmony with nature - even if everyone tried as hard as they could. 

It was that realization that led me to conclude that it was time to make things simple. Real simple.  What to do?

"Build it and they will come."  By designing and building a "Shangri-La" type of community that just happens to be totally green - people will have no trouble reaching a level of harmony with nature that the world hasn't seen for hundreds of years.

The "invited" residents will just work and live comfortably within the green habitat - one that will have been designed by the world's best "green living" experts. Within that habitat, there will be no temptations to live in any other way, since "non-green" choices will not exist. 

By Invitation Only?  You might be wondering about the process of "inviting" the first residents. Well, it all begins with folks who would very much like to live there.

So, as those interested future residents apply for residence, in so doing, they readily agree to comply with all of the lifestyle guidelines and policies that will be enforced.

Remember, all those policies are aimed at reaching a level of living in harmony with nature that will give humankind the best possible chance of surviving & thriving indefinitely as a species. 

But, in the beginning, some of those American Green Region Authority (AGRA) policies will not be popular among the majority of the population. So, people who don't like those policies, will not be among the first few million people who will want to move there.

Nothing but Veggies for this Happy Family of Three

For example, here are two AGRA policies that will not be eagerly embraced by most Americans at first - even though they are aimed squarely at the top two threats to our future as a species: animal agriculture and overpopulation.

1. All food options will be 100% plant-based.

2. Each couple is limited to having only one child.  

The first few million residents who receive invitations, will be people who already embrace these kinds of policies, because they understand that these powerful steps are essential to our longterm survival as a species.

Later, after tens of millions of people are homeless due to floods or climate change, these kinds of "rules" won't appear to be so extreme.

Back to the Big Picture. I envision that AGRA will manage the entire process over the first fifteen years, as follows:

First five years.  Millions of citizens will move into the first corridor, the one running from Atlanta to Los Angeles, to which I have given the acronym GRATOLA.

Second five years.  Future corridors will be designed, planned and built. I envision at least three additional corridors: NYC to Atlanta, Chicago to Dallas and Los Angeles to Seattle. 

Third five years. Tens of millions of new residents will be moving to one of the four green corridors each year. 

Eventually, up to 300 million residents will be living in those four interconnected corridors and will be able to travel rapidly and efficiently via HyperLoop trains. 

As explained in this 10-minute video, people could live and work hundreds of miles from their work - and still have less than a one-hour commute. 

Hyperloop Explained | The B1M
Hyperloop Explained | The B1M

Bottom Line. By mid-century, when the American Green Region is fully operational, it will be providing an amazingly comfortable, enjoyable and GREEN habitat for some 300 million people. And the total space required will be roughly equal to the state of Oregon.

By providing an operational "lifestyle model" for the rest of the world to follow, we'll be giving humankind a  legitimate chance at happy and fulfilling lives for the billions of children and grandchildren who follow us here on planet Earth.

What can you do? Live as green as possible while doing all that you can to raise the awareness of the "big picture" solutions that are needed. 

To that end, you can circulate my  One Creative "idea" article  among prominent journalists, thought leaders and/or elected officials that you respect. 

And if you know Elon Musk, would you kindly ask him to give me a call? He and I need to get together and talk about trains. 

After all, I began my career over fifty years ago - working (during college) in Atlanta for Southern Railway, now a part of Norfolk Southern

Until next time, just remember...

Humanity is on a collision course with Nature.
A damaged Nature will survive. We may not.
We must change course to avert an ecological disaster.

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