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8:20 pm

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Rabbi Olstein
Parasha Shiur
Wed 8:30pm (Hebrew)
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Rabbi Cohen
Chok L'Yisrael
Weekdays after Shacharit  


Men and Women 


Ner Foundation 

Rabbi Raccah
Wednesdays at 8:30pm

Topic: Misilat Yisharim

based upon Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh  




20 Chamesh Ta'aniyot

(14 sold - 4 left)

$10.00 each 


Chair Sponsors
(96 sold - 154 left)

$25.00 each


New Set of Artscroll Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi
($30.00 for Talmud Bavli

$35.00 for Talmud Yerushalmi) 


Siddurim Shaarim Ba'Tifilla

($15.00 each) 


Chumash w/simanim  

($20 each) 

20 New Talitot  

(4 sponsored - 16 left)

$75.00 each 



This Week at Ohel Shalom

Early Shabbat Minyan 
The early Friday Shabbat Minyan will BE"H meet this Friday, June 22nd, at 6:50 p.m in the Beit HaMidrash. Adjustments may be made in the start time in future weeks, so keep checking the weekly email.

Graduates Kiddush This Shabbat

This week's Kiddush is sponsored in honor of all the 2012 graduates of our Kehilla:  
Itamar Eliyahu David;
Leah Schlesinger;
Simcha Seruya
Moshe Seruya;
Naor Meir Teboul
8th Grade:
Naomi Moalem; Frieda Schlesinger
Teachers Institute:
Esther Elkaim; Nitzevet Pomerantz
David Elkaim
Medical School:
Yedidya Osborne

Additional Kiddush/Luncheon sponsorships in honor of the graduates was generously provided by Rabbi & Mrs. Avraham Schlesinger and Mr. & Mrs. Yeshaya Seruya.

We wish our graduates and their families a hearty Mazal Tov. May they and all the children of our Kehilla continue to grow and learn and become even closer to Hashem.

Sisterhood Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Shiur This Shabbat

The Women's Rosh Chodesh Shiur this month will be in conjunction with the "North of Touhy Women's Shiur". It will take place this Shabbat, June 23rd at 4:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Wendy Malkin, 2953 W. Birchwood, l'ilyui nishmat Chaya Rivka bat Gedalya Reuven Levi Mitchell, daughter of Jenny and David Nadoff for her 5th yahrzeit.  The speaker will be Mrs. Chani Friedman. 

Rav Mordechai Neugroschel to speak Monday at Ohel Shalom

BE"H this Monday June 25th at 8pm our Kehilla will be privileged to hear a Shiur by Rav Mordechai Neugroschel. Rav Neugroschel is one of the most sought after Arachim lecturers in Israel. His mesmerizing Shiurim are well renown. The Kehilla once had the honor of hosting Rav Neugroschel many years ago while we were still on Devon. 
   The shiur will BE"H be delivered in Hebrew in the Main Sanctuary, and is open to both men and women. The topic: The Proof of Emuna. Please do not miss this!

New Member to "Va'Ani Tifilah" Program for Older Boys 

 Mazal Tov to Adiel Eliyahu Seruya on being inducted into this special club. BE"H he will receive his Talit and certificate! Welcome and Tizke Li'Mitzvot. We are looking forward to much nachat from you! 

The Va'Ani Tifilah Program was started by Kehillah as an incentive for older boys to be more present and participatory during Tifilot on Shabat. If you have a son between 9 and Bar Mitzvah age who is willing to commit to remaining in the Main Sanctuary with his father from the time he arrives until the conclusion of the Tifilah, he could become part of this group. BE"H as an incentive to join and commit, the Kehilah will BE"H provide a new Talit to each boy who verbally commits directly to the Rabbi that he will BE"H remain in the Main Sanctuary with his father from the time he arrives until the conclusion of Tifilah. This must be done by the boy himself and not by a parent. Additionally, BE"H each child who joins this group will be publicly welcomed into the group and receive a certificate attesting to his commitment and his being a member of this group. Anyone who would like to become a sponsor of this wonderful new program, should contact the Rabbi.

Mazal Tov and BiSiman Tov
Mazal Tov to Shlomi and Tiffany Fedida upon the Birit Milah of their son Yisrael. May they merit to raise him to Torah, Chupah and Ma'asim Tovim!

The Kehilla extends its condolences to our good friend Doron Levi upon the passing of his father, Yosef ben Farcha HaLevi. May he know no more sorrow. Min HaShamayim Tinuchamu!
  Doron Levi was an integral part of the team that worked so diligently to affect the purchase, move and renovation of our new facility. Chazak U'Baruch!
  Doron learned recently that his father was a relative of Rav Yosef Chaim of Baghdad, the Ben Ish Chai!

Repeat of David Blatt's Shavuot Shiur 

David Blatt has graciously offered to repeat the shiur that he gave at Anshe Motele on Shavuot. The topic of the shiur is"Comparing Rav Kook and Rav Yosef Baer Soloveichik." The shiur will be given this Shabbat (June 23rd) after Kiddush in the Beit Knesset.
Cholim List

The policy of the Kehillah is to try and read the full Cholim List during the taking out of the Torah and the Shabbat Meal after Tehillim. Over the years the list had grown to unfortunately include dozens and dozens of unconfirmed names. Many of the names can't be traced or identified. Thus, it has been decided to start the list from scratch each month. If you have a Choleh you wish to have added to the list you MUST update us every month by a call or email to have the name added to the new list. If the member does not call to request the name once a month, then the name will come off the list. This is being implemented to prevent the very real Tircha DiTzibura (public inconvenience) caused by the lengthy unconfirmed list.
    Also, if your name is on another list for example at the Chicago Center for Torah and Chesed, then it does not have to be on his one.
   Please contact the office and give the names in monthly. Please do NOT leave the request in the Rabbi's voicemail boxes.  
Geshem Fund

There are many people in our community who are in very real need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, the list of families under massive financial stress is large and growing ... and very close to home. You probably know some of them. Please open your hearts and your wallets and make checks out to the order of GESHEM FUND and give to Rabbi Raccah or put in the mailbox of the office or the shul and Gila will give it to Rabbi Raccah.  As you thank Hashem for all that He has blessed you with, remember the less fortunate who are struggling and in desperate need of assistance. Thank you.

Kollel Korner of the Sephardic Community Kollel

Sephardic Community Kollel


Come learn with the Sephardic Community Kollel from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, Sunday through Thursday. Please contact the Kollel Coordinator, Rabbi Yosef Olstein to arrange a learning partner or to receive information about the Kollel and its programs. Rabbi Olstein can be reached at 773-338-8046 or by email at Sephardic Community Kollel   


Donations to the Kollel 

Donations can now be made to the Kollel via credit card. Please call the shul at 773-465-5274 or email the Kollel for details.


Halacha of the Week

Submitted by Rabbi Yaakov Azose

 Halacha Yomit


         Toys which Produce Sound and those  

          which Operate Using a Spring or Coil

Hagaon Harav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach adds that children may play with toy cars which operated using a spring or coil on Shabbat. Although there are those who rule stringently on this matter, Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef Shlit"a rules that halachically speaking, one may be lenient (as long as no sparks are produced as a result).  Based on the aforementioned prohibition to produce sound on Shabbat, one may not produce sound on Shabbat using a toy called "Miriam's Drum" which produces a musical sound merely by shaking it even without actually banging on it. This is tantamount to any other musical instrument.  Thus, it would seem that one may not hand this toy to his young children to play with on Shabbat; it will likewise be forbidden to hand a whistle to a young child to play with on Shabbat, since this action is forbidden on Shabbat and one must educate his children regarding Shabbat observance. (This is besides the fact that one may not permit his young child to perform a forbidden action on Shabbat, for we are commanded not to perform forbidden works on Shabbat even by use of our animals; certainly we may not do so through our children. This is stated explicitly in the Midrash. See Chazon Ovadia- Shabbat 3, page 101 and Shabbat 4, page 119.)    

Nevertheless, several luminaries of the past generation, including Hagaon Harav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (in his Minchat Shlomo, Part 1, Chapter 35) and Hagaon Harav Ben-Zion Abba Shaul (in his Or Le'Zion, Part 2, Chapter 26), have written that toys which do not produce actual musical tunes, such as a doll with a bell on it, a toy car which makes noise when it rides, or most other toys and games which do not produce a proper, pleasant musical tune and the intention of producing this sound is not to produce a tune, are not forbidden for use by our Sages. In any event, there is room for leniency here with regards to young children.    

 Question: Is it permissible for one to allow his young children to play with toys which produce sound, such as a doll which makes noise when shaken, on Shabbat?  

Answer: In the previous Halacha we have discussed the prohibition of producing sound on Shabbat, such as by banging on a board, blowing a whistle, and the like. Only sound produced by one's mouth, i.e. singing, is permissible on Shabbat.  
Clearly, anything which produces sound by means of electricity may not be used on Shabbat. Our discussion here involves objects which produce sound on their own, such as through a simple bell and the like, but not through electrical means.  
Summary: One may not give his child a musical instrument to play with on Shabbat, such as a drum, whistle, and the like. However, toys which do not produce a pleasant musical tune and only produce noise, such as toy cars which produce noise when they ride and dolls with bells on them, may be given to young children to play with on Shabbat (until the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah). There is likewise no prohibition of Muktzeh transgressed by passing these toys to children.


Machshava (Thought) of the Week 

By: Rabbi David Shamsi


                    Big Foot in Judaism

A young man once approached Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the last Hasidic Master of the Lubavitch Chasidic movement:  "Everywhere I go, everyone is always stepping on my feet!  What should I do?"  Rabbi Schneerson responded to him:  "Stop putting your feet everywhere!"
Usually when I smile at my baby she smiles back.  But once, I smiled at her when she was upside down and her reaction was completely different.  I realized that from her angle, it looked like I was frowning at her.  If everyone seems to be giving us a hard time, maybe it is really us who need the adjustment and not everyone else.  If everyone looks as scary and cruel as Big Foot to us, maybe it is really we who have the big feet.  May we all merit to wear smaller shoe sizes. 

               EVENTS CALENDAR

June 23rd - Parashat Korach --- Kiddush in honor of our graduates.

June 25th - Rav Mordechai Neugroschel to speak at Ohel Shalom at 8PM

July 25th - CRC Shaimos Geniza. A truck will be parked in the lot of HTC from 10am to 2 p.m.

August 4th - Bar Mitzvah of Ben Tzion Nehali.


August 26th -- Annual Phenomenal Picnic  

If you have a Simcha occurring within the next few months that you would like to have added to the calendar, please call the office at 773-465-5274 or email Mrs. Natan at the office.