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Parashat Re'eh/ Shabbat Mivorchim Elul 5773


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This Week at Ohel Shalom
State-funded Help for Mortgage Problems
Kollel Korner

Davening Times



Early Mincha 6:50 pm

Candle Lighting 7:48 pm

Mincha 7:58 pm

Shacharit 8:15 am

Shabbat Mincha 7:23 pm

Shabbat ends at 8:57 pm


Regular Weekdays 



7:45 am

Mon, Tues, Wed (Rosh Chodesh)

6:15 am


5:30 am (Silichot) 


5:45 am




7:54 p.m.


No Second Arvit

Kollel on Break

Regular Shiurim  



 Open Seder 



Rabbi Olstein
Parasha Shiur
Wed 8:30pm (Hebrew)
Thurs 8:00pm (English)

Rabbi Cohen
Chok L'Yisrael

after Shacharit 


Men and Women 


Ner Foundation 

Rabbi Raccah
Wednesdays at 8:30pm


Parashat HaShavua


The Rabbi's Parasha Shiur will BE"H resume on August 7th  




20 Chamesh Ta'aniyot

(14 sold - 4 left)

$10.00 each 


Chair Sponsors
(96 sold - 154 left)


New Set of Artscroll Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi
($30.00 for Talmud Bavli

$35.00 for Talmud Yerushalmi) 


Siddurim Shaarim Ba'Tifilla

($15.00 each) 


Chumash w/simanim  

($20 each) 

20 New Talitot  

(4 sponsored - 16 left)

$75.00 each 


This Week at Ohel Shalom

Shiva Information

The shul was saddened to learn about the petirah of Robert Dachman, father of Ephraim Dachman. Ephraim will be sitting shiva at the home of Leonard Dachman, 140 Manchester Drive, Apt. 202, Buffalo Grove and can be reached at 773-931-0643
Shiva hours:
Thursday, Aug. 1      9:00-9:00
Friday, Aug. 2           9:00-3:00
Sunday & Monday    9:00-9:00        

Mincha/Maariv          8:00 pm
May Ephraim be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim. 

Rosh Chodesh Elul and Silichot

Rosh Chodesh Elul will be BE"H Tuesday and Wednesday the 6th and 7th of August with Shacharit those days at 6:15 am. The new month will be blessed this Shabbat. Silichot will begin Thursday morning August 8th with shacharit beginning 45 minutes earlier than usual. While Silichot continue, Shacharit will be at 5:30 am on Mondays and Thursdays, at 5:45 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and at 7:00 am on Sunday. Please make note of the time changes. 

Kollel on Summer Break

Reminder that the Kollel is currently on summer break. Kollel will BE"H resume on the first night of Rosh Chodesh Elul, Tuesday night, August 6th. Remember that during this time, the 10 pm Arvit will not be taking place. Of course, you are still welcome to come and learn during this period. The Beit HaMidrash is always open!

Wednesday Night Shiur Hiatus

Rabbi Raccah's Wednesday night Shiur on Parashat HaShavu'ah will BE"H be on hiatus until Wednesday, Aug. 7th.

Help Needed Motzai Shabbat Before the Picnic

Help is needed to cut vegetables for the picnic on Motzai Shabbat, August 10th. Please contact Mrs. Leah Chana Zayan or the office to join the committee. Men and women are encourage to come help.


 Annual Picnic BE"H on August 11th 
picnic 2013 flyer  
Looking forward to seeing you there! Remember we will be at our new location - Hamlin Park with better facilities, including a covered picnic area and restrooms! 
For a printable version of this flyer, click here.  
State-funded Help for Mortgage Problems

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments or in danger of foreclosure, you may qualify for state assistance through the Illinois' Hardest Hit Program.  Illinois' Hardest Hit will contribute up to $35,000 towards your mortgage, roughly two years of payments, to qualified homeowners.  For more information go to or call 855-873-7405.
 The funds are there and there's no reason not to begin the process! People we know have already been approved for this amazing opportunity. Don't delay to check into this.

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? The State of Illinois is here to help you keep your home. Governor Pat Quinn's Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network is a free, one-stop resource that connects homeowners with important tools aimed at keeping them in their homes. Access counseling services, legal advice, mortgage payment assistance programs such as the Illinois Hardest Hit Program, foreclosure prevention events and tips on how to avoid mortgage fraud.

For more information, visit or call 1-855-KEEP-411 (toll-free).

The Illinois Hardest Hit Program offers help of up to $35,000 in mortgage payment assistance for homeowners faced with unemployment or underemployment. The last day to apply is September 30, so do not delay. Act now and keep your home!
The Geshem Fund

There are many people in our community who are in very real need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, the list of families under massive financial stress is large and growing ... and very close to home. You probably know some of them. The Geshem Fund does make a difference in combating the financial suffering of our friends. Please open your hearts and your wallets and make checks out to the order of GESHEM FUND and give to Rabbi Raccah or put in the mailbox of the office or the shul and Tamar will give it to Rabbi Raccah.  As you thank Hashem for all that He has blessed you with, remember the less fortunate who are struggling and in desperate need of assistance. Thank you.

Kollel Korner of the Sephardic Community Kollel

Sephardic Community Kollel


Come learn with the Sephardic Community Kollel from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, Sunday through Thursday. Please contact the Kollel Coordinator, Rabbi Yosef Olstein to arrange a learning partner or to receive information about the Kollel and its programs. Rabbi Olstein can be reached at 773-338-8046 or by email at Sephardic Community Kollel   


Donations to the Kollel 

Donations can now be made to the Kollel via credit card. Please call the shul at 773-465-5274 or email the Kollel for details.


Sponsor Learning in the Kollel


Our Rabbis tell us of the great power and merit associated with supporting Torah learning. To that end, consider sponsoring a night, a week or a month of learning in the Kollel. Examples of sponsorship purposes include: in memory of a deceased loved one for their Azkarah, to merit a Rifuah Shilamah, or to honor a loved one or friend. In addition to the great merit of supporting Torah in our community, your sponsorship will be marked with printed pages noting the intent of your support that are placed in stands on the tables in the Beit HaMidrash for the duration of your sponsorship period. 


Here are the costs for the various sponsorships:

A night of learning -  $52

A week of learning -  $100

A month of learning - $400   


  Halacha of the Week and Machshava of the Week will resume after Kollel comes back from break following Rosh Chodesh Elul


August 11 - Annual Picnic at Hamlin Park, Skokie

August 17 - Bar Mitzva of Yitzchak Nadoff
If you have a Simcha occurring within the next few months that you would like to have added to the calendar, please call the office at 773-465-5274 or email the office with the link provided in the sidebar at the top of the email.