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Parekh Bugbee Mother's Day
Textile Trunk Show
Saturday, May 4

Indian Textile Designer,
Payal Parekh Bugbee

Saturday, May 4, 2019
12:00 - 5:00 pm

KOBO Gallery (at Higo)

Payal Parekh Bugbee, a second generation Indian textile designer will be on hand as we showcase a new selection of exquisite hand screened hand-blocked and woven textiles for the home and spring scarves at KOBO Gallery in Japantown.

We are excited to have Payal join us to share her vast knowledge of textiles in India and talk about her family's work in preserving Indian textile traditions.

How to wear a scarf with Parekh Bugbee videos:

How to tie a square or rectangular scarf to create a weave knot

How to tie and wear a square silk scarf as a shoulder shrug

"I always had a gut feeling at a very early age that I was destined to carry forward what my father had created..."

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