Special Reminder & Invitation from the
Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County
Dear Parents, Families, Teachers, Educators, & Community Members,

You're invited to join a special online Parent Cafe discussion tomorrow @ 6pm! This will be a virtual opportunity via GoToWebinar. If you haven't already registered, be sure to do so now (and/or join our Facebook event , too)

This month, we are taking this Parent Cafe opportunity to expand the target audience of our Summer Parent Club initiative all about the "Transition-to-Kindergarten!" Join in this live discussion on the many transitions children experience as they grow and learn.

Parents and caregivers will learn about resources when transitioning children from preschool programs to kindergarten including what families need to know, what teachers need to know, and support for children with special needs.

The session will include an overview of the developmentally appropriate skills needed for the start of kindergarten, as well as, specific tools to use during the transition process. We welcome our child care providers and teachers to join in on this important topic as well.


All of Us @ The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County
Parent Cafe | Getting Off To A Good Start
Resources and Considerations for
Preschool to Kindergarten Transition
Wednesday, June 24, 2020 @ 6 - 7 PM