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Please notify us if you are no longer the Parent Contact at your EI program! Email us at Thanks!

September 3, 2015

Did you know...the EIPLP has been trying to reach you? We are putting  together a resource book for Parent Contacts, and want to be sure we send them to the right place! If you have not already confirmed your mailing information and status as a Parent Contact with Liz Cox, please do so by emailing or calling her at 413.586.7525 x 5863116.

Did you know...
NCSEAM Family Surveys will be distributed to families in October? You and other families in your EI Program may be asked to fill out this survey if you have been in the program at least 6 months and did not receive a family survey in March. It informs the Department of Public Health (DPH) on how your program is providing you information about 3 key areas which are:
  1. Families know their rights and advocate effectively for their child
  2. Families understand their child's strengths, abilities, and special needs
  3. Families help their child develop and learn
The questions asked on this survey provide the needed information for the DPH to report on these three indicators to the US Department of Education. To learn more, we have an FAQ on the NCSEAM Family Survey available on our website at .
Click on this box for VIDEO to learn more about NCSEAM Family Survey!

Did you know...
the Department of Public Health (DPH) is currently recruiting family members of children, who will be graduating, or have graduated from Early Intervention, to participate in the onsite monitoring process? Family members must commit to an orientation training which will be held this fall. An onsite visit consists of two full day's onsite at an EI program to gather specific program information as part of a team. The team consists of a parent (training provided), DPH Regional Specialists and an Onsite Monitoring Facilitator. Most program assignments are within your region but will not be the program that you graduated from or any program you were involved with. For more information on this opportunity, to find out how you can be involved or to learn about the reimbursement structure, please contact Faith Bombardier at 413.586.7525 x 5863119 or .

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