Dear MLWS community, 

We have been thinking about all of you in these challenging days. As we all feel the absence of our physical friendships, warm learning environment and communal rhythms, we can find beauty in other kinds of opportunities held in nature, family time and gratitude for the community we hold so dear.  

We are inviting our families- full of heart and creativity, to join (if you have not already) the urgent movement to sew masks for local first-responders, essential workers, and especially the front-line nurses and doctors and hospital workers. Working with the momentum and organization of Circle Creative Collective ( )   we are asking our families (and their families and friends) to sew, donate or anything else for this project. 

The masks are made with a simple pattern and basic sewing supplies.   This   and  this   are very good video tutorials for construction (the first one is wonderful for personal use if you want to make masks for your family, neighbors and friends and the second is a quick and standardized model for optimal distribution ). If you do not have fabric, we can try to help to get you a kit. There is a drop off box outside of MLWS and the masks will then be sterilized and distributed to those who need them. If you cannot sew, consider donating,   buying a home made mask   or passing along the word. Please take pictures of your masks and post to Instagram using #mountainlaurel. This is a great project to involve kids as well.

We truly wish we were all stitching and drinking tea together around a big table. However, having a shared project will help us to think of one another, those in our community, and the strong history of 'making' in times of grief and necessity.

Wishing all of you peace and well-being. Stay tuned for other Parent Council community projects coming soon. And, as always, feel free to reach out. 

In community, 

MLWS Parent Council