Put it into Practice: Talking to Our Children and Communities About Racism and Inequity

Thursday, January 28, 2021
Facilitator: Bryan Susman Oren, Consultant for Equitable Jewish Education
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In this workshop open to all Senesh parents, we will explore how to engage in conversations about racism and inequity with our children and in our communities. First, we will develop a shared language by unpacking definitions of racism, equity, bias, privilege, and more; then, we will break into groups and practice navigating these discussions with our fellow Hannah Senesh parents. 
While this workshop will be practice-heavy, rest assured we will create a safe space where you can begin to develop some authority and comfort when talking about these issues. As we move through the workshop, we will consider the goals we have for these conversations and reflect together on strategies we might use when difficulties arise. 
Panel Discussion: Talking to Kids About Race

Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Join Repair the World for a Multiracial Panel of Jewish Parents on Talking to Kids about Race. The panel will be moderated by Rachel Figurasmith, Repair the World NYC Executive Director & will feature Yolanda Savage-Navaro, Repair’s Racial Justice consultant, Yoshi Silverstein, founder of Mitsui Collective, and Sachi Feris, founder of Raising Race Conscious Kids. We will be discussing personal experiences and setting parents up to continue the conversation about race beyond service throughout MLK Weekend.