The Family Connection -  July  2018
Parent Effectiveness Training - the Grand Surprise
"The model that I developed and describe in this [P.E.T.] book has, over the years, become a part of the way we all talk about communicating and resolving conflicts. Almost everyone nowadays has heard of Active Listening, I-Messages, and no-lose conflict resolution. Early on, we learned that this model-known as the Gordon Model-doesn't apply just to parent-child relationships: It applies in all relationships- at home, at work, at school, and in the world at large. Its terminology can be found in psychology texts, books, and courses for business leaders, in adult education courses, and, in fact, everywhere interpersonal communication and conflict resolution are important topics."
Upcoming P.E.T. Workshops!

New P.E.T. workshops are starting soon in Westernville, NY and  Agoura Hills, CA. We're frequently adding new workshops, so be sure to check our website  class calendar for the most updated schedule by clicking below.

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