Battersea Rise, SW11 1HS

12th July - 20th August

Booking line: 07896 546 067
Site Phone Number: 07548814238
Happy Tuesday!

We are so excited to be soon welcoming you and your children to Activ Camps! Here's everything you need to know to be prepared for camp.

Please see important information below on groupings, drop off/collection and what to bring. It is important that you take the time to read all of the information on this email.

Please also ensure you have filled in our Health Declaration Form below, prior to next week.
COVID-19 Heath Declaration Form. ACTION NEEDED!

Everyone must complete the Health Declaration Form prior to camp.

You will not be permitted to send your child(ren) to camp if you fail to complete this.

Please fill in the form below as soon as possible. It should not take more than a couple of minutes.
Grouping Requests

If you would like to request your child to be with a friend, please fill in the form below.

The deadline to submit grouping requests is Sunday 18th July at 10:00am.

Please note we are unable to honour any requests submitted after these deadlines.
Emanuel School Renovations

As Emanuel School continues to grow and improve, there are inevitable renovations and building works required. This summer Emanuel School are improving the field's drainage system. In the long term, this will be of great benefit to your children and Activ Camps - allowing us more extensive use of the field throughout the year. In the short term, we unfortunately won't have access to the field.

This will not impact on your child's enjoyment of Activ Camps as we still have an incredible offering of activities run in state of the art sporting facilities!

Activ Camps will continue to provide a whole host of epic activities including Giant Inflatables daily, swimming, rock climbing, archery, archery tag, go-karting, escape and evade, dodgeball and the list goes on and on! We have use of the gigantic sports hall, swimming pool, multiple state of the art astroturf pitches, rock wall, tennis courts and more.

We have also reduced the number of children on site so to ensure that we can safely and happily accommodate each child - they really do have the run of the place! We also, of course, have a robust risk assessment in place to ensure everybody's safety.
Drop Off & Collection

A knock on effect of the renovations, is that we have changed up our sign in procedure.

Please now queue on the left hand side of the walkway on the bridge entrance to Emanuel School. Staff will then direct you to the sign in area from the bridge, ensuring no overcrowding and safe passage whilst on site.

We ask that you please maintain two metres distance from other families and staff members and we encourage you to wear a face covering.

Please remember anyone collecting must bring a form of identification.

Early Pick Up / Visiting Site During the Day

Between 0920 and 1630 parents/carers will not be allowed entrance to Emanuel School. You should, therefore, contact the senior staff team on 07548814238 and they will come to you to give assistance.

If you are collecting early, this should be arranged in advance at drop off and we suggest that you call ahead by 10 minutes to give our team time to collect your child(ren) and for them to gather their belongings.

Activ Camps will not be able to accommodate any collections between 1550 - 1630.

No Parking

We must again remind you that no cars are allowed into Emanuel School. If you are driving please park on Spencer Park and then walk in to the school where we will welcome you to Activ Camps! 

Staggered Timings

For your staggered timing slot and information on extended hours and early pick ups, please click the link below
What To Bring

Medication: Your child(ren) will not be able to join Activ Camps if we do not have the correct, and in-date, medication for them. Please complete the Medication Form in advance. Click here to download.

If your child is bringing an Auto-adrenaline Injector (Epipen), then you will need to fill in a different form. Click here to download.

Swimming kit: Make sure that your little one has their funkiest swimming gear, a towel and perhaps some goggles! Everyone (even 4-5 year olds), will be swimming!

To help manage our camp safely, we will be operating with reduced numbers of children in the pool and not every group will be able to swim everyday. We still recommend packing this everyday though, as when the weather is good we will still be playing some outdoor water games!

Spare Clothes: Please bring a spare change of clothes, pants and socks included! Also, let us not forget this is England, pack a rain jacket and please ensure that all clothing is labelled, this helps us return any forgotten items home to you!

Suncream: Please provide your child with a bottle of suncream when attending Activ Camps. Staff members will oversee them applying it to ensure that this happens regularly and that they cover all exposed areas of skin.

Please see our FAQs for what happens when it rains during camp.

Lunch, Snacks and Water: All children, including 4 year olds, will need to bring a packed lunch, plenty of water and a couple of snacks to keep the energy up for the non-stop fun throughout the day!

We also have a small tuck shop, £2.00 will be enough for a couple of snacks and drinks.

Nut Free Camp: Whilst we're not a nut free camp, we want to ensure the safety of children on camp with allergies and encourage all parents/carers not to include nut products and seeds (this includes pesto) in lunch boxes please.

Last but not least, please bring a great, big smile!
COVID-19 Information

Following recent changes in government guidance (in effect from 19th July), please see a statement below on our updated COVID-19 processes.
See what your child is up to this summer...

Due to popular demand, we will now post activity lists on our Instagram page so both you and your children will know what to expect in their days of non stop fun!

We'll also be posting photos regularly on our Instagram make sure you follow us on @activ_camps so not to miss anything! 
Mobile Phone Policy

We understand that mobile phones are important for older children travelling independently to and from camp. However, children at Activ Camps will be reminded that the use of phones between 09:30 and 16:40 is not allowed. This especially applies to inside the changing rooms. 
They will be offered the opportunity to hand in their phones to the site office. Activ Camps staff reserve the right to, and will, confiscate mobile phones if a child is seen using one.
We can't wait to see everyone very soon!

Best wishes, 

Lily, Will, David, Geoff, Ruby, Tom & Christabel