Hartford Union High School District      April 18 , 2019
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Parent & Community Survey
Hartford Union High School (HUHS) recently completed a strategic planning process which involved a team of 30 stakeholders. This group reviewed school performance data, participated in focus groups and then developed the following goals:
Goal #1: Career, College, and Life Readiness Achievement
Students will meet Career, College and Life Readiness Achievement benchmarks.
Goal #2: HUHS will be viewed as the community's "high school of choice"
HUHS will be viewed as the community's "high school of choice."
Goal #3: Engagement of All Stakeholders
HUHS will increase each stakeholder group's engagement and satisfaction.
Goal #4: Master Facilities Plan
Develop a master facility plan for the school buildings and grounds.
Using these goals as a planning framework, we are seeking your input on this community-wide survey to help us answer three important questions:
1) What are we doing well?
2) Where do we need to adjust and focus more resources?
3) What are our highest priorities?

Survey results will be presented at a School Board meeting this summer and will also be available on the District website. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
All freshmen and sophomores will be taking the state required ACT Aspire test on Wednesday, April 24.
School will be from 7:25-2:45 with busses running their normal routes. Students should bring their charged laptops (and chargers) to school that day as all testing will be done online. 
Washington County Trail Sharks is open to student 6th-12th grade. HUHS students interested in joining should attend an informational meeting or contact the coach.
Post-It-Notes adorned the mirrors, stalls, soap dispensers, and hand dryers of each women's bathroom here at HUHS this morning. Thank you mystery writer for putting a smile on our faces today and for spreading positive messaging! We have AMAZING students here!

Teacher of the Year!
Angie Hall
Read full West Bend Daily news story  HERE

HUHS Students will participate in Skills-USA Wisconsin State Leadership and Skills Conference. Good Luck! 
Hartford students to participate in SkillsUSA
Teams part of more than 1,800 youths competing
MADISON - Nearly 50 students from Slinger and Hartford Union high schools will be participating in the 46th annual Skills-USA Wisconsin State Leadership and Skills Conference on April 30 and May 1 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.
In addition, competitive events will also be held at Madison Area Technical College on May 1.
Hartford Union High School Instructor Carmen DeBack will attend with the following students: Alex Albrecht, Olivia Carroll, Nick Carter, Nick Czarnota, Camila Ewing, Willie Hack, Ericka Jacket, Maddy Jacobi, Shayna Krist, Ryan Luebke, Jack Maliszko, Logan Maliszko, Isabel McCauley, Matt Mikulec, Nick Pillow, Francisco Roxas, Ryan Rublee, Mike Scepanski, Ally Schuenemann, Tate Stoeckmann, Sam Wannow, Josh Weiss, Leah Weninger and Cody Werner.
  Read Full Story HERE
HUHS is excited to announce the 2019 Musical will be Shrek!  The entire production team from last year will be back to bring you the fun, fairytale world of Shrek.  The audition packets will be available after May 1st.  Audition will be held in the Choir Room on May 16th.  Callbacks will be on May 17st.
Best Buddies Friendship Walk Team Sign Up:  
Register  here and join our team: The Heart of Hartford
Day of Service Chaperones and work sites needed!  
Apply by May 1st.

Could your organization use a day of student helpers?

Contact us if you would like to chaperone or have an organization that would like student helpers day.  huhscommserv@huhs.org
CNA Class!
HUHS, in partnership with MPTC, is pleased to offer our students a new Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course starting in the 2019-2020 school year. In preparing for this, we are in need  of equipment and supplies necessary for the students to be able to perform all required skills. Froedtert and Aurora have graciously agreed to provide items as well. If you have any of the following items, that you no longer need and would like to donate, please contact Connie Darin (connie.darin@huhs.org). Thank you!
  • quad cane
  • crutches
  • walker
  • wheelchair (with removable footrests)
  • hospital bed with rails (functioning)
  • bedside chair
  • bedside commode
  • over-bed table
  • scale (standing with height bar)
  • twin size bed spreads, sheets, blankets, mattress pads
Oriole Assault Robotics Team 1091 won the Milwaukee Regional Saturday! The team is now qualified for Nationals in Detroit! This is the first award since 2006 for the robotics team! Congratulations Oriole Assault!
Send FRC team 1091 to Championships! Visit their  GO FUND ME  page and donate!

Calling All Art Students!
Students are invited to share their artistic representation of  'The Next 100 Seasons of Packers Football' for the third annual Green Bay Packers Student Art Contest. Three finalists will have their artwork displayed at Lambeau Field for the duration of the 2019 season and will receive $5,000 for their respective school's art programs, as well as an invitation to Lambeau Field in July 2019.
The Packers are currently celebrating 100 Seasons of Packers Football. Now the question is, what will the next 100 seasons look like? Predict the future of the Packers through your artistic expression!
The Packers have grown, changed and triumphed over the course of the last 100 seasons. The team, the fans and the community have created special traditions and countless memories, passing along passion for the Packers to each new generation. With the Packers' first century drawing to a close, what does 'The Next 100 Seasons of Packers Football' look like to you? What kinds of exciting victories and momentous plays will be featured on highlight reels? Will Lambeau Field change or will the game of football look different in the years to come? What will stay the same as it always was? Share your vision for the future, and you could be a part of Packers history by having your artwork displayed at Lambeau Field.
Three (3) grand prize winners will receive:
  • $5,000 donation to the winner's school art program 
  • The winning artwork will be displayed at Lambeau Field for the 2019 Season 
  • Invitation for the winner and two guests to the Annual Suite Holder Tasting in July 2019 at Lambeau Field
Contest Details:
Participants are eligible to enter up to three images of a single featured art piece during the contest period from March 4, 2019, through April 28, 2019. 
Contest Info

We want junior students to make informed decisions about what math class they take their senior year and how their level of math knowledge will affect them after graduation.  With that in mind, junior students have the opportunity to take the Early Math Placement Test on Wednesday April 24. We are able to work this short assessment around their required Focus on Connections event and Junior Business Tours that day.
This test is a shortened version of the placement test given to all students enrolling at any University of Wisconsin System or Wisconsin Technical College System.  Juniors will take a 45-minute online test and immediately be given a placement score. They can then access any specific institution within the   UW system or Wisconsin Technical College  to see math requirements by course of study and where their score would place them within their desired course of study.   
This test will provide valuable information to both college and career bound students.  Many entry level (careers) jobs in the area test basic math skills during the interview process.  Should students need to change their schedule to an appropriate math course to bridge any gaps in their mathematics preparation as it relates to postsecondary plans, they should speak to their current math teacher.  We are also looking at other options to provide additional support to students based on their assessment scores and areas of growth.
According to research reported by the Center for American Progress;
"In the United States, research shows that anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent of first-year college students require remediation in English, math, or both. Remedial classes increase students' time to degree attainment and decrease their likelihood of completion. While rates vary depending on the source, ontime completion rates of students who take remedial classes are consistently less than 10 percent."
Jimenez, Laura, Scott Sargrad, Jessica Morales, and Maggie Thompson.  "Remedial Education: The Cost of Catching Up." Center for American Progress, September 8, 2016 .

Once again, this is a great opportunity for students to not only identify gaps in their math knowledge (if any) while still able get support from HUHS, but also to identify the student's placement level at this point in their high school career so they can make appropriate decisions about their future.  Please talk to your student about their results that day in order to ensure proper senior year math course placement, to help them seek out support if needed, and to follow up with potential state colleges.
On Wednesday, April 24, 2019 , Hartford Union High School will be hosting a Focus on Connections Event - a financial simulation for 
all HUHS Junior students.   Based upon individual career selections researched in class, students will each receive a paycheck consistent with their career choice and will be responsible for making financial decisions regarding typical monthly living expenses.  The "reality check" for many students is the realization of the expenses their salary will or will not meet.
For this event, we need many business and community volunteers helping us simulate the most realistic day possible, and we would also love to have parent volunteers of Juniors. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided for volunteers.
Would be willing to help?
The event runs from 7:00 AM until 2:30 PM. You could help in the morning (7:00 AM - 10:30 AM) or afternoon (11:00 AM - 2:30 PM) or for the entire day. Any help would be much appreciated.

Please contact  beth.hermann@huhs.org if this is something you would be willing to do and I will give you more information about this event. You may email me or call 262-670-3208.
We would really appreciate any help you are able to provide!
Student Services
Seniors Attending a University of Wisconsin School in the Fall
After students are admitted to a UW campus, they are invited to participate in Regional Placement Testing.  Students find out their appropriate level of math, English, and foreign language to begin in college as a result of taking the tests.
Students register online  for Regional Placement Testing beginning February 1. Regional Placement Testing allows students to take the test close to where they live so they don't need to travel to the campus they'd like to attend. Also, students need to register for only one placement test even if they have been admitted to different UW campuses or if they change their mind about which UW campus to attend. All UW campuses have access to each student's scores.
Students should be intentional when selecting a site and date. Students can change or cancel their registrations. However, it's often difficult to do so because popular sites fill quickly and changing is impossible after registration deadlines pass.
There are two options for taking the placement tests. Students may register for paper exams or computer-based exams. The exams, questions, and timing are the same, although there are additional fees for the computer-based exam. The computer-based exam provides an on-screen scientific calculator-no other calculator will be allowed during the computer-based exam.
A driver's license, state-issued ID, passport, or high school ID containing name and photo may serve as the student's identification at the testing site.
This is the schedule for testing day (all times are approximate):
Seating, orientation, and math testing
8:00 - 10:00 a.m.
10:00 - 10:10 a.m.
English testing 
10:10 - 11:50 a.m.
11:50 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Dismissal of those not taking a foreign language test, followed by foreign language testing
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Placement test scores are shared with students when they participate in their summer orientation and registration session. It's important for students to take the placement tests in the spring so that the results are ready for summer registration, since some campuses do not allow students to register for classes until they can see the test results.

The Wisconsin Lions Camp        
The camp is looking for campers and staff to join them this summer. Staff applications available are for counselors, program specialists, healthcare staff, counselors-in-training, and volunteers. Applications, camp schedule, and information are all available at:   www.wisconsinlionscamp.com

Health Careers Summer Camp
Health Careers Summer Camps in your area will have their applications open up online starting today,   March 1st!  These two camps are sponsored by the Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center, Lakeshore Health Care Alliance, and the Fox Valley Health Care Alliance. The applications will be available on the NEWAHEC website [ www.newahec.org ]. The first camp is in the Fox Valley Area, students will be housed on the UW-Oshkosh campus. The second camp will be in the Sheboygan/Manitowoc area, and students will be housed at Silver Lake College. All campers will be exposed to health care professionals and academic institutions from both areas. The camps are 5 days long, and allow students to experience first hand the challenges, opportunities, and rewards of being a health professional. The camps are for any students entering 11th-12th grade along with new high school graduates. Applications will be   due May 3rd   for both camps. Any questions please contact Brenda Birringer  (920) 652-0238  brendab@newahec.org       Camp Flyer   
Health Services
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerned that products that do not have FDA clearance or approval  are being marketed to individuals, including parents and caregivers, athletic coaches, athletic trainers, and health care providers for the assessment, diagnosis, or management of a head injury, including concussion. The FDA is issuing this communication to make the public and health care providers aware of the potential serious risks which may be associated with the use of unapproved or uncleared medical devices for the diagnosis, treatment or management of a concussion. The FDA reminds individuals to seek treatment by a health care provider if any head injury, including concussion, is suspected.  This includes:
  • People who may be tested for a head injury
  • Parents and caregivers of individuals who may be tested for a head injury
  • Athletic Coaches and Athletic Administrators
  • Sports medicine specialists and athletic trainers
  • Health Care Providers who assess or diagnose head injury, including suspected concussion and other traumatic brain injuries

***Please, remind your student(s) that they always need to come to the Health Room with any health concerns and to not call, e-mail or text home to leave school.  The Health Technician will always call the parent or emergency contact to arrange for the student to leave school when ill.  

If a student talks, e-mails or texts their parent on their own and then they leave school without contacting a staff member and receiving a permit to leave, they are considered truant from school.

2019 Flu Information and Guide for Parents -  Flu season is again upon us.  Here are some guidelines for you about the flu including prevention, symptoms, treatments and other information provided by the CDC.   

Is it a cold or is it the flu, here is a helpful video for you:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PZLc6Ys1fQ

The Health Room is located in the Attendance Office and is staffed Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m. until 3:15 p.m during the school year.

Please, remind your student that they always need to come to the Health Room with any health concerns and to not call, e-mail or text home to leave school.  The Health Technician will always call the parent or emergency contact to arrange for the student to leave school when ill.  

If a student talks, e-mails or texts their parent on their own and then they leave school without contacting a staff member and receiving a permit to leave, they are considered truant from school.

Attention Seniors: EVER Y student at HUHS has health/immunization records in the Health Office located in the Attendance Office.  Because you are graduating, HUHS no longer needs these records and you will need them for college, jobs or travel. 
Please be sure to stop in to the Health Office to pick up your records as soon as possible.  Get a treat while supplies last!

HUHS Booster Club
Interested in learning more about the Booster Club? visit our website: 

  • Please join us for a meeting, held the 3rd Wed. of each month, 7-8pm in Room 103 at HUHS.
  • Looking to buy a stadium chair, scarf or window cling? Please visit us at the concession stand or see chair order form on our website.
HUHS Parents! We need your help filling all of our concession stand shifts for the very busy upcoming Basketball and Wrestling season! 

Have a few hours to spare? If so, please click on this Sign up Genius link to take a shift or two. Don't worry if you haven't worked before, we will show you the ropes!

Thank you for your continued support of our HUHS athletes and Booster Club.
Any questions, please reach out to Kelly Morey at  kmorey@mcw.edu
ACT Testing
Looking for FREE  resources to prepare your student(s) for the ACT? Click  HERE  to go to the ACT Academy website!

All students considering a two or four-year college experience are reminded to take the ACT test during their junior year.  Students can register for the ACT at 
www.actstudent.org. When registering, students will need the HUHS school code, which is 500-850.   Please remember to check the website to see if the college(s) your son or daughter is considering requires or recommends the ACT writing test.   The test fee for the ACT is $50.50 and the ACT with writing is $67.00.   If you feel you cannot afford the test fee, please ask your child's counselor if you are eligible for a fee waiver. 
HUHS is an ACT test center for all testing dates.  Upcoming test dates for the 2018-2019 school year are:
                                 June 8, 2019                     July 13, 2019
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Calendar of Events
APR 19 & 22 - No School

APR 27 State Solo & Ensemble Festival

APR 28 Concert Choir Collaboration with Hartford community Chorus @ HUHS

MAY 3 Cabaret Night 7pm

May 4 Concert Choir Collaboration with Hartford Community Chorus @ Holy Hill

May 16, 17 Musical Auditions

May 20 School Board Meeting

May 21 Senior Scholarship Award Recognition Ceremony 7pm

May 22 Spring Bands/Orchestra Concert 6pm

May 23 Recognition & DAY OF SERVICE

May 27 Memorial Day Parade

May 28, 29 Spring Choral Concert @ Schauer Center 6:30pm
Reminder on School Bus Safety!
Open Positions
Substitute Teachers
Instructional Technology Coach  
Special Education Teacher
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Long Term Technology and Engineering Teacher
Math Teacher

Girls Basketball Varsity Assistant
Girls Basketball Assistant
Boys Volleyball Varsity Assistant
Boys Volleyball Assistant
Girls Golf Assistant
Girls Cross County Assistant 

2018-2019 Testing Dates
ACT Aspire -  April 24th  (9+10 grade)
AP Testing -  May 6-17
ACT - June 8
ACT - July 13

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HUHS & Hartford Community Events and Fundraisers
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Hartford Community Happenings

The Hartford Business Improvement District is constantly organizing awesome events in our city. Click  here  to go to their facebook page.
Mascot Banking
Open a qualified Checking account and receive $150 for you and $150 for the Band Booster Club or HUHS Booster Club, You choose! Click HERE for more information. Click HERE to see the video ad!  

 Tip Line
HUHS & HuTerra Rewards
HUHS is now using the My HuTerra App to raise HuTerra Rewards for the Hartford Athletic Department By downloading the free and simple My HuTerra app we are able to raise funds when we all shop for the things we want and need. This includes being able to visit local stores and shop at over 1000 stores online.  These stores include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, Sam's Club and many others! We are so excited to see how much we can all raise for the Athletic Department. You can even scan in previous Amazon purchases. Following the directions blow and simple take a picture of your invoice on your computer screen. It is that simple!!
All you need to do to support Hartford Athletics:
1.      Download the "My HuTerra" app.
2.      Select "HARTFORD UNION HIGH ATHLETICS as your fundraiser.
3.      Shop at participating local businesses and any of the online stores
4.      Scan your receipt under the "Scan to Give" section of the app and you're done!
It's just that easy! Shop, scan, give!

  Instructions  on how to download and begin to utilize the app today. You'll also find an instructional video on the app within the "What's New" section that explains the program in more detail.

HUHS & Shutterfly
Raise money for HUHS Athletics while you shop at  Shutterfly HERE  before you begin shopping at Shutterfly and help us reach our goal of $500.00!
Wittenberger Bus Service Seeks Drivers! 
·          Is your child or grandchild riding a bus to school?
·         Are you available between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. in the morning?
·         How about 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon?
·         Can't drive 5 days a week? What about one or two days a week?

Don't think you can handle a big bus? Stop by and we will let you take one for a spin around our parking lot.
·         We will train you.
·         We offer benefits.
·         You can take your student with you on the route.
·         Plus you get time off when there is no school.
Help us help the HUHS!
Call Dawn at 262-673-3777 for more information.
Leave a message if you get an answering machine. We are probably out driving!
Thank you!
Athletics and Activities
Boys Golf recap 

Boys and Girls Track recap 

Boys Baseball Roundup

Boys Golf recap 

Girls Track recap
2018-2019 Information


New This Year - Clubs & Activities Online Registration
Starting for the 2018-19 school year, all students wishing to participate in activities, clubs or sports will need to complete the Online Forms through Skyward Family/Student access.  All steps need to be marked as completed including step #8 "SUBMIT SY19 ATHLETIC/CO-CURRICULAR FORMS".  Online Forms only need to be completed once per school year, so if a student participates in a sport as well as a club or activity the Online Forms only need to complete once.

If the student is only participating in an activity or club but will not be participating in a sport, they may mark step 3 complete and do not need to have a Physical Clearance Form completed by their Physician.  

Once the online forms have been completed, the student will then need to pick up an "Orange Card" from the Co-Curricular Office clearing them to participate in their activity or club. Activity/Club organizers will inform students of this change at the first sign up meeting and collect the orange cards before the next regularly scheduled meeting.
Hartford Union High School | 262-670-3200 | info@huhs.org | http://www.huhs.org
805 Cedar Street
Hartford, WI 53027