February 17, 2017
 Hartford Union High School District
February Rotary Students of the Month
The Hartford Rotary is pleased to announce the senior Students of the Month for February are Tiana Dorosz and Megan Kellicut. This honor is based on academics, character, leadership, co-curricular, and volunteer work. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding accomplishments!


Tiana Dorosz   
Megan Kellicut

Snowcoming 2017
This year, our Student Council planned a week full of dress up and fun before the Winter Dance tomorrow. 
Today we had a pep rally and enjoyed some school spirit and fun games. Here are a few pictures from today and a few from the week.

Click here to see a few other pictures! 
Mr. McCauley - WTEA Educator of the Year!
Congratulations to Mr. Corey McCauley, Technology & Engineering Educator who has been named the Educator of the Year for the Wisconsin Technology Education Association. This is a  significant  honor and distinction .   HUHS and our students are fortunate to have Mr. McCauley as a teacher
Mr. McCauley has been sharing his love and passion for Technology and Engineering Education for the last 22  years and has kept a brisk pace. During his time in education, Mr. McCauley has taught high school students, adults through the technical college system, and his peers in TEE through summer courses and other professional development he has led. He continues to be a lifelong learner, learning new techniques and keeping pace with industry trends
Mr. McCauley's educational philosophy for his courses holds firm to the belief that regardless if a student is college or career bound, every student will gain  necessary, life  skills they can use through Technology and Engineering courses. His courses focus on project-based learning by incorporating modern technology and hands-on techniques that are currently used in today's  manufacturing world and  workforce. He strives to add creativity to his courses through unique experiences. His Fabrication Methods course designed and created all of the wood cut-outs that decorated the Hartford Holiday River Walk this season. Beyond that, he continues to provide his students with a global view of TEE.  Hecompleted an Externship last summer at Signicast to keep abreast of industry and to share those experiences in his daily teaching and methodology.
Mr. McCauley is currently teaching Welding Processes I & II, Fabrication Methods, Automated Manufacturing, and Auto Maintenance. Outside of the school day, he co-advises the HUHS  SkillsUSA chapter that has had great success and continues to provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Mr. McCauley was also recently inducted into the Richland Center Wrestling Hall of Fame and  serves  as an Assistant Wrestling Coach at  HUHS
Beyond the courses that he teaches and educational opportunities that Mr. McCauley provides our students, it is his outgoing and fun-loving personality that draws people to him. He has a unique way of working with students that draws both high-level and  struggling learners to always feel comfortable and laughing while learning.
After his days at HUHS end, Mr. McCauley is a member of our community where he and his wife Katie are raising their four children; Emma, Halli, Isabel, and Henry. He is also active in community sports and enjoys playing softball and volleyball in his "free time".

Congratulations to Mr. Corey McCauley.  It is easy to see why he was selected as the Wisconsin Technology & Engineering Educator of the year.  He is well deserving and has earned this honor!

Mock Trial Regionals
On Sat., Feb. 11th, the Mock Trial team competed in the State Bar of Wisconsin's Regional Mock Trial tournament at the  Waukesha  County Courthouse.  This year's case was a very relevant and current issue involving a teenager who was accused of first-degree reckless homicide for allegedly delivering  oxycodone  to a friend.  HUHS had two teams performing this year, and by the fourth round, our teams were so evenly matched that they ended up going against each other, at which point things got  very  competitive.  Although we didn't make it to the State tournament, we had the next best possible outcome: an opportunity to practice our public speaking, argumentation, and critical thinking skills while working together as a team. 

Drama & Chess - Cross-Curricular Activity
This week Mr. Hummel and his chess team worked with the Senior Seminar: Drama students who are currently reading "The Tempest."  In this Shakespearean play, characters are conflicted over the temptation to capture the king, also the main objective in the game of chess.  Prospero, the main character, uses his power to make political maneuvers and use other characters as "pawns."  Mr. Hummel and his team spent the period teaching the class about the game and giving everyone an opportunity to play a round.  Thank you for a very engaging, informative learning opportunity, Chess Team!  

Leadership Class Promotes HUHS
Last Friday, the students in Ms. Michelle Kutz Leadership & Project Management class provided a day-long opportunity for the Future Hartford Leadership class that is put on by the Chamber of Commerce to learn all about Hartford Union High School. They started the morning out by providing team builder activities, including a Breakout.edu problem solving challenge. They then coordinated with Rich Schmidt's Culinary 3 and 4 classes to provide a student-created luncheon for the group. After lunch, the students in the class gave the group a tour, where they stationed themselves around the building and each became an "expert" in a department or area of the building. After the tour, various student groups from classes and organizations talked about their own #myreasonwhy on being involved in different academic programming or organizations at HUHS. Members of the Future Hartford Leadership class were very impressed with the students and their work to create a very educational day and very impressed with HUHS and all it has to offer!

Friday, Hartford SkillsUSA took part in the Gateway Regional Contest. We took fourteen contestants and had six medal. 

  • Placing 3rd was Matthias Decker in Welding, 
  • Placing 2nd was Marissa Telderer in Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • Placing 1st was Evan Thomas, Joey Sutterlun & Noah Jocobi in Automated Manufacturing. 
  • Placing 1st was Isabel McCauley in Prepared Speech. 

Congratulations to all who participated!

Student Artist/Author!
Crystal Garbarek, a student in the School to Work Program, published a coloring book called "Whimsical Mandalas." The book is available on Amazon, and costs $6.49. Mrs. Caul is helping Crystal to market her book. Check out "Whimsical Mandalas" at the following link, and consider supporting this growing artist!

HUHS 2017 ACT Test Administration to Juniors (Class of 2018)
School Day Changes for February 28 and March 1:

Tuesday, February 28
  1. There is school for juniors only on this day.
  2. There will be no school for freshmen, sophomores, and seniors on this day.
    • Juniors will attend school that day during the regular school hours of 7:25 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.  
    • Busing will be provided at normal pick up and drop off times before and after school for juniors only.
    • Lunch will be available for juniors only.
Wednesday, March 1
  1. There is school for juniors on this day for the entire day.
  2. There will be a 4 hour delay for freshmen, sophomores, and seniors on this day, i.e., late start.
    • Juniors:  School will begin at 7:25 a.m. for juniors only, with regular busing provided.
    • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors:  School will begin at 11:20 a.m. with bus pick up 4 hours later than normal.
    • School will end at 2:45 p.m. for all students.
    • Lunch will be available for all students from 10:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., but it is not required.
Juniors are taking the mandated statewide ACT and ACT WorkKeys on these two days.  School will not be in session for freshmen, sophomores, and seniors during the testing times noted above. so that we can provide the most effective testing environment possible for our juniors. This is one of many strategies we are employing to help increase our ACT scores and School Report Card score.
Juniors, and parents of juniors, please read the Involve and your emails in the near future for additional information about these two days.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Chad Ellefson at either...
                EMAIL:  chad.ellefson@huhs.org
                TEL:      262-670-3231
Thank you for your cooperation and support as we provide the best daily schedule possible for our juniors.
Career and Technical Education Month
This month has been designated, Nationally and by our DPI, as Career and Technical Education Month. Our CTE programs at HUHS are very strong and includes courses from our Agri-Science, Business, Marketing and Information Technology, Family and Consumer Science, and Technology and Engineering Education courses as well as our Co-Op and Youth Apprenticeship programs. CTE has had a long standing tradition at HUHS and continues to be very successful in helping students to be "work ready" when they leave HUHS, but also offers a variety of organizations to develop leadership skills in career areas including:  FBLA, Deca, FFA, and SkillsUSA. Each week this month we will highlight one of our CTE departments, to learn more about the opportunities our students have in CTE at HUHS. Click here to read and see the state of Wisconsin proclamation for CTE week declared by Scott Walker.

Agri-Science Education
The HUHS Agriscience Department works to provide students with as many practical hands-on applications and experiences as possible. We strive to create better consumers while also allowing students to tailor content to their areas of interest. Our foundation, elective course, Exploring Life Science & Agriculture, examines all eight Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource pathways while the rest of our courses focus in on three of the primary career areas. Check out our pathways and other course options below:

Animal Systems
Plant Systems
Natural Resources Systems
  • Animal Science*
  • Horse & Companion Animals
  • Dairy Science
  • Veterinary Medicine*
  • Plant & Soil Science*
  • Horticulture & Greenhouse Management
  • Wildlife & Forestry
  • Outdoor Conservation & Management

Science Equivalency Courses
These courses that are starred above are offered for Science Equivalency credit. This means that they can be taken to fulfill a student's science requirement for graduation as well as attendance at UW System schools. This opportunity not only increases our students' elective science options but helps them find more ways to discover, explore and engage in their passions while still working toward their graduation requirements.

Veterinary Medicine is the newest addition to this alternate credit opportunity as the 2016-2017 school year is the first time it's being offered for science equivalency credit.

Learning Through Leadership
Leadership is an important aspect of leadership development, which the agriscience department focuses on in order to meet the Wisconsin Common Career Technical Standards and to help develop better citizens as well as students.

Speaking and team building activities designed to help students become better communicators and cooperative leaders are integrated into our course curriculum. Students also participated in a variety of service oriented activities such as:
  • Free Rice Fridays: Using the nonprofit website, freerice.org, students take five minutes a month to not only help donate rice through the World Food Programme but also to develop their own vocabulary skills.
  • Hartford Christmas Project: The Exploring Life Science class creates blankets as part of their leadership unit which are donated to the Christmas project and go to families in the greater Hartford community and several other classes work with the FFA to sort and organize fruit sale deliveries, the proceeds from which also benefit this project.
  • Project for Awesome: Each year the Horse & Companion Animals class participates in Youtube's annual Project for Awesome to create educational videos about their favorite animal welfare focused non-profits. They then host a penny war and donate their proceeds to the selected charities

Hartford FFA
The National FFA Organization strives to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. The Hartford FFA does this through a wide variety of local, state and national contests, conferences, conventions and activities.

At the local level, we have monthly meetings, sell fruit to benefit the Hartford Christmas Committee, attend a yearly Admirals game and concert, decorate downtown for the holidays, hold our annual banquet and participate in activities with our fellow Career & Technical Education organizations. Members show at both the Washington and Dodge County Fairs, work with the other Washington County FFA chapters to serve up delicious ice cream sundaes at the Wisconsin State Fair and host our annual Food for America event, where we invite third graders out to a local dairy to learn about where their food comes from.

At the state level, students participate in Leadership Development Events which focus on speaking skills, in Career Development Events which focus on developing agricultural career skills, and attend a number of leadership focused conferences as well as our annual state convention. We also take a group to the National FFA Convention each fall and send 2 to 3 students to Washington DC each summer to delve deeper into servant leadership.

You can learn more by following us on facebook (Hartford FFA) or twitter (@HUHS_FFA).

Agri-Science Teachers 

Kim Schadrie
June Strupp

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Community Oriole Chatter
Information Sessions Offered!
The Hartford Area Districts/Schools have identified the need for higher engagement with our parents regarding information on various issues that impact your students, you, and our schools.  To that end, we took a page from the Parents United presentations sponsored by Waukesha County schools.
This winter/spring, we are providing two programs to determine if parent interest level is enough to offer a full complement of presentations next year.  In addition, other area schools and districts have been invited to these two presentations with the hope that we may partner County-wide.
Information about the two sessions is in the linked fliers.  Both sessions take place at Hartford Central Middle School.
  • March 2:         Internet Safety:  What Parents Need to Hear; 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
  • April 5:            Understanding and Treating Childhood Anxiety Disorders; 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Click here   for the Internet Safety Information
Click here  for the Anxiety Disorder Information

2017 College & Career Fair at HUHS
The Hartford Union High School College & Career Fair will be taking place on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 from 4:30-6:30pm. All Juniors are required to attend this event, but all students and parents are encouraged to attend! Save the date for this informative and worthwhile event!

If you would like to represent a college or career at the fair, please click here for more information!
Summer School Course Selection

The Skyward Student Access portal is open NOW until Sunday, February 12 @ 8pm for Work Ahead Summer School course selection.  Click  here  for more information about our Summer School program. Trouble seeing course selections? Make sure you are in Student Access, not Family Access!

Oriole Chatter

Community Oriole Chatter
Monday, February 27
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Erin Town Hall
1846 State Hwy 83 South  

Student Council Blood Drive

Reminder to students to be ready for the blood drive on Tuesday February 21st by download the permission slip for parents to sign (if required) and have a picture ID with you on the day of the blood drive.
  • Must be a minimum of 16 years old to donate
  • 16 year olds must have a signed BCW Parent Permission Form.
  • 17 & 18 year olds do not need parent permission.
  • Donors must bring a photo ID
  • Donors must meet minimum weight requirements as set by the Blood Center.
  • Students should visit bcw.edu/HUHS, see a student council member or Ms. Zimpel to sign up.
  • Staff  can email student.council@huhs.org with a preferred time slot

HUHS Scholarship Foundation Information

The HUHS Scholarship Foundation application forms are now available for seniors on our website :   http://www.huhs.org/academics/huhsScholarshipFoundation.cfm
Forms require both student and parent signatures, and are due no later than
Monday, February 27, 2017 by 3:00 pm in the Counseling Office.  No applications will be taken after that date and time. 
HUHS Scholarship Foundation Meetings for Seniors
WHAT:         Senior Scholarship Informational Meeting with HUHS Scholarship Foundation Reps
WHEN:          WednesdayThursdayFriday -  February 15, 16, 17   during Resource Period
WHERE:       Room 101
WHY:          To give Seniors information about the 42 $1,000 scholarships and 2 $2,000 scholarships                                 the Foundation will award to the Class of 2017...if they apply!

Amazon Smile
The HUHS Scholarship Foundation Inc. provides scholarships to graduating seniors from HUHS who apply on line their senior year through the counseling department web site, generally right after the 1st of January each year.  The number of scholarships vary annually generally there are over 40 scholarships ranging in value from $700 - $2,000 to selected students.  The scholarship process is handled through HUHS and rating of scholarships and selection is handled through the Board of Directors of the foundation.

Our scholarship foundation has a registered account with AmazonSmile as a 503(c)(3) organization any purchases you make after selecting "HUHS Scholarship Foundation" as your charity of choice will receive a donation of 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases made through AmazonSmile.  

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Amazon.com. The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile ( smile.amazon.com), the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers. 

Thank you for supporting HUHS Scholarship Foundation Inc. and our deserving students!
School Closing Information
Please note the School Closing Information has been updated! Click here to see all of the information (Be Informed--School Closing Information).
Associate School Looking for Help
Central Middle School is participating in the Pack'er Up Donation Challenge.  Special Education Teacher Sue Gebben is having her students collect, count and prepare items for donation to Goodwill in the hopes of winning the challenge and having Packer Great Donald Driver come to their school. If you have any items for donation, please consider dropping it off at Central (1100 Cedar Street).  Collection will continue through the Month of April. There will be a few  Saturday morning drop off dates to be advised.  If you have any questions you may contact  Sue Gebben.
Click  here to learn more about this fun challenge.
Peers 4 Peers

Peers 4 Peers is comprised of a group of HUHS students who are trained listeners and helpers for their fellow students. Peers members are available to help with a variety of issues, whether it's for freshman students still struggling with the transition to high school or for students needing a peer to listen to their concerns. As we move into 2nd semester, please know Peers 4 Peers is ready to listen! To make a referral, contact one of your student's teachers or Peers advisor Michelle Yu at  michelle.yu@huhs.org

2017 Yearbook - Senior Baby Ads
  If you still need to purchase a yearbook for this year, please visit the Jostens website, and our school webpage to purchase the book this year. You can access the HUHS site, by clicking here .

Senior Baby Ads - Emails were sent this week to all Senior Parent/Guardians via Skyward regarding the Senior Baby Ads. Click here to read the information. Deadline for a Yearbook Senior Baby Ad is March 6.
Health Minute
2017 - 2018 School Immunization Requirements:

Click here for the link to the 2017-2018 School Immunization requirements.  Nothing has been added to the current requirements, but several vaccines are now highly recommended  for students if your student has not yet received them.

RIPPLES - Anxiety Group for Teenage Females

Click  here for Group Permission Slip and more details.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Carmen Klenner
Concordia University, Practicum Prof. Counselor
262-483-8056 counselor.klenner@gmail.com

Heroin Highway
The Noon Rotary Club of West Bend is pleased to announce Hidden in Plain Sight and the Heroin Highway Lecture Series.  This program will focus on educating parents on the critical issue of prescription drug abuse, underage drinking/tobacco consumption and other forms of illegal drug use.

Located at Moraine Park Technical College in West Bend, Hidden in Plain Sight is an interactive display of a teenager's bedroom with many items hidden or in plain view that helps to identify areas where teens may hide drugs, alcohol and other paraphernalia.  It also points out household items that can be used to either cover up drug and alcohol abuse or can be used to facilitate drug and alcohol use.  The purpose of the program is to educate family and caregivers about the signs that can be an indicator of drug abuse. 

Guided tours of the exhibit bedroom will begin on January 21st and will run Saturday's from 10 am - 2pm and on Thursday's from 5 pm - 8 pm through February 23rd.  It is free to attend and open to everyone 18 and older.  The exhibit is located next to the MPTC Library at the West Bend Campus.

As part of the exhibit, there will be a five-part lecture series titled The Heroin Highway.  Further information on the specific dates, topics, and speakers for this program can be found at www.facebook.com/hiddeninplainsightwb.

Assisting the Rotary Club of West Bend with this project is Elevate, The Heroin Task Force of Washington County and Moraine Park Technical College.
Best Part of My Job


FFA Week

Winter Dance
Tickets for the Snowcoming Dance "Northern Lights Memorable Nights" can still be purchased at the door for $15.00
Student Services
2017-2018 Course Selection

February 22 Homeroom:

Freshman, sophomore, and junior students will view a presentation outlining the course selection process for the 2017-18 school year.   Parents are asked to review course selections with their child and help ensure careful consideration is given to these choices.
The  Course Planning Guide, course selection sheets, and course selection presentation will be on the  HUHS Counseling web page.   Students will receive course selection sheets in homeroom on the 22nd and the Course Planning Guide will be available through electronic copy only.  
February 28 Juniors after ACT testing:
Juniors will enter their course selections into Skyward Student Access.     Teachers and counselors will be available to assist students during this time.   Online access will be open until midnight on March 4.
March 1 Freshmen in Cohort:
Freshmen in Cohort will enter their course selections into Skyward Student Access.  Counselors and teachers will be available to assist students during this time.   Online access will be open until midnight on March 4.
March 2 Freshmen and Sophomores:
Freshmen and Sophomores will enter their course selections into Skyward Student Access.  Freshmen will do this during  Biology and sophomores will enter selections during English 10.  Counselors and teachers will be available to assist students during this time.  Online access will be open until midnight on March 4.
Accuplacer Test at HUHS
Moraine Park Technical College will be holding Accuplacer testing here at HUHS on   Tuesday, March 21 at 7am  in Room 89/91.  There is a $10 test fee (cash or check) that will be collected on the day of the test. Checks can be made out to Moraine Park Technical College or MPTC. The Accuplacer test fulfills admission/ placement test requirements at many technical colleges throughout the state.  Students can use results to find out how ready they are for college. If interested, a sign-up sheet is available in the Student Services Office. The deadline to register is   Tuesday, March 14 at 2:45pm.

Input Requested from Parents-
The Student Services Department consists of four school counselors, a school social worker and a school psychologist.  Student Services programs are most effective when they meet the needs of students.  To identify those needs, your input is requested.  Please click the link provided to answer the questions to best help us serve those needs.  We ask only parents to complete this survey as students will receive a different survey during homeroom.  https://goo.gl/forms/a8WW9cRNNT0DeoAC2

ACT Testing
All students considering a two or four-year college experience are reminded to take the ACT test during their junior year.  Students can register for the ACT at www.actstudent.org . When registering, students will need the HUHS school code, which is 500-850.   Please remember to check the website to see if the college(s) your son or daughter is considering requires or recommends the ACT writing test.   The test fee for the ACT is $42.50 and the ACT with writing is $58.50.   If you feel you cannot afford the test fee, please ask your child's counselor if you are eligible for a fee waiver. 
HUHS is an ACT test center for all testing dates. The test dates for the 2016-2017 school year are:  
April 8, 2017                                     
June 10, 2017
Note:   Please keep in mind all juniors are required by state law to take the ACT at the high school on February 28 (no cost to the student on February 28).  When considering whether or not to sign up to take the April 8 ACT, it may be best for students to take the February 28 test, then decide whether or not to retake the test based upon February results.
Moraine Park Technical College Career Showcase
This is one night to explore many great careers MPTC has to offer.   Learn about admissions and financial aid, meet program instructors and deans, and receive a fee waiver if you turn in your application that night.   Details at morainepark.edu/careershowcase.
Moraine Park Technical College Visits
A representative from MPTC will be at HUHS April 6, during Resource period for one last visit for the 2016-17 school year

Badger Boys/Girls State Program 
Does your student have an interest in government and citizenship?  Do they display qualities of leadership, good moral character, cooperativeness, dependability, and participate in co-curricular activities?  Consider the Badger Boys or Girls State Program.  It's an exciting week of meeting new students, staying on a college campus, and experiencing dorm life.  There's campaigning, pep rallies, State Fair, talent shows, recreational programs, music, discussion sessions, sports, etc.  It's a sponsored event, so there's no cost to the participants. 
Requirements:  Student must be in the top half of his or her class; be a US Citizen; and able to participate in the entire week of activities.
The Girls State Program is the week of June 18-23, 2017 on the UW-Oshkosh campus.  The Boys State Program is the week of June 10-17, 2017 on the Ripon College campus.  You must be able to attend the entire session.  If you are interested in the program, please check your calendar for availability.
If you would like to be considered for this prestigious opportunity, you must submit a short statement to the Student Services Office by Friday, February 24.  The statement should be typed and answer the following question:  How will attending Badger State help me to make a difference in my community?  Please include a list of co-curricular activities and any office held.
A selection committee will evaluate the statement, activities, class rank, etc., and determine which 2 girls and 3 boys will represent HUHS this summer.  Students will be notified accordingly.
If you would like more information about the programs, please go to either:
www.badgerboysstate.com   or   
Educational Spotlight - Pharmacy as a Career 
Many high school students have not considered pharmacy practice as a career option. Students who have interests in science, engaging in the healthcare field, serving a wide-range of patient populations and/or would like a career that has a wide-range and diverse career opportunities - pharmacy may be a career option for them. The ultimate goal of a pharmacist is to improve patients' health. They use their knowledge of medications and healthcare to help select appropriate treatments, minimize side effects, and determine the best approach for the individual patient's needs.  For more information about whether or not pursuing a pharmacy career would be a good fit, please go to the following resource -  pharmacyforme.org

Some News from Activities & Athletics
Boys Swimming Sectionals
The Boys Swim team placed 7th at the Sectional Competition at Homestead  on Saturday, thanks to the races of these athletes:

6th place Jeromy Lofy, Mitchell Worman, Cory Maxwell, Jordan Christnovich for 200 Medley Relay
6th place Santiago for 500 Free
7th place Jordan for 50 Free and 100 Free
7th place Cory for 100 Back
7th place Mitchell, Zach Michalak, Erik Doll, Santiago for 200 Free Relay
7th place Santiago, Jeromy, Cory, Jordan for 400 Free Relay
9th place Santiago Cloud for 200 Individual Medley
10th place Cory for 100 Fly
10th place Jeromy 100 back

We also saw best times from Jordan (50 & 100 Free), Erik (100 Fly & 100 Breast), Mitchell (50 Free & 50 Breast), Santiago  (200 IM), and Evan Staton & Logan DeBack (500 Free) - a great way to wrap up the swim season.

Erik Doll in 100 fly
6th place Medley Relay 


Save the Date - UW Madison Varsity Band Show February 18
HUHS Booster Club Needs You!
Booster is the club at HUHS that raises funds through concession sales and 50/50 raffles at various meets, games and matches. Last school year we raised and donated $24,000 to various teams in the school and in scholarships. We earn that money with help from our members. How can you help? Work a concession stand. This is easy - selling a hamburger, hotdog, popcorn or drink. That's it - it's that simple. Come meet others like you in the community who find volunteering both helpful and rewarding. Want to also be a member? Check out our link on the HUHS website @  http://www.huhs.org/activities/booster-club.cfm. There you can find a membership brochure that can be printed out and either mailed in or dropped off at the athletic office. Still have questions? Email  sharonmeinberg@hotmail.com

Be a member. If you are a member, have you volunteered time yet? We need you!

Save the Date:  Hartford Gridiron Trivia Night
The Hartford Gridiron Club Trivia Night is back! Join us for the 3rd annual Gridiron Trivia Night on  February 25 . This year's theme is "Night at the Movies." The evening will feature movie-related trivia, prizes for best-themed and best dressed table and lots of fun!  View our registration form for more information . Forms and registration fee are due back to Coach Skifton by  February 17 . See you there!

Coaching Positions
Assistant Boys Volleyball Coach
Head Girls Cross Country Coach
JV2 Boys Soccer Coach
Assistant Competitive Dance Coach

Contact Scott Helms if interested!

Hartford Union High School District | | info@huhs.org | 805 Cedar Street
Hartford, WI 53027