Hartford Union High School District      January 11 , 2019
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January Board of Education Meeting Change:  
New Date:  January 28, 2019 at 5:45pm

Juniors: Register NOW for the ACT Prep Class at HUHS!
The WI mandated ACT for Juniors is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20.  To help you prepare for the ACT, HUHS is offering a test prep class through the University of Milwaukee - Washington County, at HUHS.  Specific class information, schedule, cost, etc. may be found through the Register HERE link below.
  • Register HERE
  • Parents need to fill out  Consent Form 
  • Specific room information will be sent to registrants prior to first Saturday class. 
  • For more information, students may contact...
    • wsh-ce@uwc.edu ; or 
    • Brittany (262-335-5208), Monday - Friday afternoons
  • Students who are in need of financial assistance do not have to pay while registering online, and should contact their counselors.
Bagged lunch will be available for purchase on Thurs, Jan 17th after exams in the cafeteria. Lunch will not be offered 1/16 or 1/18. 

2019-2020 Course Program Guide 
A vailable online 
Information on the 2019-20 course selection process will be coming towards the end of January in the Involve. Please watch for this!

January 11, 2019, Hartford, WI,  Hartford Union High School (HUHS) invites students, parents, and community members to an information session on the Emergency Medical Professions and a new EMT class HUHS is offering to students and community members, Wednesday January 23, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in the HUHS Drama Lecture Hall.
HUHS, in conjunction with the Hartford Fire and Rescue Department, MPTC, and Advocate Aurora Health Care, will be presenting information on EMS/EMR/EMT/Paramedic potential careers, pathways, compensation/benefits, and more. Below is the informational session's agenda.
HUHS will also talk about the new course offering, Basic EMT class, for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year available for juniors and seniors. Through "Start College Now", students who take this class may earn up to five college credits. HUHS and MPTC teachers and staff who teach health related classes will also be on hand to answer questions about course and program opportunities and pathways that will prepare students for a career in Emergency Medical Services, and other health related areas.
"I think it's important for current 8th graders (HUHS incoming freshman) and current freshmen and sophomores who are making choices about their classes for next year, to understand another career path choice is available to them." said Jon Duhr, Director of Teaching and Learning at HUHS. "If Emergency Medical Services is something they are interested in, there are many classes we offer that will help prepare them to take the EMT class as a junior or senior."
In addition, the Basic EMT class at HUHS will be available to adults in the community who would like to take the class and pursue a career in Emergency Medical Services.
The Basic EMT class will be taught by a Certified Level 2 Instructor from MPTC, and the time of day is yet to be determined. 192 class hours are required, as well as 10 patient contacts.
Student fees for the course include supplies, background checks, the national registry exam, etc. Tuition and book costs for HUHS students are paid for by the District.
HUHS students interested in the Basic EMT class should talk with their counselors about registration. Community members, please contact Jon Duhr (262.670.3299 or jon.duhr@huhs.org).
Hartford 4th At State We The People Competition

These AP Government and Politics students put forth one of the strongest efforts ever, but still fell short of beating Oshkosh West for that coveted third-place spot. We are the only team of (primarily) sophomores who haven't had a US History class yet, so, as always, these Hartford students exceeded their expectations.  
Unit 1
Rylie Christnovich
Abby Hawkins
Jenna Mann
Grace Schmitt
Haleigh Yesko

Unit 2
Rebecca Colwell
Benjamin Einwalter
Delaney Hennes
Georgia Krukar
Courtney Mathis

Unit 3
Jessa Bea
Valerie Biddulph
Cassidy Loosen
Benjamin Loosen
Ella Merklein
Richard Pauzar

Unit 4
Marina Weber
Reese Komp
Tyler Parteka
Jessica Waters
Lora Witt

Unit 5
Ariel Birkel
Alaina Brown
Bleon Muqaj
Grace Nelson
Anna Roskopf
Milena Weber

Unit 6
Katarina Aranquiz
Rachel Norton
Alyssa Peters
Calais Roemer
Olivia Tadlock
Isabella Wendorff

Congratulations DECA Competitors!
The HUHS DECA team competed remarkably well this past weekend at the 5th
District Regionals.  Competing in ten events ranging from Accounting to Retail Merchandising, seven HUHS students are advancing to compete at the Wisconsin State competition at Lake Geneva in March 4-6. Please wish these competitors luck; Tony Cirillo, Stephanie Gavin, Leah Hasby, Thomas Kellicut, Marley Kreger, Annabelle Noyes, and Sophia Stingl.

We're hiring!
Technology Services Supervisor apply here!

Rotary Students of the Month
Matthew Becker

Katherine Brockhaus

Michael Scepanski
` Parents of Seniors  `
Looking for an opportunity to express your love and pride for your Senior student in a sentimental way?  Here is your opportunity!  A Senior Baby Ad is a personal message and photo that you can submit to be printed in the 2019 Yearbook.  Senior Baby Ads from last year can be viewed starting on page 156 of the 2018 Yearbook; a sample is also attached.
Each Senior Baby ad is $35.00, which covers the printing costs and makes the World Beat section of our yearbook possible.  If you are interested, please send in the following:
1.         A baby photo of your Senior that meets the following requirements:
a.         Aged 5 years or younger
b.        Photos should be approximately 2"x3"
c.         For best printing quality, 300dpi is preferred
2.         A brief message to your Senior - no longer than 3 sentences!
3.         Payment of $35.00 (cash or check made out to HUHS)
4.         The first and last name of your Senior
5.         Confirmation email address

Senior Baby Ads should be submitted via email by sending the above information to   yearbook@huhs.org whenever possible.  You can also mail your submissions to the following mailing address:
                Hartford Union High School
                Attn: Sara Sturm
                805 Cedar Street
                Hartford WI 53027
Submitted photographs will not be automatically returned.  We cannot take any responsibility for damage that may occur to photographs, so please do not submit irreplaceable pictures.  If you would like your picture back, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Photos will be returned following spring break.
Senior Baby Ads must be submitted by Friday, January 18.  Late Senior Baby Ads will not be accepted.
Please note, Senior Baby Ads are NOT THE SAME as the childhood photos that are used in the Graduation ceremony slideshow.  Childhood photos for Graduation are due March 1 and should be submitted here:  https://goo.gl/forms/VRui67Q2gJzLLNTj1 .
Please email  yearbook@huhs.org with any questions or concerns!  Haven't ordered your yearbook yet?   Click here to do so!


New Skyward Family Access Feature
Beginning immediately all parents/guardians will receive weekly emails if your child is receiving a 70% or lower in any of their courses. Parents/Guardians may also choose to have Progress Reports emailed to them at their chosen frequency.
Adjustments and changes to the frequency of these emails may be made by following the instructions.  To enlarge instructions, click  HERE
Wittenberger Bus Service Seeks Drivers! 
·          Is your child or grandchild riding a bus to school?
·          Are you available between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. in the morning?
·          How about 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon?
·          Can't drive 5 days a week? What about one or two days a week?

Don't think you can handle a big bus? Stop by and we will let you  take one for a spin around our parking lot.
·          We will train you.
·          We offer benefits.
·          You can take your student with you on the route.
·          Plus you get time off when there is no school.
Help us help the HUHS!
Call Dawn at 262-673-3777 for more information.
Leave a message if you get an answering machine. We are probably out driving!
Thank you!
HUHS Scholarship Foundation 
Application Forms

The HUHS Scholarship Foundation application forms are available for seniors.   Scholarship information and application link:
Forms require both student and parent signatures, and are due no later than Friday, February 22, 2019 by 3:00 pm in the Counseling Office.
No applications will be taken after that date and time.

Board members from the HUHS Scholarship Foundation will be on hand on Wednesday, January 23rd and Tuesday January 29th to answer any questions you may have about the Scholarship Foundation application process.  If you wish to stop in, they will be in the District Office Conference Room (across from the small gym) from 2:00-3:00 both days. 
HUHS Baseball Scoreboard

HUHS Baseball is looking to install a new scoreboard for the 2019 season. If you are interested in a sponsorship panel, please
contact Athletic Director Scott Helms for details.

ACT Work Keys Test Date Change
Juniors will take the regular ACT at HUHS on Wednesday, February 20 as part of the statewide administration; however, the administration date for the ACT Work Keys has changed:  juniors will take the ACT Work Keys exam on Wednesday, March 13. 
The ACT exam days can be stressful and trying.  We are moving the ACT Work Keys exam to March so that students do not have two testing days back-to-back.  Our goal is to have juniors rested and rejuvenated for both exams.

In addition, DPI will be including both the ACT exam and the Work Keys exam as part of the annual School Report Card score.  It is important that students are focused and ready to do their very best on both exams. 
·        February 20, 2019:  ACT; 7:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.; Juniors only
o        Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors are not in attendance.
·        March 13, 2019:  ACT Work Keys; 7:30 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.; Juniors only
o        Freshmen, Sophomores, Seniors:  late start at 11:20 a.m
In the Classroom
Over the past few years, the AP BioPsych Bundle class has had multiple students that are colorblind.  This can be challenging for the student as the course uses many visuals where seeing color or changes in color make a difference in their processing and understanding of the material.  Thanks to the Social Studies and Ag/Science Departments, a pair of glasses created by EnChroma were purchased to help students that are red/green colorblind see those colors for the first time.
Here is a  short video clip of one AP BioPsych Bundle student seeing the color of a Christmas tree for the first time.  It sent chills down our spines when sitting in the room seeing this reaction live.  Leah will now be able to use these glasses to help her better understand the colored visuals used in class.  Leah also said she is looking to get her own pair of glasses to use in her everyday life!

Student Services

Does your senior have everything they need to make one of the most important decisions of their lives? Students who apply early to college are in a better position to capture financial aid and make important decisions that impact their college applications.   Seniors should be applying to post-secondary institutions if they haven't already begun to do so.    Apply online to any University of Wisconsin campus
At Apply.wisconsin.edu.    Information on Wisconsin private colleges/universities can be found online at    www.wisconsinsprivatecolleges.org   Wisconsin technical college information will be found at   www.witechcolleges.org       These websites are designed to be primary resources for easy access and information about the colleges, academics, degrees, athletics, and so much more!!    Don't delay in applying because housing and scholarship opportunities are often connected with admission. Remember:
  College Application Tip
Save the speech.  Tell the tale. No need to stress out about the college application essay or be nervous if you think of it as a conversation or a story about yourself.  You aren't giving a speech to thousands of people but someone in the Admissions Office who really wants to hear it! The essay is a story that means something to you and if you are able to convey that meaning to Admissions, you've done the job.
Seniors can talk to their English teachers for assistance or keep in mind there are peers available in the Writing Center in the LMC during Flex.
Badger Boys/Girls State Program
Does your student have an interest in government and citizenship? Do they display qualities of leadership, good moral character, cooperativeness, dependability, and participate in co-curricular activities? Consider the Badger Boys or Girls State Program. It's an exciting week of meeting new students, staying on a college campus, and experiencing dorm life. There's campaigning, pep rallies, State Fair, talent shows, recreational programs, music, discussion sessions, sports, etc. It's a sponsored event, so there's no cost to the participants.
Requirements: Student must be in the top half of his or her class; be a US Citizen; and able to participate in the entire week of activities.
The Girls State Program is the week of June 16-21, 2019, on the UW-Oshkosh campus.  The Boys State Program is the week of June 8-15, 2019, on the Ripon College campus.  You must be able to attend the entire session.  If you are interested in the program, please check your calendar for availability.
If you would like to be considered for this prestigious opportunity, you must submit a short statement to the Student Services Office by Friday, February 15.  The statement should be typed and answer the following question:  How will attending Badger State help me to make a difference in my community?  Please include a list of co-curricular activities and any office held.
A selection committee will evaluate the statement, activities, class rank, etc., and determine which 2 girls and 3 boys will represent HUHS this summer.  Students will be notified accordingly.
If you would like more information about the programs, please go to either:

Educational Spotlight - Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin
Students can study and experience music through many different ways at Lawrence, whether it is in the Bachelor of Music program, Bachelor of Arts in Music program, the flagship double-degree Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor Music program, or simply performing in ensembles while pursuing a non-music major. No matter what a student's musical and academic goals are, Lawrence will work to help achieve them all.    http://www.lawrence.edu/
Tuesdays at HUHS are Career FLEXploration day

Tuesdays at HUHS are Career FLEXploration day. Local businesses come in during our FLEX/lunch time and set up near the cafeteria. Students can talk with business reps about the education, training, and soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Many businesses have job opportunities available and will participate in Youth Apprenticeship. 

Next week Tues  day January 15th 10:45am -12:20pm

Health Services
The Health Room is located in the Attendance Office and is staffed Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m. until 3:15 p.m during the school year.

Please, remind your student that they always need to come to the Health Room with any health concerns and to not call, e-mail or text home to leave school.  The Health Technician will always call the parent or emergency contact to arrange for the student to leave school when ill.  

If a student talks, e-mails or texts their parent on their own and then they leave school without contacting a staff member and receiving a permit to leave, they are considered truant from school.

2018-2019 Yearbooks
Go to www.jostens.com  to order your 2018-2019 yearbook

For those who ordered a 2017-2018 yearbook, the spring sports and activities supplement is now available.  Front Lobby Receptionist to pick up yours!
HUHS Booster Club
Interested in learning more about the Booster Club? visit our website: 

  • Please join us for a meeting, held the 3rd Wed. of each month, 7-8pm in Room 103 at HUHS.
  • Looking to buy a stadium chair, scarf or window cling? Please visit us at the concession stand or see chair order form on our website.
HUHS Parents! We need your help filling all of our concession stand shifts for the very busy upcoming Basketball and Wrestling season! 

Have a few hours to spare? If so, please click on this Sign up Genius link to take a shift or two. Don't worry if you haven't worked before, we will show you the ropes!

Thank you for your continued support of our HUHS athletes and Booster Club.
Any questions, please reach out to Kelly Morey at  kmorey@mcw.edu
ACT Testing
Looking for FREE  resources to prepare your student(s) for the ACT? Click  HERE  to go to the ACT Academy website!

All students considering a two or four-year college experience are reminded to take the ACT test during their junior year.  Students can register for the ACT at 
www.actstudent.org. When registering, students will need the HUHS school code, which is 500-850.   Please remember to check the website to see if the college(s) your son or daughter is considering requires or recommends the ACT writing test.   The test fee for the ACT is $50.50 and the ACT with writing is $67.00.   If you feel you cannot afford the test fee, please ask your child's counselor if you are eligible for a fee waiver. 
HUHS is an ACT test center for all testing dates (except February 9).  The test dates for the 2018-2019 school year are:
October 27, 2018            December 8, 2018                 February 9, 2019                    April 13, 2019                 June 8, 2019                     July 13, 2019

Note:   Please keep in mind all juniors are required by state law to take the ACT at the high school on February 20 (no cost to the student on February 20).    When considering whether or not to sign up to take the February 9 or April 13 ACT, it may be best for students to take the February 20 test, then decide whether or not to retake the test in June or July based upon February results.
Congratulations December Athlete of the Month-  Swimmer Dylan Webb
In This Issue
Quick Links
Calendar of Events
JAN 16-18 Semester Exams

JAN 28 - Board of Education Meeting

FEB 2 - Snowcoming Dance


FEB 13 - Band Concert

FEB 20 - Juniors ACT Test

FEB 25- Orchestra Concert @CMS

FEB 27 - Choral Concert

MAR 9 - Solo Ensemble

MAR 13 - Junior ACT Work Keys test
Reminder on School Bus Safety!
Open Positions
Custodial Staff
3rd Shift 
Apply HERE
Substitute Teachers

Kitchen Staff

Technology Services Supervisor

Athletics & Activities
JV Baseball Coach
JV Assistant Baseball Coach
Head Boys Golf
Assistant Boys Golf
Assistant Competitive Dance
Assistant Girls Track
Girls Pole Vault Coach
Girls Throws Coach
Boys Throws Coach

Contact Scott Helms if interested
2018-2019 Testing Dates
ACT - February 9
ACT -  February 20
ACT WorkKeys - March 13
Make-Up ACT -  March 12
Make-Up ACT WorkKeys - April 3
ACT April 13
ACT Aspire -  April 24th  (9+10 grade)
AP Testing -  May 6-17
ACT - June 9
ACT - July 13

Click HERE to read HUHS Ovations
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HUHS & Hartford Community Events and Fundraisers
Support the HUHS Scholarship Foundation with Amazon Smile
Click  here  for details on how to set this up.
Snowed In at the Movies Need Volunteers!
Snowed in at the Movies will be held  Friday, January 25th at  9:00pm.  Elevate is in need of  volunteers. Volunteers would need to be there at 8:30pm to help with any last minute setup.  The event will run until 6:00am on January 26th, but we understand that not everyone will be able to stay the entire night. 
If you would be interested in volunteering for the night or a portion of the night, please contact Jessica Warden, Program Director at Elevate.  Email her at  jwarden@elevateyou.org

Click  here for the registration form.
Sideline Sale!

Happy New Year from your Sideline Team!!!!
Between now and January 26th @ 11:59pm EST to receive 15% off all FLEECE!!!
We are starting this year off with an amazing sale for you and your community. All fleece will receive 15% off when added to your cart. There is no promotion code required, the discount will appear on the items in your carts. Order HERE 

 Use code SAVE20 at checkout to receive 20% off when you place an order of $75 or more
Hartford Community Happenings

The Hartford Business Improvement District is constantly organizing awesome events in our city. Click  here  to go to their facebook page.
Schauer Arts Center Classes
Click HERE to view
Mascot Banking
Open a qualified Checking account and receive $150 for you and $150 for the Band Booster Club or HUHS Booster Club, You choose! Click HERE for more information.

Hartford Rotary Club Presents A Night of Wine Tasting & Specialty Beers  Flyer

 Tip Line
HUHS & HuTerra Rewards
HUHS is now using the My HuTerra App to raise HuTerra Rewards for the Hartford Athletic Department By downloading the free and simple My HuTerra app we are able to raise funds when we all shop for the things we want and need. This includes being able to visit local stores and shop at over 1000 stores online.  These stores include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, Sam's Club and many others! We are so excited to see how much we can all raise for the Athletic Department. You can even scan in previous Amazon purchases. Following the directions blow and simple take a picture of your invoice on your computer screen. It is that simple!!
All you need to do to support Hartford Athletics:
1.      Download the "My HuTerra" app.
2.      Select "HARTFORD UNION HIGH ATHLETICS as your fundraiser.
3.      Shop at participating local businesses and any of the online stores
4.      Scan your receipt under the "Scan to Give" section of the app and you're done!
It's just that easy! Shop, scan, give!

  Instructions  on how to download and begin to utilize the app today. You'll also find an instructional video on the app within the "What's New" section that explains the program in more detail.

HUHS & Shutterfly
Raise money for HUHS Athletics while you shop at  Shutterfly HERE  before you begin shopping at Shutterfly and help us reach our goal of $500.00!
Athletics and Activities
Athletics & Activities Recap
The Hartford JV wrestlers competed in the JV State Qualifying Tournament this weekend in Port Washington. The following Wrestlers qualified for JV State Tournament:  Tyler Rakowski (1st place), Zander Fluhr (2nd place) and Cael Schoemann (3rd place).  Congratulations and good luck at State!!!

The Hartford Wrestling team won the team title at the Bauer Brawl Wrestling Tournament this weekend.  Here are the individual results: 1st place - Tyler Klein, Daniel Driessen, Jalen Spuhler & Jared Stark. 2nd place - Connor Gishkowsky, Collin Johrendt & Nic Hoefler. 3rd place - Kobi Kirsh & Justus Ojo. GREAT JOB WRESTLERS!!!

Orioles wrestling wins tourney
Daily News
Hartford Union's wrestling team had four individual champions, which helped the Orioles win the team title during the Bauer Brawl at West Allis Nathan Hale on Saturday.
Hartford scored 207 points, besting host Hale by 12. Tyler Klein (106 pounds), Daniel Driessen (126), Jalen Spuhler (132) and Jered Stark (152) all won individual titles.
Klein (23-5) had two thirdperiod pins to get to the title match, which he won by a 5-3 decisionagainst Franklin's Sabri Sino. Driessen (20-10)had two pins and a decision,
with a pin against Franklin's Jacob Goldschmidt in the first period of the championship.
Spuhler (27-1) had three pins on the day - all in the first period. He beat Cudahy's Troy Daub in the title match. Stark (15-6) had two pins and won his semifinal match by injury default. Stark pinned Sussex Hamilton's Chad Holzem during the third period of the championship.
The Orioles had three wrestlers in title bouts place second - Connor Gishkowsky (138), Collin Johrendt (182) and Nic Hoefler (285).
Kobi Kirsch (170) and Justus Ojo (220) both placed third, while Andrew Balmer was fourth (113) and Adam Sterman placed fifth (145).
Members of the Hartford Union wrestling team pose for a photo after winning the Bauer Brawl on Saturday at West Allis Nathan Hale High School. Submitted photo

Hartford Union wrestling beats West Bend West
Daily News
The Hartford Union wrestling team used five consecutive pins early in its match against West Bend West to earn a 51-26 North Shore Conference victory Thursday.
After the teams traded forfeits at 113 and 120 pounds, Hartford's Daniel Driessen started the string of pins with a fall in 57 seconds at 126. Teammate Jaden Spuhler followed with a 43-second pin at 132, then Connor Gishkowsky
recorded one in 1:24 at 138. Adam Sterman had a pin in 55 seconds at 145 and Jered Stark ended the streak with a fall in 2:49 at 152 pounds.
The Orioles led 36-6 after seven matches.
West's Josh Johnson recorded an 11-2 major decision at 160. He was followed by teammate Jason DiCesare, who also had a major decision (13-5) at 170.
Collin Johrendt then had an 8-3 decision for the Orioles at 182.
West's Ben Lukasz earned a third-period pin at 195 and the Spartans received a forfeit at 220 to pull within 39-26.
Hartford won the final two matches - one by a pin at 2:40 from Nic Hoefler at 285 pounds and the other via forfeit at 106. East 53, Port Washington 23 West Bend East beat Port Washington during a North Shore Conference dual Thursday.
Winning for the Suns were Cooper Schlosser at 160 by pin, 170-pounder Brady Schmidt by a 12-11 decision, 106-pounder Cael Pionkowski
by technical fall, 126-pounder Tyson Renken by pin, 138-pounder Jordan Ward by a 6-0 decision and 145-pounder Damian Zapata by pin.
Crosby Schlosser (152) won by injury default, while Darrin Parve (113) and Cayden Henschel (132) won by forfeit. The Suns improved to 5-0, tied for first with Slinger in the North Shore's Western Division.
The divisional title dual is next Thursday at Slinger.

Spurred by the competition and fueled by weeks of hard holiday training, the OriOwls swam to 28 best times. However, Nicolet's experienced strength was too much for Hartford-Slinger's young team and sent the OriOwls home with a 61-108 loss to the Knights.  
Top scorers were:
Adam Marx - 1st in 50 Free & 100 Back (personal best!)
Bobby Klockow - 1st in 200 Free (personal best!) & 500 Free
Quinn Worman - 2nd in 200 IM (personal best!), 3rd in 100 Breast
Logan DeBack - 2nd in 100 Fly, 3rd in 200 Free
Nick Neuman - 3rd in 100 Free
As well as the 2nd place relays of
200 Medley (Bobby, Quinn, Logan, Adam)
200 Free (Nick N., Logan, Evan Staton, Quinn)
400 Free (Bobby, Nick N., Evan, Adam)

BOYS SWIMMING Nicolet 108, Hartford-Slinger 61
Despite earning four wins, and swimming to what Hartford Union coach Marcie Norton
called "best times," which were attained "by weeks of hard holiday training," the co-op fell to the Knights in Glendale.
Adam Marx won the 100-yard backstroke (1 minute, 1.68 seconds) and 50 freestyle (24.1), while Robert Klockow won the 200 freestyle
(2:00.00) and 500 freestyle (5:23.75). The co-op's relay all placed second.

Congratulations to the Varsity Gymnastics Team on their 1st place finish at the 10 Team West Bend Invite Saturday. They finished with a season high score of 137.475. Great Job girls!
High school gymnastics
Orioles keep on rolling
Hartford Union wins WBW Invitational
By Gidal Kaiser
gkaiser@conleynet.com 262-306-5051
Start with a bang.
Hartford Union's gymnastics team opened Saturday's West Bend West Invitational with a 35.1 score on the vault during the event's first round. It was the third-highest rotation score of the day and set the Orioles up for a 2.3-point victory over North Shore Conference rival Nicolet and the invitational championship at day's end.
Hartford Union scored 137.475 points, while Nicolet scored a 135.175. The Orioles registered a 35.125 on the balance beam, and had the highest score during three of the four rotations.
"That was a strong meet, especially for how hard they were scoring today," junior Myia Robinson said. "I think we did great."
Added freshman Alyssa Ohm, "We all have faith in each other and we all know that we can do it. We all believe in each other, cheer each other on. That's a major factor that helps us."
West Bend East placed sixth with 126.9 points, while meet host West Bend West placed seventh with 126.575 points.
The Orioles' day began with the vault, which is an element Hartford's gymnasts have had a love-hate relationship with over the past two seasons. Robinson threw in her tsukahara for the first time this season Saturday, head coach Mary Scherr said, while Emily Perkowski is still working on fully forming hers.
"We were glad to get vault out of the way," the coach added. "They have some big vaults, and they're nerve-wracking. They definitely have the
capability to do them, but it's still scary (for them). But it's part of gymnastics - it's a tough sport."
Senior Annie Mularski scored a 9.25 to place second, while Perkowski (8.9) was sixth and Robinson (8.65) placed 10th. Ohm (8.3) tied for 17th, while sophomore Ally Zickert (8.0) tied for 27th.
"Yes, very much," Robinson said of being relieved the vault was first. "I wanted us to start with an event we were strong with, and that I know it's mental for us. That's why it's best to get it over with.
"We came in, and we all landed them."
Mularski and Perkowski again paved the way for a thinned-down Orioles squad. Mularski placed second in all-around (36.175), and Perkowski (35.175) was third. Robinson (33.35) was ninth, while Ohm (32.425) and Zickert (30.85) was 20th.
Hartford had just five available for the varsity portion, as a few others were off on a schoolsponsored academic excursion.
"As a team without having some people we normally have, we did really well and pushed through and earned a win," Ohm said. "We all have faith in each other and we all know that we can do it. We all believe in each other, cheer each other on. That's a major factor that helps us."
Mularski won the uneven bars gold medal  with a 9.1, while four of the five Orioles placed between fourth and ninth on the balance beam.
"The goal is to keep moving up each meet. We've been steadily doing that. I don't think we had anything amazing today. We just were steady and there is still lots of room for improvement. (We're) Capable of a lot more."
The Suns had seniors Amber Dricken and Sydney Spaeth back for a three
rotations. Dricken placed seventh on the uneven bars (8.325) and 20th on the balance beam. Spaeth placed 14th on the floor exercise (8.5).
Hartford Union's Myia Robinson, foreground, Alyssa Ohm, background left, and Emily Perkowski all played large parts in the Orioles' team win at Saturday's West Bend West Invitational. Hartford scored 137.475 points to claim the 10-team event.Gidal Kaiser/Daily News

Congratulations to the Varsity Gymnastics Team on their win against Homestead Wednesday with a season high score of 139.45. Great Job Girls! 

ANNIE MULARSKI, Hartford Union Hartford Union:
The senior led the Orioles to a pair of North Shore Conference wins and the
West Bend West Invitational title. She won the allaround competition (35.63) in a victory against Port Washington and was runner-up all-around (36.175) at the West invitational as the Orioles scored 137.475 points. Mularski won the uneven bars with a 9.1. She won allaround gymnast (36.675) against  Homestead.

Orioles gymnastics wins again
Daily News
Hartford Union's Annie Mularski and Emily Perkowski went 1-2 in the allaround competition during a 139.45-133.425 North ShoreConference dual meet home
victory against Homestead on Wednesday.
The team score was a season- high. Mularski scored a 36.675, edging Perkowski by 0.05 points.
Mularski won three events for the Orioles - balance beam (9.3), floor exercise (9.075) and vault (9.2). She was second on the uneven bars (9.1).
Perkowski was second on balance beam (9.0) and vault (8.95). She also placed third on the floor (8.85). Ally Zickert completed the 1-2-3 Hartford finish on balance beam with an 8.8.

Ski Team
The Ski Team competed against Kettle Moraine, Cedarburg, Nicolet and Franklin in a Slalom conference  race at Little Switzerland on Thursday Jan 10th.
The girls varsity team took first place. 
Boys varsity took second place.  
Boys JV took first place for the second week in a row!
Congrats to Hartford varsity racers Ella Merklein,  Delaney Hennes, and JV racer Francisco Roxas! 

On Sunday, Jan 13 the ski team competes at Sunburst at 5:00 pm against Brookfield Central, Whitefish Bay, and Brookfield East.

Chess Club 
Congratulations to the Varsity Chess Team for defeating Kewaskum 30 to 

10 last week.  Allan Kreuser played a tough match on board 1, and then 
Vince Hesprech won on board 2, Mitchell Zingsheim won on board 3, 
Malachi Hummel won on board 4, and Nathan Weis won on board 5.

The Hartford JV team won 8 out of 9 matches.

2018-2019 Information


New This Year - Clubs & Activities Online Registration
Starting for the 2018-19 school year, all students wishing to participate in activities, clubs or sports will need to complete the Online Forms through Skyward Family/Student access.  All steps need to be marked as completed including step #8 "SUBMIT SY19 ATHLETIC/CO-CURRICULAR FORMS".  Online Forms only need to be completed once per school year, so if a student participates in a sport as well as a club or activity the Online Forms only need to complete once.

If the student is only participating in an activity or club but will not be participating in a sport, they may mark step 3 complete and do not need to have a Physical Clearance Form completed by their Physician.  

Once the online forms have been completed, the student will then need to pick up an "Orange Card" from the Co-Curricular Office clearing them to participate in their activity or club. Activity/Club organizers will inform students of this change at the first sign up meeting and collect the orange cards before the next regularly scheduled meeting.
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