March 24, 2017
 Hartford Union High School District
March Rotary Students of the Month
The Hartford Rotary is pleased to announce the senior Students of the Month for March are Laura Kregel and Jordyn Schultz. This honor is based on academics, character, leadership, co-curricular, and volunteer work. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding accomplishments!

Laura Kregel 
Jordyn Schultz

April Rotary Students of the Month
The Hartford Rotary is pleased to announce the senior Students of the Month for April are Cora Meinberg and Tasha Rusch. This honor is based on academics, character, leadership, co-curricular, and volunteer work. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding accomplishments!

Cora Meinberg
Tasha Rusch

Educator of the Year Nominations
It is time once again to begin the annual selection for the Educator of the Year award. Each year, one of the outstanding educators at HUHS is recognized through this award for his or her efforts on behalf of our students. Although only one educator is presented the award per year, the selection process offers the opportunity for students, parents, other teachers and staff, and administrators to provide recognition for outstanding educators by nominating them for this award. The recipient of the Educator of the Year award is recognized at the Hartford Rotary Awards Banquet in May and becomes the HUHS nominee for the Herb Kohl Fellowship for the following school year.
The nomination process is just beginning. Nomination forms by clicking  here, in the Main Office, or from the front lobby receptionist. The criteria for the award and the requirements for the nomination process are described on the nomination form. All nominations must be signed and submitted to Dan Dobner or the front receptionist by  3:00 PM on  Friday, March 31, 2017. A committee of past award winners, students, and administrators will review the nominations and meet the week of  April 3 to select the 2017 HUHS Educator of the Year.
I hope you will participate in this year's nomination process. In addition, please encourage students to participate by completing a nomination form. Nominees will receive a copy of all nominations submitted on their behalf. Please see Dan Dobner if you have any questions regarding this award.
Thank you for your participation.    
AP Pacesetter School!
HUHS has been named as a Level III AP Pacesetter school for the 2016 test results. What this means is that we have over 10% of our student body taking the tests and of that population, 60% or more have scored a 3 or above, a 3 is considered "passing". Of the 424 schools that were data-mined in 2015-16, 92 schools in Wisconsin were identified as a Level III AP Pacesetter school. Congratulations, AP Teachers and Students for all of your hard work!

Trigstar Competition

The annual Trigstar test took place on Wednesday, March 22,  Math Teacher, Ms. Jennifer Pitterle organized the event at HUHS for the ninth year in a row with help from Ms. Edmonds and Ms. Dubnicka. The Trigstar contest is Sponsored by the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS) and the Milwaukee Chapter of the WSLS. Proctored by Matt O'Rourke Project Surveyor at Landtech Surveying located in Ashippun, WI. The contest focuses on Questions that require right triangle trig, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, and precision to degrees, minutes, and seconds. The purpose of the competition is to promote the career of Civil Engineering and Trigonometry. Student's placing in 1st receive a monetary prize of $90 and the chance to compete at state, 2nd place receives $45 and 3rd place receives $15, congratulations to our top 3 students:
1st Place:  Anika Kastelic
2nd Place:  Matthew Becker
3rd Place:  Melissa Bohn
Art Field Trip
On March 17th the art teachers, Ms. Dawn Romano-Bloomer and Ms. Kristen Kieckhaefer took a group of students from AP Studio, AP Art History, Painting 2, and Drawing 2 to the Art Institute in Chicago. It is so rewarding watching the students as they see the art they have discussed and studied in person for the first time. 

English Senior Seminar Class
Communication Studies, a section of the English Senior Seminar class, ended the quarter with demonstration speeches.  Students were able to exhibit their expertise in various areas.  Communication Studies focuses on public speaking, as well as leading and facilitating group discussions

Tiana Dorosz 
The Basics of Tennis

Josh Beaudoin  
How to rotate tires

Sheila Weninger 
How to care for and show goats

Daughters of the American Revolution - Good Citizen Award
Honor students, athletic leaders and musicians are among the seven Washington County high school seniors who were recognized as Good Citizen honorees by the local chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.   The annual selection process is determined by each school's staff to select one student who exemplifies dependability, service, leadership and patriotism, said Marie Schmidt, Good Citizen program chairwoman for the Joseph Marest chapter.  "Once again we have the pleasure of honoring some outstanding young people who have already made strong contributions to the community," she said. "Every year, we are amazed by all that they have been able to accomplish at such a young age.  The 2017 recipients are: Chloe Christiaansen, Hartford Union High School, daughter of Wendy Smith  and Scott Christiaansen. She is co-president of Student Council, a National Honor Society officer and a participant in Mock Trial. Outside of work, Christiaansen is a waitress. She plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to major in English and creative writing

Winners of the 2017 Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Awards are, from left, Kara Conley, Hailey Herriges, Alison Wolf, Maria Tischer, Kayla Fixel, Chloe Christiaansen and Meredith Vande Zande. The students represent the seven high schools in Washington County. The winners were honored during a ceremony on March 16 at Cedar Ridge.  Jill Badzinski/For the Daily News

The HUHS SMART team participated at the Milwaukee School of Engineering Poster session Tuesday, March 21. SMART team (Students Modeling A Research Topic) is an extension of our PLTW: Biomedical Innovation course. These students modeled MeCP2 for Dr. Gigi Makky from the school of Biomedical Sciences at Marquette. Mutations in the genetic sequence that codes for MeCP2 have been linked to RETT syndrome, a debilitating neurological disorder. Multiple researchers were impressed by our student's ability to articulate a very complicated molecular story, and a few of them requested to work with our team next year. In the image from left to right, Monica Bertucci, Hannah Weiss, Nicole Weber, Hanna Bertucci, Tiana Dorosz, Morgan Lentz, Jordyn Schultz, and Adam Heimermann. A very special thanks goes out to Judy Birschbach at the CBM for her guidance and to Mrs. Lauer for helping us get to MSOE!
Leadership & Project Management
Students from the Leadership and Project Management class were invited to speak to the Downtown Project Management Team at their monthly meeting at First National Bank.  Team members include people from the following organizations:  Hartford Area Development Corporation, Hartford Business Improvement District, Hartford Chamber of Commerce, and City of Hartford.  Students were tasked with finding out current perception of Hartford and what can be done to improve that perception which included finding out what types of restaurants, stores, activities that are lacking in Hartford.  Even though there were only two students that were able to present, this was a whole class project.  
If there is a way that the Leadership and Project Management class could assist you or your business, please feel free to contact   Michelle Kutz.

PLTW Heart Dissections
The Project Lead the Way (Principles of Biomedical Sciences) class completed heart dissections to explore the structure and function of the human heart.  They'll use this knowledge as they continue to explore factors surrounding a mystery death...

AP Literature
Mrs. Parker's AP Literature classes are playing Literary Madness , their own version of March Madness.  At the beginning of the month, students voted on their favorite pieces that they have read throughout the year, as well as a few foundational pieces from the English Curriculum.  The top 32 pieces of literature were seeded and bracketed.  Every day the students review a match up, discuss each piece's merit, and decide which piece is moving on.  Mrs. Parker is using this bracket as a way to help the students review the works of literature for the upcoming AP test.

Free Workshop - Equipping Children with Money Management Skills & Family Values

This workshop is ideal for parents and guardians with children ranging in age from tots to teens and wanting to raise financially capable kids! Attendees will acquire ideas, techniques, and strategies to teach money management while instilling their own family values and generate a unique plan specific for their family. Click here for more information.
Recognition at School Board Meeting
The following staff members were recognized at the Board Meeting:

Corey McCauly was honored for Educator of the Year for the Wisconsin Technology Education Association 
Jessica Carter was honored by Student Derritt Dietelmeier as part of Staff Recognition
Diane Boyer was honored for 9 years of service, as she will be leaving us this week.

Congratulations to Mr. Terry Wick!
Congratulations to Mr. Terry Wick, an AP Psychology and Social Studies teacher at Hartford Union High School for being selected to the American Psychology Association (APA) Summit on High School Psychology Education. Mr. Wick is one of forty AP Psychology teachers from across the country that was selected for this unique professional development opportunity. The application and selection process was competitive, as the summit works to strengthen the value, delivery, assessment, and reach of high school psychology.

The APA Summit on High School Psychology Education will take place at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah from  July 9 to July 14, 2017. The summit has been planned around eight themes, each representing an important aspect of high school psychology education. Mr. Wick has been selected to serve on the standards strand that will review the national standards to provide for a more uniform delivery across the country.

Mr. Wick is continuously working in collaboration with Psychology teachers around the country. Beyond attending the summit next summer, each summer for the last five years, Mr. Wick attends the AP Psychology test scoring sessions where he works with his colleagues to score all of the AP examinations from around the country. The experiences and relationships that he has built across the country have only improved the experiences and education that our students at HUHS receive.

This year, Mr. Wick has gone outside of the typical AP curriculum to offer a course that combines the intricacies of science and psychology to offer our students a dual-credit AP Biology/AP Psychology bundled course. Mr. Wick co-teaches this course with Science Teacher, Kevin Martin. At this time, we are unaware of another school in our country that is offering this type of learning opportunity. Mr. Wick and Mr. Martin have partnered with doctors and researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin to embrace the connections between Biology and Psychology. 
The s tudents enrolled in this course are getting up-to-date
medical research and studies to support the AP curricula. Students have shadowed researchers and analyzed data while the teachers have frequently visited with medical professional's weeknights throughout the year. Mr. Wick and Mr. Martin have shown a passion for their content areas while fusing them together to provide students with a second-to-none learning experience!

It is this professional development, research, and enthusiasm for psychology that allows for our AP Psychology program at HUHS to be one of the most successful in our school. Mr. Wick has continuously shared his passion for psychology to push his students to learn and be very successful in the field and in their next levels of education.

Click here to read the article in the Daily News March 21

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District Decision and Appeals Process
Dear Parents, Students, Staff, and Community,
The District Administration has developed a District Decision and Appeals Process that we believe will help all of us strengthen our communication, and help students, staff, parents, and community navigate the District's system more easily.  The process was initially developed by your District Leadership Team, and then reviewed and endorsed by the Board of Education.  The District Leadership Team will continue to update the Process periodically.   A few, brief notes about the Process are in order.
  • Attached, you will find the Purposes and Guide for the Process.
  • Next, you will find the District Decision and Appeals Process.  The far left column, Areas, lists the items about which you may need to make a contact.  The remaining columns (Initial Contact, First Level Appeal, etc.) are the people you should contact - in order from left to right - to help you.  Please follow the order given.
  • The last page is the list of Descriptors/Definitions which define the terms used in the Areas (far left) column of the Process.  That should help, too.
Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions about how to improve the Process.  You should communicate with your Principal, Dan Dobner, or you may contact me directly...
Thank you for the support of our students and staff. 
Attila J. Weninger, Ph.D., Superintendent

Understanding Childhood Anxiety Disorders
The Hartford Area Districts/Schools have identified the need for higher engagement with our parents regarding information on various issues that impact your students, you, and our schools.  To that end, we took a page from the Parents United presentations sponsored by Waukesha County schools.
  April 5 : Understanding and Treating Childhood Anxiety Disorders;  6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Click here   for the Anxiety Disorder Information

Health Minute
March is National Poison Awareness Month.
Many common household products such as laundry packs, hand sanitizer, synthetic marijuana and others items are highly poisonous.  The CDC estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of food-borne diseases. 
Poison centers offer free, private, confidential medical advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach your local poison center by calling 1-800-222-1222. This web site offers many helpful hints on reducing the risk of poisonings and mentions things you maybe never knew are toxic.  The American Association Of Poison Centers is also having a contest for a new logo with a $500.00 prize and National Recognition for a winner who submits a new design for the AAPCC.
Amazon Smile
The HUHS Scholarship Foundation Inc. provides scholarships to graduating seniors from HUHS who apply on line their senior year through the counseling department web site, generally right after the 1st of January each year.  The number of scholarships vary annually generally there are over 40 scholarships ranging in value from $700 - $2,000 to selected students.  The scholarship process is handled through HUHS and rating of scholarships and selection is handled through the Board of Directors of the foundation.

Our scholarship foundation has a registered account with AmazonSmile as a 503(c)(3) organization any purchases you make after selecting "HUHS Scholarship Foundation" as your charity of choice will receive a donation of 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases made through AmazonSmile.  

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on The difference is that when customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers. 

Thank you for supporting HUHS Scholarship Foundation Inc. and our deserving students!
School Closing Information

Please note the School Closing Information has been updated! Click here to see all of the information (Be Informed--School Closing Information).
Associate School Looking for Help
Central Middle School is participating in the Pack'er Up Donation Challenge.  Special Education Teacher Sue Gebben is having her students collect, count and prepare items for donation to Goodwill in the hopes of winning the challenge and having Packer Great Donald Driver come to their school. If you have any items for donation, please consider dropping it off at Central (1100 Cedar Street). Collection will continue through the Month of April.   If you have any questions you may contact  Sue Gebben.
Click  here to learn more about this fun challenge.
Hartford Community Happenings

The Hartford Business Improvement District is constantly organizing awesome events in our city. Click  here  to check out their website

BOOK SALE AT The Jack Russell Memorial Library

The Jack Russell Memorial Library is having their semi-annual book sale.

The dates are as follows:
Friday, April 7 10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday, April 8 9:00am - 12:00pm

Saturday  "book rules" are .25 cents per inch of books. 

Pizza for Programs

mini-pizza-spatula.jpgPapa Murphy's Pizza

Monday, April 10, 2017

Papa Murphy's will donate $2 for every large pizza sold that night. Proceeds will be used for the both the summer children's programs and the adult literacy program.
Please consider supporting the Friends of the Library by attending the book sale and/or donating books;(donations are accepted any time the library is open).
2017 Yearbook 

If you still need to purchase a yearbook for this year, please visit the Jostens website, and our school webpage to purchase the book this year. You can access the HUHS site, by clicking here .
Cabaret Night - Save the Date!

Focus On Connections

This year Hartford Union High School is once again seeking the assistance of local businesses and community members to continue the unique learning experience with our Focus on Connections event.  This event is required for all juniors to attend to simulate a month of financial responsibilities of their 27 year old self.  Our event is scheduled for May 3, 2017.
As a volunteer, you will play a key part in assisting our students with paying their monthly bills, and choosing appropriate entertainment based on their salary and budget.  If you, or someone you know, are interested in helping out please reply to Beth Hermann at 262-670-3200 ext. 208 or via email at
The date for this year's event is Wednesday, May 3, 2017.  The scheduled times for the event is 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM.  However, you should plan to arrive between 7:00 AM - 7:15 AM to check in at our Volunteer station.  If you cannot commit to a full day, that's fine.  We do offer a Shift A (7:00 AM - 10:30 AM) and Shift B (11:00 AM - 2:30 PM).  This information will be included in the follow up materials.

Student Services
WIAA PE Credit
            Boys Swimming                                 March 3, 2017
            Gymnastics                                       March 17, 2017
            Wrestling                                          March 17, 2017
            Hockey                                             March 17, 2017
            Girls Basketball                                  March 24, 2017
            Boys Basketball                                 March 31, 2017

Click  here for the form that needs to be completed and turned in to the CoCurricular Office by the above dates.
ACT Testing
All students considering a two or four-year college experience are reminded to take the ACT test during their junior year.  Students can register for the ACT at . When registering, students will need the HUHS school code, which is 500-850.   Please remember to check the website to see if the college(s) your son or daughter is considering requires or recommends the ACT writing test.   The test fee for the ACT is $42.50 and the ACT with writing is $58.50.   If you feel you cannot afford the test fee, please ask your child's counselor if you are eligible for a fee waiver. 
HUHS is an ACT test center for all testing dates. The test dates for the 2016-2017 school year are:  
April 8, 2017                                     
June 10, 2017
Note:   Please keep in mind all juniors are required by state law to take the ACT at the high school on February 28 (no cost to the student on February 28).  When considering whether or not to sign up to take the April 8 ACT, it may be best for students to take the February 28 test, then decide whether or not to retake the test based upon February results.
Moraine Park Technical College Visits
A representative from MPTC will be at HUHS April 6, during Resource period for one last visit for the 2016-17 school year

Transition and Resource Fair - SAVE THE DATE!

Some News from Activities & Athletics
Shamrock Shuffle Results

WIAA PE Credit Winter Sport Deadlines

            Boys Swimming                                 March 3, 2017
            Gymnastics                                       March 17, 2017
            Wrestling                                          March 17, 2017
            Hockey                                             March 17, 2017
            Girls Basketball                                  March 24, 2017
            Boys Basketball                                 March 31, 2017

Click here for the form that needs to be completed and turned in to the CoCurricular Office by the above dates.

Sideline Store Savings


HUHS Booster Club Needs You!
Booster is the club at HUHS that raises funds through concession sales and 50/50 raffles at various meets, games and matches. Last school year we raised and donated $24,000 to various teams in the school and in scholarships. We earn that money with help from our members. How can you help? Work a concession stand. This is easy - selling a hamburger, hotdog, popcorn or drink. That's it - it's that simple. Come meet others like you in the community who find volunteering both helpful and rewarding. Want to also be a member? Check out our link on the HUHS website @ There you can find a membership brochure that can be printed out and either mailed in or dropped off at the athletic office. Still have questions? Email

Be a member. If you are a member, have you volunteered time yet? We need you!

Coaching Positions
Assistant Competitive Dance Coach
Assistant Boys Volleyball Coach
Assistant Girls Volleyball Coach
Head Wrestling Coach
Head Boys Basketball Coach

Contact Scott Helms if interested
Hartford Union High School District | | | 805 Cedar Street
Hartford, WI 53027