Hello Everyone,

We will have a parent meeting this Sunday, January 13, following worship to catch up and follow up on all of our upcoming activities!

Friday, January 25-Sunday, January 27
All of the forms are available on the church website and in the church office. Please be sure to include ski rental, lift ticket & lesson information if it applies to you. Any minor not traveling with a parent, must be accompanied by an adult.

Our scheduled date is Wednesday, February 6. It is the same week as Midnight Run. Please let me know if you are able to help.

Friday, February 8. Prep starts at 4:00 PM at church. Anyone hoping to go on Midnight Run should also plan to be there for the preparations. The entire experience is the mission, not just the run to NYC. We will need 4 vehicles and can take a maximum of 12 youth.
We will need several teams for this mission...…
dinner crew, dinner clean up crew, sorting clothing, assembling hygiene kits, making sandwiches, someone to understand the route and have a map of the stops and how to get there most efficiently.

Do we have interest in this? It would be scheduled for Friday, March 15 (no school that day). We would go into NYC and take one of the public guided tours of our choice at the U.N. and then go across the street to the Presbyterian office. It is a powerful experience and could be very meaningful in shedding some light on the UNICEF Fast experience in April.

Friday, April 5-7
You may have March 22nd down for this date. I apologize for the confusion.
We need a volunteer to head up the poverty simulation. An amazing project that will take some planning and collaboration, but super meaningful and powerful for the youth. Please pray on this and let me know if you might feel the call for this mission.

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings

June 30-July 6 Summer Mission Trip to Washington D.C. Pilgrimage