Parent Partnership in Education Newsletter 

Though 2020 – 2021 brought many challenges, we can all agree how incredibly resilient our students, teachers, families, and community members have been! We hope that everyone is able take this summer to reset and reflect on all that we have accomplished as a community and move forward with a sense of renewed hope as you move forward. PSN would also like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to this years graduates-including Pre-k , kindergarten , middle school, high school, college and everyone who accomplished their goal this year.

Parent Support Network has dedicated this electronic newsletter to provide you with local resources and links to help you continue to cultivate resilience within yourselves, your communities and your families . We have included an article on "Mood Boosting Tips for Families During the Covid-19 Pandemic" by American Pediatrics and Selfcare tips for the whole family by Child Mind Institute and much more .

Parent Support Network continues open providing in person and virtual supports for parents, educators, community agencies, and advocates. We offer families peer mentor and educational specialists support, to assist caregivers and parents with their children's behavioral health and school related needs and up to date resources, virtual parent support groups and workshops. Our virtual workshops provide great resources and knowledge for parents, educators, and other professionals, to better support children who are at risk or who have a serious emotional, behavioral and/or mental health challenge. Check out our website often for updates.

Scroll down E-Newsletter for more detailed information about PSN's Peer Mentors ,Support Groups, Workshops and more. Don't hesitate to call our Helpline to learn more about PSN supports and services. 
Mood-Boosting Tips for Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by: American Pediatrics

​Feeling connected to the people and world around us is a key part of good mental health. After months of physical or social distancing for COVID-19, families are still spending less time with others to help keep the virus from spreading. If spirits are sagging in your home, here are some simple steps that may help lift everyone's moods.

The good news is that resilience can be taught — at home and in school. Here’s what you need to know about building resilience in kids.

Talk it out
Talk with your children and teens ​regularly and be a good listener. Parents can also benefit from finding a friend or family member to discuss worries and disappointments. If conversation cannot be in person because of social distancing, then connect by phone, video calls, or other virtual connection.

Help your Family Eat Wisely
Include protein-rich foods for breakfast and lunch. Protein helps keep your blood sugar stable and gives your brain the fuel it needs....

Go for gratitude
Focus on the positive. For what do you feel gratitude or appreciation? Research shows that regularly expressing gratitude helps boost overall happiness, leading to lower rates of stress and depression. Help your child write down at least three people, places, events, or things each day that make them feel thankful. Keep your own gratitude journal, too!

Step it up
Help your children to exercise or play so hard they break a sweat every day. When we exercise, our bodies release chemicals that can help boost mood. Remember to choose activities that help them stay at least 6 feet away from people outside your household. ...

Lend a hand
Helping other people makes us feel better about ourselves. It can be as simple as calling a neighbor or family member who is home alone or putting up a sign thanking people who deliver the mail. Help your children come up with at least one kind act each day. Keep a journal of all the things you and your family do for others—even the little things.

Manage screen time
Make a family media plan and limit your family's exposure to TV and internet ads suggesting that buying things can make people happy. This will help limit messages about happiness that are false or unrealistic. It will also help you manage your family's exposure to upsetting news....

Keep in mind: our electronic devices can also be used to create and maintain healthy social connections during the pandemic. You and your children may consider participating in online educational programs, virtual visits with grandparents and loved ones at higher risk from COVID-19, and participating in virtual online community events. It's also good to become familiar with telehealth options offered by your doctor and your child's pediatrician in case health questions arise.

Address stress
Try meditating as a family or other relaxation techniques such as yoga to help everyone decrease stress and improve mood. There are helpful mobile apps that that offer reminders take deep breaths and other tips to relax.

Getting Better Together: Asking for help is the first...

There's hope in asking for help. The Getting Better Together campaign features personal testimonials from celebrities and kids to fight shame and stigma and show how we can all cope with stress, isolation, and mental health challenges.

Read more
Resources  & Latest Educational Updates

R.I Summer Reading Program 2021

The Summer Reading Program, is brought to you by Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS).

Your child has spent the entire school year learning new things. Help him hang onto that knowledge, and learn even more, by Encouraging reading and curiosity throughout the summer by participating in your local public library's Summer Reading Program and exploring the variety of virtual and in-person programs being offered for children, teens, and adults. Most public libraries will be offering an online reading tracker and mobile app to make participation easier than ever. 

Connect with your local public library this summer and discover new books, outdoor programs, virtual events, and hands-on activity kits. The 2021 Summer Reading theme is animals and stories. Look for the slogan "Tails and Tales" in libraries statewide!

Call your local Library today to get more information!

Update: Pre-K Lottery Registration Extended to July 11, 2021

RI Pre-K is currently accepting applications from families with children who turn four by September 1, 2021 and live in one of the eligible communities listed below.

The 2021-2022 eligible communities include:
Central Falls, Coventry, Cranston, East Providence, Johnston, Lincoln Middletown. Newport .North Kingstown. North Providence. Pawtucket Providence. South Kingstown, Warren, Warwick, Westerly, West Warwick, Woonsocket

For more information on the RI Pre-K Programs please visit the RI Pre-K page on the RIDE website.

Nonviolence Summer Youth Employment Program!

Spots Still available !

Students will have an internship with the City of Pawtucket or Central Falls, receive training in Martin Luther King's practices of Nonviolence and participate in workshops on financial literacy, resume building, Slam poetry and more!

The first day is Tuesday, July 6th at 9am at Elizabeth Baldwin Elementary School. 

The program runs July 6th- Aug 20th from 9am to 1pm. Students are paid $15 an hour. Open to ages 14-18, for students from Central Falls or Pawtucket.

Fill out this APPLICATION FORM if interested
PSN Upcoming Events, Distance Learning Workshops and Support Group Schedule
PSN offers training and professional development workshops for parents, schools, and communities. We also work with school districts to develop workshops and training that meet the needs of their schools, taking into account the mental health needs of children.

Call us to  register for training or one of our support groups and if you need technical support to prepare for training.  

Our Helpline is open for families and community, needing Resources and Emotional support during Covid-19 pandemic. Contact us at  401-467-6855
Statewide SEL Workshop

Virtual Workshop:
Social Emotional Learning
 a Workshop for Parents & Professionals

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults effectively acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to:

• Understand and manage emotions.
• Set and achieve positive goals
• Feel and show empathy for others.
• Establish and maintain positive relationships
• Make responsible decisions

If you are interested in Bringing this training in your school and community, reach out to Naiommy Baret the Behaviorial Health Education Coordinator & training specialist at [email protected] or call PSN warm at 401- 467-6855
PSN Support Groups
English support groups meet Tuesdays & Spanish support groups meet Thursdays

Call the Warm line and sign up & joinus via Zoom Meeting:
Fatherhood Initiative
PSN is proud to host the RIFI Support Group which takes place every Wednesday at 5:30pm for any father seeking support or able to provide it. This group ranges from teen fathers to grandfathers all coming together sharing experiences and learning from each other. This voluntary group is great for dads going through divorce/separation, involved with DCYF, first time fathers, and more; all are welcome to attend.
Join RIFI support group Wednesdays 5:30-7pm via zoom:

Call our Warmline for more information
Hope Recovery Groups
PSN Statewide Helpline 
Parents and family caregivers at times are in need of support, information and assistance from other individuals who have been through similar experiences raising children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. 

PSN Statewide Helpline is run by Peer Mentors with direct experience and understanding of your needs first hand. Who have knowledge and  experience with early childhood, education system and special education, behavioral health system, child welfare and the juvenile justice system. We are here to provide emotional support and help you navigate and access the services and supports you need.

Parent Peer Mentors :

We have bilingual Parent Peer Mentors who are ready to provide face to face peer based service support, by attending care planning and school and community based meetings, with parents around their children's social emotional and mental health and family needs. We work with parents who are overcoming their own struggles with their mental health or substance use challenges, to better support the whole family.

Our services are Free of charge to Parents and families. If interested you can make a self referral or agencies can make referrals with consent and our Intake specialist will follow up.

Helpline Available:
 Mondays- Fridays 9am-5p
Call for more information at 401-467-6855

For more information and releases go to: 

Naiommy Baret, Statewide family leadership and Bilingual Behavioral Health Education Coordinator &  Training  Specialist

 Parent Support Network of Rhode Island
535 Centerville Road, Suite 202
Warwick, Rhode Island