Distance Learning Special Edition - Friday, April 3
A special message for our families
Superintendent Josh Swanson and Associate Superintendent Stacie Stanley help you get ready for school next week. They briefly review of some important parts of Eden Prairie Schools’ distance learning plan.
Eagle Excellence
  • EPHS junior Grace Kuipers and senior Sydney Langseth made First Team All-State for the Girls Varsity High School Hockey and sophomore Anna Brown, junior Molly Goergen, Kuipers, Langseth, senior Nora Wagner made All Lake Conference. Read more.

  • EPHS Boys Basketball 2020 season was honored and reviewed by MaxPreps online news outlet.
Tips to Prepare for Distance Learning Starting Tuesday, April 7
Distance Learning starts Tuesday, April 7 for all Eden Prairie Schools students. Below are tips to help make this a successful learning experience for students, and a positive experience for the whole family. Please take some time this weekend to review the ideas below, find those that will work for you and your family, and prepare. Eden Prairie Schools will be with you as we navigate this new learning experience together. 

  • ESTABLISH A ROUTINE School provides structure and routine for most kids which is comforting. The key elements in creating structure are consistency, predictability, and follow-through. Developing schedules and routines with kids empowers them and helps build life skills. 

  • SET GOALS Goal setting is another important life skill that keeps us focused on our tasks and helps us feel a sense of accomplishment when we reach our goals. Distance learning offers a great opportunity to build these skills.

  • MAKE PLANS FOR SHARING SPACE Sharing spaces, coordinating schedules, and finding materials can be a lot to manage. Planning and preparation help things go smoothly as we learn and work from home. When conflict does arise, it’s very helpful to have a plan for ways to manage these challenges ahead of time. 

  • STAY CONNECTED Keeping kids connected during social distancing can be difficult. Here are 3 options to keep younger kids connected when they miss their friends. Teens and tweens are already digitally connected. Included in this article combines real stories with tips on how to support them through social distancing. 

  • PRACTICE INTERNET SAFETY Help keep your kids' online experiences positive and productive by learning the truth (and ignoring the rumors) about what really makes them safe. The article 5 Myths and Truths About Kids’ Internet Safety from Common Sense Media clarifies ways we can keep kids safe while they go to school online. 

  • USE MINDFULNESS Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and avoid being overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Mindfulness encourages students and families to take breaks and calm their minds at different points throughout the day.

  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER Self-care is essential during this time and it’s easy to overlook. Family discussions about the ways we take care of ourselves help us all function better.

Review all of the distance learning  preparation   we have provided over the past several days , including  expectations for video conferences , as you get ready for Tuesday.

You can find more information on distance learning at edenpr.org/distance-learning-district.
Learning Resources
Our collection of learning resources for K-12 students remains available for your students. These fun learning activities can give your student some inspiration after distance learning is done.
April 6: No school, Grading Day (7 - 12) and Professional Development (EC-6)
April 7: Distance learning begins